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  1. Iannich48

    More Pennies

    Just seen it on the rarest pennies site. Definitely worth the £4500 that it sold for.
  2. Iannich48

    1694 MVRIA Halfpenny

    Looks like yours is the best known then Michael.👍
  3. Iannich48

    More Pennies

    Does that make it an 8 known coin now?
  4. Iannich48

    DNW Hammered Prices

    I agree, nice coin, but not the best strike, especially on the reverse.
  5. MS70, is that the true grade of the coin in question?
  6. The blue toning looks just awful imo.
  7. I cannot see an 1819 Sovereign in his collection. Disappointing I think.😁
  8. Iannich48

    More Pennies

    I had often wondered if somebody might do that on purpose, just to get a better price on a worn penny.
  9. Definitely squared inside the loop. I don't think that it is a 3/1, as it is too far to the right and away from the 190 in the date. Interesting find.
  10. Just a very poor attempt at a forgery I think. Like has been said, it should not have got into the catalogue if anybody bothered to examine it properly.
  11. Iannich48

    Shilling List

    Yaseen, you have doubled up some 1819 varieties, 9/3, 9/6 and 9/9. Apart from that, nice job.
  12. I hope that the forgers are not reading this thread, but somebody from DNW is reading it.
  13. Iannich48

    Shilling List

    Nice list Yaseen. Just a few more varieties that i know of as follows:- 1817 Unbarred H In Honi 1817 RFX for REX 1819 9/3 (in the royal mint) 1819 9/6 1819 9/9 1820 20/20
  14. Iannich48

    Gothic crown

    Funnily, in my opinion, the obverse looks good, but not so sure about the reverse, that looks too good.