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  1. Email from received from M. Gouby Thanks to everyone for their input Hello Frankie, There are several penny that have been found with raised flaws , like spots, commas, etc. They are all a result of a bit of dirt, etc. getting on the die and being transferred onto the coin it was striking. 1874, 1897, 1909, 1946 etc. They are of interest to some collectors. Is it worth keeping – yes why not !
  2. The 1909 penny has this raised dot between E and N of PENNY, found these on London coins but no 1897 yet. Thanks for all the advice though people, much appreciated.
  3. Hi Ian, I have looked under a jewellers loupe and is definitely a raised dot, not anything stuck to coin. I have viewed many images of this coin and can't find any with this dot. I'm just unsure whether to send for pro opinion or if would be a waste of money?
  4. Some more pics in day light no cam flash
  5. Thanks again for the info. Finally got pics sorted. The coin has not been cleaned. Dot between O and N of ONE very faint
  6. Thanks for info guys, apologies if last post didn't work ie. Img
  7. Anybody seen a coin with these 3 dot's on same coin...... small dot between O and N of ONE. dot's on penny IN THESE POSITIONS ON P'E'NNY https://pinterest.com/pin/652529433484353444/?source_app=android Coin looks uncirculated. I'm new to this. Any help much appreciated