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  1. bob-e


    now goes by the name of "Adminlady" She's a pain Bob
  2. bob-e


    Thanks azda and others. Think I’ll just ignore and delete it. Regards Bob
  3. Chris Is this genuine??????? Received from Lady Admin on this forum. Regards Bob
  4. bob-e

    Ebay - again

    Haven’t a clue, Some septic pop group I suppose Funny recording though. Bob
  5. bob-e

    Ebay - again

    One for you Ebay users. http://www.imagestorepro.com/ebay_song.html Cheers Bob
  6. Rob Thanks for that detailed answer. Much appreciated. The coin is an 8 Reale and is a shipwreck coin. No grading has been given as it is bought as seen [lots of piccies] It’s been on the seabed for 219 years so the condition isn’t that good. The value in this coin is in its historical value and not its condition, also the certificate is proving it is from a shipwreck, not that it is genuine silver 8 Reale. I think the bloke that is asking the question has not read the advert properly. Cheers again for the info. Bob.
  7. Hi I have a coin on ebay and been asked why my coin is not certified by PCGS. Can anyone tell me who or what is PCGS ?????? Cheers Bob
  8. bob-e

    Presentation Boxes

    Hi Chris Is there a coin presentation box on the market that will display two coins? That is two 8 Reale coins; they are 38 mm in diameter. Needs to be transparent so that it can be viewed without taking out of the box. [if poss] Or transparent on one side. If so could you supply? I have some 8 Reales that only have one good side, so I thought I would offer a good Obverse and a good Reverse of the same coin and was hoping to sell them as a pair. Come to that does anyone know of any display/presentation box that might do the trick? Cheers Bob PS have you got all your feed back on ebay now [only just spotted your request]
  9. bob-e

    Just a little Hello

    Hi Geoff Any ideas on these two one silver and one gold I have been told that they are Rupees Any info would be welcome. Tim welcome to the boards. I’m Bob and haven’t got a clue about coin collecting in fact I can’t even pronounce numismatist I’m a treasure hunter [as in sea] these lads on here give me good advice on our recovered artifacts. Cheers Bob
  10. Chris Here’s one similar to yours [nothing to do with coins though] Yorkshire Divers You may get a few ideas from it. Guests can only browse and not post on this one. Cheers Bob
  11. bob-e


    Oli your sig looks a bit dark on my puter. Had a play around with it. is this better? Bob
  12. Cheers for that Chris. You learn something new every day Noticed you were top out of about half a mil sites. cool. mine was just under 2000. Bob
  13. Just done a Google search for Seadart, and who do you think is top of the list? Never tried that before. I wonder how I got there.? How would that have happened Chris? Thought you had to pay mega bucks to get in that position. I’ve never paid any one to be on a search engine. Cheers Bob
  14. Always got a broken piece of an 8 Reale about two thirds the normal size This coin led us to a nice little haul around 300 for the team. It was jammed in the rocks, and at the base of the rock we found the haul. It makes a nice talking point as when diving and treasure hunting comes up. Most people haven’t got a clue what a piece of eight looks like, but they have all heard about Treasure Island/Long John Silver and his scrawny parrot squawking “pieces of eight†“pieces of eight†Cheers Bob
  15. bob-e

    Bandwidth and picture usage.

    Chris. I send my 10/- via PayPal Thanks for running a good site and hope you get plenty of subscriptions to help with the ongoing costs. As you all know I am not into this coin collecting malarkey, but you and other members have supplied me with some good advice and information in the course of our salvage work.. [coins] Have got and hope to be getting lots more coins from our wreck so will be back on a regular bases for advice. Cheers Bob [seadart Divers Assoc] PS. just got your e-mail Chris, you’re welcome.