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Peckris 2

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  1. Peckris 2

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Can't beat the 'John McEnroe tenner'
  2. Peckris 2

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Ah, the infamous Marleybob is still at it! She is certainly persistent..
  3. A well satisfied wife, I assume...
  4. Peckris 2

    Novel way of protection

    Is that John Hurt? 😮
  5. Or possibly a proof strike that was rejected to a slightly offcentre reverse? Then rescued by someone.
  6. Win some Welshmen? I'll pass... 😄
  7. Gorgeous .. but possibly they graded low due to not being 100% whether or not it's a proof? The variable width of the reverse rim seems a tad suspicious for a proof.
  8. Glenn Ogden (Devon) is the same - no pictures. The difference being that he is an honest broker. Even so, he'd do so much better if he'd have pictures.
  9. Peckris 2


    I did an online shop - with much website difficulty - from Waitrose yesterday. When I came to checkout I was asked to pick a slot first. Then was told that there are no slots available for the foreseeable future. So much for 'helping the self-isolated'. 😠 😥
  10. First or second obverse 1920? You can get wonderful examples of the first, but the second shallow head is harder.
  11. Peckris 2


    Unfortunately they haven't allowed for the disabled. There's no way I can make Zimmer Hour at any local supermart. 😥
  12. Peckris 2


    And enlarging to double size hasn't helped.
  13. Peckris 2

    More Pennies

    Veiled head pennies have a very wide variation of date numerals - 1899 seems to be the worst culprit. They're nowhere near as dramatic as the 1870s variations, but still, there's a lot of them.
  14. Peckris 2


    looks like a little bishop welcoming his flock.
  15. Peckris 2


    Probably due to this being a scan picture, and then blown up to double size. On the coin itself that effect isn't present.
  16. I've squirted Domestos into my computer as it's supposed to remove 99% of bugs.
  17. Peckris 2

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I'd go GVF bearing in mind that Reverse G shields can wear quickly as they are convex unlike earlier shields.
  18. True story: The Who were suing their producer Shel Talmy. In court the judge said "WHO - You mean the World Health Organization?" The barrister for the defendant replied "No Your Honour, The Who are a popular beat combo." At this point, the band realised they were going to lose.
  19. Peckris 2

    Place your bets...

    Hopefully, Susan...
  20. He seems to have realised there's much more money to be made from touring Genesis!
  21. Sorry I'm rather slow tonight - what kind of pie is that? I can only get "square root of minus one two cubed sigma'!
  22. Far better value IMO would be to go and see one of the Steve Hackett 'Genesis' gigs. I've only ever seen these on You Tube but they are impressive, though with little improvisation (in that sense, he's a bit like a tribute band).