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    Storage of sixpences in lighthouse capsules

    Hi all. I'm sorry to bump an older topic. I'm new to this forum & have been collecting coins for just over a month. I've been collecting Elizabeth II & George VI Pre-decimal coins. I originally bought a binder for my collection but don't like the way the coins rotate in the plastic sleeves. I've just tried some 31mm rimless capsules for the One Penny coins. I'm not keen on these either as the capsule is too thick for the coin & it moves about too much. I've been reading on here about the Lighthouse Quadrum. Would you recommend these for my Decimal & Pre-Decimal collection instead of the capsules? I also like the look of the Intercept Q100 Box to store them all in or is an intercept box not needed? I would be opening the box regularly to add new coins or just to look at my collection. Am i able to find the correct size Quadrums for all my collection? What about the older 50 Pence & 20 Pence coins? Thank you Darren