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  1. Hi all I've just bought this Tiberius denarius and I'm fairly certain its genuine but just want conformation. I would also be grateful (if genuine) if anyone could identify when and around what time this coin was minted (I'll attach a photo of the other side on the next slide). Thanks, Luca
  2. Luca

    Edward 1st penny genuine?

    Hi Thanks for the help just wanted to make sure. Thanks, Luca
  3. Luca

    Edward 1st penny genuine?

    Thanks, Luca
  4. Hi all Thinking of buying this Edward 1st penny I'm pretty sure its genuine but just wanted to get an expert opinion. other photo below.
  5. Thanks for all the help once again. Luca
  6. Hi all This is a coin that I found a while back but still don't know what king its from. It's a short cross but I still don't know of what king, what mint or the moneyer that made this coin. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks Luca
  7. Luca

    Unidentified hammered coin

    Just been having a look and it seems to be a soldino of Leonard Loredan minted between 1501-1521 and apparently was brought to Britain by venetian merchants and was of the same value as a half penny but was illegal in Britain as it was slightly lighter than a half penny. Thanks,Luca
  8. Hi all I recently found this coin metal detecting and have no idea when or where its from. All I know is that its silver and by my guess from around 1500s-1600s and seems to have religious images on. Any help would be welcome. I will put the other side of the coin on as it will not fid on this post. Thanks, Luca