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  1. ALLAN43608

    1946 penny issued in White metal?

    Took the plunge and did an edge scrape after Vickys comment , it’s a Silver plated copper coin, oh well maybe next time. Sorry to waste your time Allan.
  2. ALLAN43608

    1946 penny issued in White metal?

    Hi the weight is 9 grams, thanks for the reply Vicky, is it worth giving it a “scratch “ pm the edge. If it’s Silver plated it would be a thick one I would think! its the other things like the pitting and that no other metal seems to be showing via normal ware thanks Allan
  3. ALLAN43608

    1946 penny issued in White metal?

    Hi Rob, Thank for taking the time to reply. I will check weight tonight. It dosen't seem plated when i look closley the wear on the high points does not show and underlying different metal. Just a strange one. Allan
  4. Hi Sorry i am new to this and may have posted already in the wrong area! I have a 1946 Penny that appears, to my eye, to have been issued in a White metal of some kind. Is this normal? Many thanks for any help or information Regards Allan
  5. ALLAN43608

    1946 Silver/white metal issue

    Hi , my my first post . i have a 1946 Penny that is a little strange in that it appears to be issued in a different metal than normal pennies. Not sure if it is a usual thing or not, any help gratefully accepted regards Allan