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  1. Iannich48

    2021 Unc set mystery

    I am sure that The Royal Mint would be gutted if everybody that they alerted did buy another set, just to see the difference.
  2. Iannich48

    1953 VIP Proof set

    They are from Liecester, i wonder if that is near Leicester? Anyway, asking a crazy price as you said.
  3. Iannich48

    2021 Unc set mystery

    Sounds like an A1 mess up to me. Honestly, not putting enough holes for the medal is a bad mistake.
  4. Iannich48

    1732 half guinea au55

    Your pictures are so much better than the "Proffesionals", who should do a better job photographing. Well done on getting such a lovely coin.
  5. Iannich48

    2021 Unc set mystery

    That is very interesting Richard. I would definitely hold onto it and see what comes to light. Could you show us a picture of the packaging?
  6. Oh really, i had better check my 1887 halfcrowns and double florins, cheers.
  7. Iannich48

    20p Varieties 1982 - 2008

    That is a commendable study of 20 pence pieces.
  8. Iannich48

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Hey! Enough about Norfolk, thank you😐
  9. Iannich48

    More Pennies

    I doubt if the "Honest person" was bidding for the coin. It looks like a four figure price coin from a dealer, if fit was for sale in a shop. Unfortunate.
  10. Iannich48

    1860 penny Freeman 14. LCW below foot.

    The phrase "We will give it 110% effort" Now that really Is not possible, is it.
  11. I did win two lots at decent prices, but missed out on four others. LCA has some nice coins soon, so hopefully a win or two there.
  12. Iannich48

    1953 VIP Proof set

    That VIP Crown, lot 229, does look stunning, unlike the Crown in the VIP Set.
  13. Iannich48

    1860 penny Freeman 14. LCW below foot.

    I did see a VG or thereabouts F8B sell for about £300 on eBay last weekend, but surely there is no way to tell what dies were used on "The slightly worn coin". 😁
  14. Iannich48

    Steep slabbing premiums

    How the hell can they grade that MS64? It clearly has wear on it. It is disgraceful, and blatant to anybody who actually looks at it before buying it just on the grade.
  15. Iannich48

    1875 F79 Penny

    Lets see what lovely offerings we get in the next LCA auction. The catalogue will might be out next week.