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  1. Peckris 2

    Coin prices continue to rise

    I remember toying with the idea of buying a few sovs in 1998 when the bullion price was down to £55. WHY DIDN'T I...
  2. Peckris 2

    Coin prices continue to rise

    This has happened before in times of high inflation - specifically the mid-70s; a few years later prices had fallen back again, thought not to the levels of the immediate post-decimal collapse.
  3. yes, if there is anything at all which lets it down a bit, it's the hair detail from the temple down through the sideburn to the cheek.
  4. Peckris 2

    Indian Coin Fob?

    I'm not even getting a link, just a flat inactive url without a domain name
  5. Peckris 2

    Coin cabinets

    I'm sure there are plenty of Peter Nichols cabinets around - keep an eye on auctions, even eBay.
  6. I was going to say it was one of the early (1860) obverses until I scrolled further and saw it was a halfpenny not a penny. For some reason, unlike with pennies, the Mint never reduced the gap from the top of the bust to the linear circle.
  7. Peckris 2

    Gary Lineker (moved)

    :Once again, I have to point out that although the BBC gets most or all of the licence fee, it is not something that enshrines the BBC - IT'S A GOVERNMENT TAX THAT YOU HAVE TO PAY in order to watch ANY TV, whether it be BBC, ITV, cable, satellite, or whatever. Do you REALLY think that if the BBC went out of existence (as Daily Mail readers secretly wish) the government would stop making us pay a licence fee? Please folks, come back down to earth and get real.
  8. The hairlines are the only issue - otherwise it's not impaired. Would the hairlines prevent it being FDC? Possibly. Proofs are indeed struck on specially prepared 'polished' blanks, which is why handling must be very very careful especially no rubbing, which is how hairlines can appear.
  9. Peckris 2

    Using acetone to clean coins

    don't forget surgical (or methylated) spirit.
  10. I remember a dealer at the Midland who had a huge box of mixed coins marked at 25p each or 5 for £1. I looked at it a bit dubiously and the dealer said "I've not checked through that so you might find some bargains?" Not only were there some pre-1920 florins and shillings in there, there was also an 1888 6d EF, and a 1951 3d Unc with good lustre. When I showed them to Stephen Lockett, he dashed off and made an offer for the whole box to the other dealer!
  11. Peckris 2

    New member and not so new member

    Welcome back
  12. Peckris 2

    Evasion and Contemporary Counterfeits

    I presume they weren't intended to circulate for very long? I guess the Mint didn't care much if they were clipped, though the question arises "why bother punching them at all, why not simply recall hammered in order to use the silver for milled coins"? Perhaps the answer is that they could punch several hammered coins in the time it took to mint one milled coin, so it was an efficient temporary measure on the road to recalling the hammered coins.
  13. The problem with a maximum bid is when you later find out it went for one bid higher - being the underbidder in those circumstances can be frustrating. Sniping with 7 seconds to go is - as Richard says - genuinely exciting! What bores me is searching minutely through 00's of listings in the hope of finding that elusive bargain.
  14. I'm assuming he meant 3 seconds before the clock countdown ends on the item page (even if it doesn't, actually..)