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  1. I know there are many threads already about the 1983 mule but i thought this one needed a new post. I have kept tabs on them for many years and read the rumours on here that they may have been in the annual coin set but have never seen evidence of one until now. There is a set up on eBay now and have a comprehensive reply from the seller. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/RARE-1983-2-New-Pence-in-Unrecorded-Royal-Mint-Brilliant-Uncirculated-Coin-Set/233308601941?hash=item365246be55:g:SdIAAOSwYXVc1C4A
  2. Lee Holt

    1983 'Mule' New Pence in BU Annual set

    School boy error, it's not a B.U set, its UNC, how do you edit your post?
  3. Lee Holt

    1983 'Mule' New Pence in BU Annual set

    B.U pack front
  4. Lee Holt

    1983 'Mule' New Pence in BU Annual set

    The reply from the seller.
  5. Now i always thought it was confined to Heinz and Martini sets and was not in the annual BU set, i have read many threads on here to back that up. But there is one on ebay right now!