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  1. rune

    First hammered coins

    Yes, there does look like a seam. Some of the circumference has a line protruding, some is indented and some looks like extra metal folded flat on the rim. I needed a loup to see it though. Also that hole on his shoulder looks like a casting fault. Almost definitely white metal - I thought pewter. I cant weight it tonight. If it matters I can do so tomorrow evening. No provenance, just a charity shop find with other coins.
  2. rune

    First hammered coins

    I cant seem to attach anything just now, no idea if its file size, upload limits or what. Will try another way... Editing the post seems to allow images to be attached. Hope they were worth it
  3. rune

    First hammered coins

    Hi, its been a while since I posted. Since then I have picked up another coin - in the same charity shop as it happens. To my eyes both look to be the same but I have no idea what it is supposed to be or even if its genuine. Maybe someone has a homemade die? But if it is fake, surely it would be a fake of "something". Both coins look like the engraver couldn't do curves and used a punch instead. I've uploaded photos of the coins below. The first one only had a design on one side and the other looks like it has the same design on both sides. I oriented both the same and highlighted what I think are deliberate features. Any information, if any can be gleaned, would be gratefully received. Dave Send image will be uploaded next sue to size limit.
  4. rune

    First hammered coins

    I don't know a lot about hammered coins, but the "S" looks like it was made by someone who couldnt engrave curves in the die. So used dots instead.Also, the inscription just doesn't match anything in books or the web. The reverse if flat although there "may" be a couple of letters there. I'm not too worried about it being a forgery, I would like it to be of the correct date, whatever that is, though.
  5. rune

    First hammered coins

    It just goes to show that there are bargains to be had. I got that coin, the Charles I shilling, a medal minted for Oliver Cromwells death, and 1828 farthing with most of the lustre but a couple of corrosion spots on the reverse and two old pennies minted at Heatons for £8.00. None were in brilliant condition, but far from the worst too.
  6. rune

    First hammered coins

    Thanks for the quick reply Ukstu, I had considered Stephan, but the font/engraving and spelling in my coin book are nothing like that one. Would the shape be a "mis-stamp" or was the impression on a bit of metal enough to signify its value? Im surprised at the age and well chuffed despite how worn it is.
  7. rune

    First hammered coins

    Hi, Im an avid collector of pre-decimal coins and a big fan of the cartwheel 2d and Victorian. Recently I got my first couple of hammered coins from a charity shop. They arent great condition, one is a Charles I shilling and the other is a mystery. The mystery coin should be shown below. I'd be grateful if anyone can identify it, or even say it is a coin. With some imagination, the inscription may be Steffan Rex. There is only a faint impression of a couple of letters on the back.