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  1. Never heard of that to be honest - like their search a coin archive from the sound of it, you key in any general info about a type of coin and it comes up with "No lots found". Complete waste of time.
  2. SNC's final issue staggered out at the start of 2014, and it had been getting more infrequent in the couple of years before that. It used to be 6 a year (and every month long ago). The bloke in charge unfortunately had a serious car accident at the time which was the final blow. It's not on Spink's website.
  3. I notice some of these W.W's, including mine (which is better condition than this, say Fine), have a weakly struck FID: It's very unusual for a Royal Mint 19th century copper coin to have such noticeable weakness in the legend like that.
  4. I take it this die got re-used in 1844. Presumably you've got one of those.
  5. I have to say it's a lovely coin, it cost me quite a bit more than £850.
  6. Here's a price rise in that sale: Anne pattern halfpenny P726: £1,800. I sold it in their March 2020 sale for £850. Aaagh..... Someone made a few hundred quid on it.
  7. oldcopper

    1860 penny Freeman 14. LCW below foot.

    ..as usually found.
  8. oldcopper

    More Pennies

    Or if you prefer farthings,
  9. oldcopper

    More Pennies

    Perhaps there's something like a Dulux chart available for slabbers?
  10. oldcopper

    More Pennies

    Still on the penny thread, anyone interested in the load of completely naturally toned (sarcasm) 1937 proof bronze coming up for auction in Heritage? Someone's chancing their arm....do you want one in bright blue or luridly efflorescent blue, sir?
  11. oldcopper

    More Pennies

    There's a 1934 lustrous example coming up in the LCA auction. Hard to tell from a photo I suppose but the colour looks reasonably honest:
  12. The 1799 and 1806 copper are known for occasional flat areas in the legends, Peck mentions it. He says the currency proofs don't suffer from it so it must be a facet of production "en masse".
  13. Five? - was there a tokens one as well?
  14. oldcopper

    1858/3 Penny

    Sorry - it got sent before I'd written anything. I sold a Bramah 25c through Spink last year - nice one, quite lustrous - £440 I think. You don't see many of them around, but not a very exciting coin for me as no-one's worked out the under-figure yet as far as I know.