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  1. Thanks for reading. Selling a 1787 Shilling with no dot over GIII's head. Purchased for about 270 GBP from Michael Gouby earlier this year. He supplied the attached scans and graded the coin at gEF. I'm asking 190 GBP plus postage. Please let me know if you have any questions.
  2. Madness

    1787 Sixpence MS 65 - 270 GBP

  3. Madness

    1787 Sixpence MS 65 - 270 GBP

    Price reduce to 220 GBP
  4. Anyone interested?
  5. Grave digging gives me the opportunity to have many people under me.
  6. I've decided to become a grave digger. That way, when I die there will be someone to bury me.
  7. I once worked in admin but had a nervous breakdown.
  8. By the way, this really is my job. It wasn't supposed to be a joke. I really am a parasite living on welfare and my wife's income.
  9. Better than climbing the corporate ladder.
  10. I'm a bona fide barnacle clinging to the crusty hull of a welfare society, taking a free ride but with no control.
  11. Some relaxing Saturday music dedicated to all the Dads out there.
  12. Madness

    Acetone & Verdi-care

    Yes. We must take care of Verdi. Anyone capable of writing this is worthy of respect.