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  1. Just from instinct and experience I'd say that was the later obverse and earlier reverse. I.e. one of the scarce combos.
  2. Peckris 2


    Good to know - thanks guys
  3. Peckris 2


    Is mine a F160? (Sorry about the small size)
  4. Peckris 2


    I didn't know that! But it does beg the question - is the scarcity of a particular variety only in high grade, anything to do with the comparative scarcity of the varieties in a ratio to each other? (Just out of interest, which is which - P E or E N ?)
  5. Peckris 2


    I think it boils down to two things: how recognisable the variety is (so ME, LT, H, KN fit that perfectly) how rare it is (Gouby X, Open 3 fit that) So the 1* obverse for 1908 is rare but not very recognisable, so a lot probably got missed. In that sense it's a "micro variety", i.e. tiny differences. However, the 1905 varieties don't fit either category being neither instantly recognisable nor rare, so don't float my boat at all.
  6. Peckris 2


    In Sealy's 1970 Review of British Coin Varieties 1816 - 1968 (presumably published at the end of 1969) he gives this a rating of "very rare". To give an indication, this is also what he rates the 1926ME penny.
  7. Peckris 2

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Interesting. Her condition for the double florin is "superb" "VG" and "VF+" - make your mind up woman! (I think her example is possibly the 0.347 ...). There also appears to be 0.046 of an 1887 halfcrown.
  8. Difficult one that - if you look at the second L there is a huge top serif, much longer than you would normally expect. There does appear also to be a middle stroke on the first, but with so much corrosion wear that could be an anomaly. On the other hand, the bottom serif on the second L is different to that on all the E's. It could be that with the L and E looking quite similar, the wrong letter was picked up and punched and it could be as you say. The jury is out.
  9. Peckris 2


    Agreed - but that's not "Facebook blocking those who aren't allowed access", that's whoever created a page or group setting their own rules as to openness or otherwise, the precise criteria for applying to join, whether moderators are involved or not. Sure, Facebook provides the toolbox that individuals can use, but FB don't decide who can or cannot join a group. In the case of coins, the group's owners / moderators would have to tread a fine line between wanting new blood (especially the young) and protecting existing members from would-be thieves and ne'er-do-wells.
  10. Peckris 2

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Not very much better! After all, this is the person who doesn't realise that Bob Marley had an "e" in his name..
  11. Sensibly graded too, though I'd say both faces were EF
  12. Peckris 2


    Yes, I can well understand that. It's the same with brass 3d - the proportion of 46, 49, 50, 51 in relation to common dates is far higher than pre-71. In fact, with all 'key' dates collected in the late 60s.
  13. Peckris 2


    I agree with your main point, but disagree about the 1912H - I found an absolute load of them from 68-70; there were actually 16M minted so they were never a scarce coin. They're the same mintage as 1922, twice as common as 1932.
  14. Peckris 2

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    You can actually see on the obverse where the artificial tone has been rubbed on.