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  1. Hello, Hoping someone can help, my Father-in-Law has given us a box of seemingly random coins. These two were in a little box on their own so thought they might be 'interesting' We also have a big box full of proof of sale but I don't know what I'm looking for to validate them Any advice would be greatly appreciated Many Thanks Evan
  2. voncoin

    Lybian Coins

    Thank you! It's a huge collection & needs a lot of sorting!
  3. Hello, Hoping someone can help, my Father-in-Law travelled & worked in Libya the 1970's & 80's and has amassed quite a few Libyan coins with Colonel Gadaffi on the face. Some seem to be coins from general circulation whilst others are boxed with a photographic image on them. More than happy to supply photos if anyone thinks they could shed some light on them. He was a prolific traveller so we have coins from all over the World e.g Korea (before they were split) Australia, Iran Any advice would be greatly appreciated Many Thanks Evan