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Peckris 2

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  1. Peckris 2

    thoughts on ebay sale

    It looks like a repro to me. That's based on nothing more than 'intuitive feel' but also I've seen plenty of repros that look just like that. And it's a perfect centred strike, and UNC - just seems wrong.
  2. Peckris 2

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Maybe it's the photography ? but the pennies look polished to buggery.
  3. Not a problem - Doc's exempt, being an NHS worker However, which of the Magnificent Seven will have to take a hike? And even 6 Brides can not get together with 6 Brothers...
  4. Peckris 2

    No new £2 or 2p in circulation for 10 years!

    OMG. You mean She does it herself, by hand?
  5. Snow White and the 6 Dwarves. Dopey's been arrested.
  6. "Damn it officer - I thought you said a ROOTING enquiry".
  7. Damn! That's 50p I'll never see again.
  8. Peckris 2

    More Pennies

    You'll be offering one for sale next then?
  9. He apologised after kicking you in the balls?
  10. Peckris 2

    Flatbed scanners

    Scanners - e.g. Canon - will scan at at least 1200 dpi which is good, especially if you gently lay several coins on the glass before scanning. Pros of them: the coins are absolutely in a completely flat plane and they're easy to set up and use, and attached to your computer. Cons of them: the resulting scans are dismal for lustre, and can be very flat, though you can lift them in software.
  11. I'll have a go tomorrow - but please post again so it appears in my unread list
  12. Those pictures are a bit dark Jerry. Would you like me to brighten them and repost?
  13. Peckris 2

    Rare coin lost in post

    That article is from 2007. Let's hope the situation has changed, though I wouldn't bet my house on it.
  14. Peckris 2

    Rare coin lost in post

    My guess is that the RM wouldn't have any use for the item, so the first thing they might do is notify the owner that it's turned up and will be handed over on repayment of the compensation.
  15. You can keep them upstairs. Or downstairs. But no way are they going anywhere near my lady's chamber.
  16. Peckris 2

    Cleaned or not?

    Or poorly stored.
  17. Peckris 2

    Vinyl enthusiasts?

    I believe it was The Who who prompted the invention of the famous 'Marshall Stack'?
  18. Peckris 2

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    "Extremely rare and more so in this very high grade." The "and more so" should be omitted, then it would be true.
  19. Peckris 2

    Vinyl enthusiasts?

    Not Jim "Mr Amplifier, Lord of Loud" Marshall?
  20. Reminds me of my local middle Eastern café putting a blackboard up outside which read GENUINE ARAB COUSIN
  21. Peckris 2

    Vinyl enthusiasts?

    If you find your birth certificate, that should tell you exactly how old you are.
  22. Peckris 2

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Most of you have the "bad joke disease". I think you should curate.
  23. Peckris 2

    Vinyl enthusiasts?

    Most of my vinyl worth anything was 'collected' (bought) long before record collecting became a thing. My prized records include : The Who - The Last Time 45, Ready Steady Who EP, original My Generation album The Deviants - Disposable album, bought from Woolies bargain bin for 25p !! Genesis - Nursery Cryme on original plum label Fairport Convention's first on Polydor - wish I had the cover and quite a few other things. I don't think I've ever bought vinyl purely as a collectable though.