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  1. 2 hours ago, blakeyboy said:

    I think you're right- the gulf stream may well move or stop- compare the climate of the Isle of Lewis to Churchill, Canada.....same latitude.....

    that's what we will lose....

    The result of the Gulf Stream sinking further South does in fact mean we will lose its protection. However, you can't compare us with Canada - even without the GS the prevailing tendency will still be westerly winds off the Atlantic so though colder than now in winter, we'll still be milder than 'over there'.

    However, measures to slow climate change right down are the best thing.

  2. Let's just hope that this is a spur to quickening up the research into energy efficient alternatives - solar panels on roofs are slowly spreading but making them more efficient would be good, and they've only just begun to work out how to make wave energy work. Meantime, I hear Bill Gates is putting investment money into a modern, cleaner, more fuel efficient form of nuclear reactor whose advantage is that it can use the waste fuel from older reactors (whose design is appallingly out of date - 1950s in some cases). If Putin's warmongering hastens sustainable and efficient alternatives to energy, then that's one in the eye for him.

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  3. On 8/8/2022 at 5:55 PM, Bernie said:

    Willing to pay cash or exchange for other extremely rare varieties. Strangely enough, collectors who have such rare coins sometimes manage to get more than one example !

    That baffles me too - if they manage to track down an upgrade, you'd think they would be generous enough to make the first example available to other collectors.

  4. On 8/8/2022 at 6:55 PM, 1949threepence said:

    Moreover, coming back to your point about a smartphone, there is also this weird - I say weird - obsession with everything having to have or exclusively be operated from a mobile app. Fair enough if you're able to use the website from another device, but that's often not the case nowadays.   

    If you want to keep your blood pressure within reasonable parameters, try to avoid contact if at all possible.

    What infuriates me is when sites insist you have to have a mobile number when you register with them. Sites like Google and PayPal can send a code via voicemail to your landline - why can't other sites?? Why do they all insist you MUST own a mobile? And has anyone tried to buy a PAYG phone recently?

  5. 2 hours ago, DaveG38 said:

    I think the clue to the main reason for this lies in the total number of episodes of the whole series, which was 17. I'm not sure that any other series has had such an odd number before finishing. My understanding is that the filming was incredibly expensive - it did use some cutting edge techniques for its time - and Lew Grade (I think it was) was getting nervous about the spiralling costs. Patrick McGoohan, whose series it essentially was, was told to wrap it up PDQ. Hence the last two episodes seem slightly disconnected from the rest.

    It is also likely that these two were rather cobbled up in a hurry, with little real build up to them, and were likely hastily scripted around PMG's own, not completely clear, vision of how the whole thing should end. I seem to recall that there was originally envisaged that there would be 24 episodes made, which means 7 are 'missing.' To the best of my knowledge, there are at least 2 for which scripts, or at least story outlines, were produced, but were rejected at the time by PMG.

    I don't know how accurate this is, but I once read that there were intended to be two series of The Prisoner (at least). The first series was to be 13 episodes, and they had already filmed the first two episodes of Series 2 - "Living In Harmony" and "The Girl Who Was Death" - which do have a different feel about them to the initial 13. However, for the reasons DaveG says, it wasn't taken up so they broadcast them immediately following the supposed end of Series 1. But they did need to end the show somehow, so McGoohan was instructed to do that, and he is listed as the writer for episodes 16 and 17, for which they also brought back Leo McKern as Number Two.

    I'm not sure McGoohan even knew how it was all meant to end - if at all - which explains the very psychedelic and confusing final episode which left more balls in the air than they knew what to do with. The very end though, does make you think that he never did escape ... though whether that means The Village or - by analogy - from what society was becoming, the whole show being a metaphor of some kind, is left rather open-ended.

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  6. On 8/5/2022 at 9:10 PM, DaveG38 said:

    My suggested revival resurrects the establishment of a 'village' in a modern setting, but now with number 6 on the outside in the normal world, where he learns of the re-establishment of the 'village'. He then sets out to find and destroy this new 'village' as he did the old, and the 'village' uses all its powers and technology to prevent him from finding them. In other words, my idea changes the original direction of the programme from a series of escape attempts, and inverts it into a quest, but with the same broad theme behind it. Each episode had its own encompassing title, which described the theme of the episode, as in the original, and each used a number of fantasy ideas to build the story. In each episode number 6 is thwarted by the village, but keeps on trying, getting closer all the time. At the end, number 6 discovers the new 'village' and attempts to destroy it, only for the village to say 'gotcha' and he finds himself a prisoner once again. Hence, the title 'Prisoner's Return' for the whole series. The end. A bit obvious perhaps?

    The ending is kind of appropriate, but the original had an ending which was the result of not knowing how to end it, which is why they came up with that totally psychedelic final episode.

  7. 31 minutes ago, DaveG38 said:

    Back in the day, I wrote a new series for the Prisoner, entitled Prisoner's Return - the clue to the theme of the series is in the title. There were 10 episodes in all, with basic outlines for two more. Unfortunately, ITC who owned the copyright at the time weren't keen to develop it, so the furthest it ever got was onto a website I designed around 2000 or so. Like my proposal, the website is now defunct!

    Did you ever see the remake, which aired on ITV about ?15 years ago? It got panned, but mostly by fans of the original. Actually it wasn't half bad, and Ruth Wilson gave it her usual edgy glamour. Never even got repeated which is a shame.

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  8. There is one other possibility which you may or may not have already considered:

    Your contents insurer will have a valuables component which usually has a 100% replacement value attached to it. Coin collections may (or not) be included, but the valuables cover they provide will be inadequate for your needs. However, they may be open to extending the maximum covered considerably at a higher premium cost which you would have to agree with them. Whether or not 'contents' insurance covers valuables which are stored in a bank, is an additional question and I'm not competent to answer it!

  9. Just one more thing:

    You might want to handle coins only by the edges. With the older and toned coins you're doing, it matters less, but with uncirculated coins it's the best way to put fingerprints on the coin; and do it enough times and you will begin to see slight wear as well.

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  10. Nice idea!

    What might help though, is to understand who you're aiming these at? If new collectors who already know the basics of terminology etc, then it's a potential winner. There are so many iconic coins you could cover:

    - the 1933 penny story

    - the Gothic portrait of Victoria

    - William and Mary > William III

    - trade tokens pre-1797

    - the Great Recoinage of silver in 1816, and how the sizes of silver coins remained constant until decimalisation

    - Maundy Money

    - the Edward VII florin

    - proof sets before decimalisation

    - the 1951 Festival of Britain crown

    - the Churchill crown

    and so on.

    However, you might also want to do a video for complete beginners, defining such terms as 'obverse' 'reverse' 'legend' 'proof' etc, and emphasizing the importance of condition, rarity, and popularity (the holy trinity of factors affecting coin values).

    Good luck and I hope to see many more.

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  11. 6 hours ago, 1949threepence said:

    Ian, once again, thanks very much for having a close up look for me. Much appreciated.

    I thought it was probably an optical illusion, and looking at the detailed close up pics you kindly provide, it very obviously is. But it's always worth checking out, just in case.

    The grime in particular is very deceptive.

    I think it also goes to show that - at very high magnifications - no two strikes from the same die are absolutely identical (almost, often, but never quite..)

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  12. 9 hours ago, 1949threepence said:

    Hi Ian - if it were purely the angle of the camera then it would not be as obvious to the naked eye as it is.

    If you like, I could send it to you for closer examination, to see what you think. Let me know.

    ETA: under magnification there is definitely some grime, but I'm not convinced that would distort the impression to such an extent.


    Perhaps you could just shoot a close up of the dates on each coin, then upload them side by side?

  13. 1 hour ago, jelida said:

    Ah, but global warming affects the winter too! But you just can’t predict which way we will be affected- if the Gulf Stream changes course we could actually be colder.  I think we have to be resigned to climate change whatever,  and our kids more so. What the planet needs is a good plague, when in fact we all seem to want to live forever.


    We need to find a way to stop - especially - India and China from emitting so much CO2. Personally I think it would come best from us helping them (in particular India), rather than wagging our fingers and saying "tut tut".