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  1. Definitely! Though I got a much better one - NEF - from Cookie in the 90s. A GEF would now suit me...
  2. Peckris 2

    Maverick Britain

    Something which the EU - with our help and co-operation - acted to prevent, by conserving fish stocks of threatened species and stopping the unregulated fishing of spawning and baby fish. Now we've left we'll have to act alone to protect our waters from Russian super-trawlers and fish factories.
  3. Peckris 2

    1908 F164

    Nice one. 😋 Pity about the slab...
  4. I'd go with Fine for the obverse, but there is too much wear and damage on the reverse, so between Fair and F for that.
  5. I edited my reply to point you to the book on grading (see banner ad above) - worth its weight in gold!
  6. Sadly, it's not even Fine - I'd say Fair, as you can see the main outline and all of the legend. Here's a VF one I found on the internet: Don't make the classic mistake of saying "for its age" - wear is assessd the same whether a coin is from Charles II or Elizabeth II. It's only when you go further back to hammered coins that different criteria come into play. But keep going - the best way is to learn from mistakes, just don't make expensive ones! And enjoy the coins you've got, no matter what the grade they are. Talking of grading, Derek Allen's book on grading British Coins (see banner ad above) is priceless for learning. Even most of us 'old hands' have it.
  7. Shame - I'd love a few examples of Phoenix and Coincraft, but I've no room to store that kind of quantity. 😔
  8. Interesting that. I remember at school I switched from pennies to 3d's on a particular day ... and in the first bag I looked through there was a 1949! Never found a 46 but did get a fair sprinkling of 50 and 51.
  9. Did you hear the one about the dyslexic agnostic insomniac who stayed awake all night pondering the existence of Dog?
  10. Peckris 2

    Old Coin Monthly's still outstanding

    be interesting to know what's in that issue.
  11. He can't possibly determine whether the wastage was due to carelessness or collectors. I'd guess that once a low mintage was known about, many collectors/investors would put examples aside in the hope of higher values in times to come? Add that to the 2% normal wastage and there's your higher %.
  12. Almost gives me nostalgia for the era of Azda's dinner plates...
  13. Seems possible that after the bottom fell out of the modern market post-D Day, few really cared?
  14. Gorgeous. Just one puzzle - how did they know in 1794 that the picture would be enlarged when posted in a forum in 2020?
  15. I could be wrong but I had the feeling Coin News was first published in the 80s?