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  1. I noticed that some 2017 5p's I received in change looked odd and had a different lustre to the regular ones, I thought they were proofs at first. The coin on the left is normal, the one on the right has the odd lustre. What do you think would cause this?
  2. What sort of price did these fetch? Thanks for the info everyone.
  3. This 1866 Third Farthing seems to have a mis-strike(?) with an oval shape by the A in farthing. Is this of any interest?
  4. I noticed one of my 2013 Wales floral £1 has the obverse/reverse rotated 180 degrees (I'm not sure what the correct terminology is). Hopefully from the mirror photos you can the see the misaligned sides. It weighs 9.5g and the diameter is 22.5mm, so looks up to spec. Edge inscription reads as it should - PLEIDIOL WYF I’M GWLAD. The second E in Elizabeth looks very flat. What do you think, real or fake? Is this a known error?
  5. Thank you for the advice everyone. I'll send them back and try another set; don't they say the third time's a charm? As for why modern proofs? I like how they're presented and I enjoy having a pristine copy of a coin.
  6. Yes, still in the plastic case, just as it came.
  7. I've just received an exchanged copy of the 2018 annual proof set. I sent the first back because there was a stain/mark on the obverse of the 2p. And now the second has fingerprints on the obverse of the 1p and 50p. Am I expecting too much of these proof coins? Considering the cost, my expectation is that these proof coins should be perfect.
  8. Does anyone know a site that tracks the info about these coins? I'm interested to know what coins there were and how many were minted. I think these are ones so far: 2016 Last Round Pound 2017 New Pound 2017 Isaac Newton 50p 2018 Isaac Newton 50p 2018 Harry & Megan £5 2018 Britannia £2 I think I remember seeing an estimate of 25,000 - 30,000 for the 2018 Isaac Newton 50p, don't know how accurate that is though.
  9. I've put aside a few sealed bags and was wondering how the coins might fair in the long term. Do we know if the bags are inert?
  10. Thank you for the replies everyone. How do you identify if one has been dipped, like Sleepy's?
  11. Thanks, so would the next grade be A.UNC? I think it has full lustre, but I can only compare, in person, to worn/circulated ones and this one looks miles better.
  12. I picked this up from a local dealer who had a stall at an antiques barn. Having looked in the coin grading book (the one in the banner above) I think it would grade as EF. What do you all think? I paid £13, which, according to the CCGB 2018 book (the one in the banner) is about right. This was my first purchase of a pre-decimal coin and I'm very happy with it. Also, that black smudge by the L of half, can I do anything to remove that, or is it best to leave it be?
  13. Lotad

    Rare coin question

    I checked a few (8) of mine to look for the 'rare' errors: 7 had the incomplete dots on the obverse (1 had almost complete dots), and 3 had the WIIL on the edge.
  14. Lotad

    Is this PVC damage?

    Thank you for the help everyone. I'll try giving them a light wash and maybe acetone on the green stuff. These are the new albums and plastic pages I've used to store them in. They shouldn't contain any PVC should they? https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B076FC65ZJ/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o02_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/B073JHWV27/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1
  15. Lotad

    Is this PVC damage?

    I inherited part of my great grandfathers collection, mainly circulating coins from 1920-1967. Nearly everything had been stored in small plastic wallets, which I'm guessing contained PVC. Some have this sort of discolouration and many coins have a sticky/tacky feel to them. Is this likely caused by PVC or something else? Also, I've been removing the coins from their old plastic wallets and putting them in new plastic (hopefully PVC free) album pages from Schulz. Will the coins continue to degrade in the new housing?