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  1. The Baldwins large-rose example coming up next week, cleaned but eye-catching in the photo, is at £1200 when I looked yesterday.
  2. Spink are always doing that - put a teaser date on a forthcoming auction then either keep on putting it back every few days or don't even bother. It's annoying. Some of these auctions are like their SNC "Collectors Corner" quality (which lasted a couple of years about 20 years ago), selling items for £5 upwards. Junk mainly. Talking of gilding the lily, I like their description of the Northumberland in the Wootton sale. It's got worn gilding, it's low grade and there's an impressively large hole in it. Apart from that it's "a good opportunity for a type collector to source a prohibitively rare type". If you say so!
  3. oldcopper

    Proof Halfcrown

    and the Colin Adams sale (Spink 1/12/2005) had 2 en medaille - ESC 669 and ESC 670 (lots 652 and 654).
  4. oldcopper

    Proof Halfcrown

    DNW sold an ESC 670 en medaille - 4 Oct 2001, lot 385, wt 13.98g.
  5. oldcopper

    DNW changing names.....?

    Well, they quoted the excellence of their website and its exhaustive arichies as a reason for increasing their premium last time, so by that logic looks like they'll have to reduce it now. It never works like that does it.....
  6. oldcopper

    More Pennies

    I think the key desirability factor in the Medusa if it you can see her face, and this SARC specimen isn't too bad an example of that.
  7. oldcopper

    More Pennies

    Yes, it's the act of assuming that "full original colour" means just that.
  8. oldcopper

    More Pennies

    I wonder if everyone has found this, but when I type "Noonans" or "Noonan's" into Google all the results are for the (previously unknown to me) genetic disorder Noonan Syndrome. So I wonder how they are going to differentiate their website location from that? I don't think they've thought this through. They'll hardly want to, or even be able to, displace important medical information off the top of the search results.
  9. oldcopper

    More Pennies

    Yes, of course, they are bronzed, mainly currency pieces. The reason he didn't list them is they're unofficial as well.
  10. oldcopper

    More Pennies

    Perhaps he phrased it ambiguously but if he did think they were official surely he would have given them a Peck number.
  11. oldcopper

    More Pennies

    OK not that one! Its PT twin, so these later bronzed coins are out there.
  12. oldcopper

    More Pennies

    That might be the coin originally sold by Baldwins as a bronzed proof (sale no.52) where Roland Harris bought it for ~£600. I saw it then and it was obviously a currency piece, so why Baldwins said it was "undoubtedly a proof" I don't know. People presumably sussed this as it only made £190 at the Harris sale (LC 2009), with LC's description somewhat ambivalent about the proof designation.
  13. oldcopper

    More Pennies

    There was an unofficially gilded 1841 in the Colin Adams sale of 2003. Peck is saying that these post Soho examples are all unofficially gilded so he isn't contradicting himself.
  14. oldcopper

    The Farthing Specialist.

    Paper supplies must have run short!
  15. oldcopper

    DNW changing names.....?

    If you phone them up you can say "Hi Noonans".