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  1. Coppers

    Back to the future?

    Just noticed this... https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/world/britain-may-revert-back-to-the-imperial-system-as-part-of-its-plans-to-capitalize-on-new-brexit-freedoms/ar-AAOzvBH?ocid=msedgntp Any chance pre-decimal coinage may be making a comeback?
  2. Just read in Coins Weekly that the September Coinex has been cancelled... https://coinsweekly.com/coinex-2020-cancelled/
  3. Just received the following email from The Coin Cabinet... https://mailchi.mp/757bdcc153ac/coronavirus-5-actions-we-are-taking?e=fbe1a73be3
  4. So. I actually feel some sense of relief. All this time, I was thinking that I was the only one who found this incredibly annoying.
  5. link https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Georgius-111-Britania-Coin-1807/223699827582?hash=item34158c7b7e:g:xzQAAOSw6GJdoIJY
  6. VickySilver reports that he just received the following penny out of the Waterbird Collection...
  7. Coppers

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    As for "looks scratched to me" -- which are you going to believe -- the Proof 67 grade or your lying eyes? 🤐
  8. I can't imagine that anyone would prefer a new bathroom to that penny. Well done!
  9. "It's easier to ask for forgiveness, than it is to get permission". -- Grace Hopper
  10. Thought this looked familiar. It appears to be the same coin that went unsold in their March auction... https://www.sixbid.com/en/baldwins-of-st-james/5784/united-kingdom/4837647/edward-vii-proof-like-penny-1902?term=penny&orderCol=lot_number&orderDirection=asc&priceFrom&displayMode=large&auctionSessions=
  11. Yes -- German federal coins from 1871 onwards.
  12. Hi Rob. I've been here all along, but just haven't had much to say. 🤐
  13. For those who have not yet read the latest issue of Coin News, there is an excellent article written by Richard Sessions on the rare George V pennies of 1922-26.
  14. Bernie, More likely it's your eyes that are watering... link