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  1. Josh lister

    1886 Victoria one pence

    Thanks for the comments guys one day you'll see me upload something amazing. I know these are not in good condition but the excitement you get when you pull any coin up I love that feeling.
  2. Josh lister

    1886 Victoria one pence

    Well yeah as it's the oldest coin I've found so far. Been detecting a month so give me time to get some beauties
  3. Josh lister

    1886 Victoria one pence

    Thanks for your comments I also found these 3pences
  4. Josh lister

    1886 Victoria one pence

  5. Josh lister

    1886 Victoria one pence

    Out detecting today and found a nice 1886 one pence. 😊😊
  6. Josh lister

    Coin or pendant

    Thanks for your help paddy much apprieacated
  7. Josh lister

    Coin or pendant

    Other side
  8. Josh lister

    Coin or pendant

    I've sorted them now had to screenshot the photo which made the photo size smaller
  9. Josh lister

    Coin or pendant

    49kb it says when I go to upload
  10. Hi I've been metal detecting by an old ruin and I've found a coin or a pendant Don't have a clue what it is. Just wondered if somebody could help me find out what it is. Greek? Roman? Pictures are too large to upload into here and can't find any other pictures online. if anyone is willing to help me please leave your email and I will send pictures through there as I can't upload them to here. Thanks for your help.