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  1. Coin#addict

    1825 George IV halfcrown

    Yes I noticed that as well Diaconis. Lined up with other coins of that year it just looks odd.
  2. Coin#addict

    1825 George IV halfcrown

    Would i be right in saying that this halfcrown that just sold on ebay, as well as not being Roman or a shilling, is in fact a fake? https://www.ebay.com/itm/154393540815
  3. Coin#addict

    1818 George III halfcrown

    Can any of you guys advise me if this coin is real or fake please? Everything seems ok with it regarding weight and dimensions, but it has what looks like white stuff on it on the bottom of reverse. Thank you.
  4. Coin#addict

    1885 Queen Victoria shilling

    Hi Could this be a D over U in FD? Thank you.
  5. Coin#addict

    1886 Queen Victoria shilling

    I received this in a joblot. Weight 6 grams and 23.5mm dimension. What would cause this mark on it? Thank you.
  6. Coin#addict

    1872 Queen victoria shilling

    Cheers guys, its a pity otherwise it's a nice enough coin.
  7. Coin#addict

    1872 Queen victoria shilling

    Thanks again Rob
  8. Coin#addict

    1872 Queen victoria shilling

    Another Queen Victoria query. Can anyone tell me how this would happen on the head side please? Gives her a look like her hair has escaped from her her hairband 🙄
  9. Coin#addict

    1864 Queen Victoria shilling

    Thanks guys, just that it looked a little unusual and always better to ask just in case.
  10. Coin#addict

    1864 Queen Victoria shilling

    Any idea if this is an E under G in REG on this 1864 Queen Victoria shilling? Thank you.
  11. Coin#addict

    186? Queen Victoria One penny

    Heres an old penny with only three numbers showing in the date. Blocked die?
  12. Coin#addict

    1697 William III Sixpence RFX for REX?

    Thanks for your answers guys.
  13. Coin#addict

    1697 William III sixpence.

    Hi guys. Whats your thoughts on this sixpence please? Is it the rarer upside down A variety and possibly M over L? Thank you.
  14. What are your opinions on this sixpence please? Is it a RFX or REX? Thank you 👍
  15. Coin#addict

    Mule 1860 Queen Victoria half penny

    Can anyone tell me if its rare to have these mistakes on a half penny please? Looks like R/R in Victoria E/I in Reg ? P/I in penny.