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  1. Hi everyone,

    Have just come across this forum,and really think this is just what I am looking for.Breifly,I have been collecting British pennies for about 40 years,what some would call a series collector.I have virtually every date from 1860 - 1070 in top grades.I was given the first edition of Check Your Change by my dad and then spent every waking hour looking for a 1933 penny.I never found one!

    With me,collecting comes and goes.I go years buying absolutely nothing,then go crazy,go undercover.and spend a small fortune for a few months.

    However,I digress. What I woukld like is anyones opinions on a few pennies I have that are unrecorded, and that I would welcome any second views on.The first is a 1946 DOT after ONE of ONE PENNY.It seems to be a mint identification mark,and was certainly used on other dates,but 1946 ?

    The other coin is a mint darkened 1938.This was usual for 1944 45 & 46 but as far as I know,unheard of for this year.There is no mistaking the dark toning,as is is identical as for the other years. Does anyone have a similar coin.

    Any thoughts are welcome.


    The DOT on the 1946 penny is usually described as a die flaw.

    Some 1897 pennies have a similar flaw.

  2. Thier is a variety in 1911 penny in other site.

    Is this is other way of looking for modified effigy seen 2, 1926 penny the R are different the other is thinner than the other?

    Where it start and where it ends for now.

    A good way to distinguish the 1926 ME is to look at the colon dots between GRA and BRITT

    on the normal reverse the colon is midway between 'A' and 'B'

    on the modified effigy the colon is clearly closer to 'A' than 'B'

    this is helpful when the coin is worn

  3. post-4030-1194395332_thumb.jpgpost-4030-1194395307_thumb.jpg

    I have the same trouble identifying certain bronze Pennies myself, I have an 1861 penny but I have know idea what variety it is apart from it is has a toothed border. The Spinks 2006 Coins of Enland book has 7 pages dedicated to the penny but I am still lost.

    Can anyone help me out here, also would you say the grade is Fine?.

    Thanks, all help is appreciated


    Hi Mark,

    Hard to grade based on those photos. Fine looks about right.

    Looks like Gouby obverse J (B of BRITT is close to Victoria's head), reverse d (rock to left of lighthouse, lighthouse top NOT rounded).

    That makes it Gouby BP 1861 K, Freeman 29

    Hope this helps,

  4. Many of you will remember that a short while ago spam posts on the forum became beyond a joke. To eliviate this I switched to a mode whereby no guests could post anything and any new members were manually checked by me before their accounts were finally validated.

    This worked very well because spam bots usually have obvious email addresses originating in countries where most of the world's spam comes from, or often they have ellicit or advertising names in their usernames.

    Now that the forum software has been updated, every prospective new member has to enter a code which appears as a jumbled image. I've tested this, and it appears only real people have joined the forum since the software update! The spam bots are not clever enough to read the jumbled code. I have therefore turned off the manual validation and now, as soon as any real person joins the forum, they can start posting right away! It also saves me checking through the scores of spambot registrants to find real people.

    Hi Chris,

    Be aware that spammers are starting to get around captchas - see http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/technology/7067962.stm

  5. No picture maybe next week

    Is this a fluke or their is one recorded?

    Hi Josie,

    No reference work makes any mention of this - the 1897 & 1946 are the only ones that I know of.

    Given that there are two known instances of such a die flaw, it's not impossible it could've happened again, but clearly not in sufficient numbers for any author to notice.

    A picture would be nice to see if it looks like the others.

  6. 3 days ago we found a hedgehog over the road during the day on the pavement looking a bit dazed and confused. He was dangerously near to the road. I went over and 'shoed' him into a basket thing and took him into the garden.

    He didn't seem properly awake somehow, almost as if he was drunk. He ate plenty of cat food, part of an apple and an egg and drank some water and then went to sleep. He stayed asleep (very deeply, a sort of quick hibernation because the nights have been very cold here) and finally woke up today. He still behaved drunk and couldn't stand up properly. We thought he'd perhaps broken a leg or something as he spends most of his time on one side and when he tries to walk he almost rolls over, either sideways or forwards.

    So, earlier we took him to a vet, half expecting him to say that "his leg is broken, we'll have to have him put down"! He checked his legs (inbetween him being rolled up tightly!) and all 4 seem to work ok. He seems to have a big co-ordination problem and the doc said he may have had a bump on the head or a stroke (less likely because he's very young). He said it's a very good sign that he's lived 3 days and that whatever it is may get better on its own. He got 2 injections of antibiotics against infections and had some drops applied under his spikes to kill of all the parasites that seem to plague hedgehogs.

    We have instructions to keep him fed and watered over the weekend to see how he goes. We'll take him to the doc again next week for a check up. Just now he ate and drank well, and as long as he's breathing, eating and drinking he may recover. I named him Igor because it's the closest name to the German word for hedgehog, which is "Igel" (pronounced just like Eagle actually).

    Let's hope the little fellow gets better.

    Did you have to pay for the veterinary care ?

  7. How can you possibly know? What evidence do you have that William III wasn't a homosexual? And why should it matter either way?

    You're all hot air and no substance. All you can do to back up your flawed outdated views is link to websites which also often share those flawed views.

    Are you a homosexual Aidan, and are you in denial? Do you try to hide this fact to the world and yourself by professing to hate homosexuals?

    I see you were just as popular on Wikipedia as you are becoming here.

    Chris,I am definitely not a homosexual,but Pope Benedict XVI of Rome & a majority of the Cult of Rome's 'clergy' definitely are.

    You should go ahead & read the Book of Leviticus & the Book of Romans.Both of these Books of the Bible make it very clear why homosexuals are heading straight downstairs to the Lake of Fire in Hell,which is where they will burn up for eternity,& why the death penalty is sanctioned.


    People who quote from the Bible always do so selectively. I remember this from a few years ago:-


    which humourously shows it all up for the mysogynostic, misanthropic, anachronistic, primitive rubbish that it clearly is.

    None of the gay people I have known have chosen to be that way - they just are. Aiden and his like would have us believe in the god of love who creates people in a certain way only to condemn them in life and then to everlasting torment.

    People like Aiden and all the other fanatics are the reason why I find religion so frightening. They have no doubts and people who have no doubts can do anything. If we drop our guard they'd soon have us back to burnings, the inquisition and all the rest.

    There's no merit at all in remaining true to your principles, when they're demonstrably wrong and cause nothing but misery. That's what's so wrong with religion - it offers no possibility to admit to error.

    But I don't suppose there's much point in mentioning any of this to someone who takes the Book of Revelations literally.

  8. Backing up what was stated above, Spinks are not infallible. I once found myself the proud owner of a coin described in the 2002 version as 'extremely rare' - an 1856 Plain Trident penny. For a year or so, I went all wobbly at the knees when I thought of it. However, the 'mistake' was corrected in the next edition - £65 fine (mine is slightly better). Not exactly enough to retire on - and to be honest, I don't think the coin was ever that rare, but the number of prices listed in the guide are so collosal that some areas will be inadequately investigated and others just carried over from previous years.

    So to answer the original question, the value of 'extremely rare' in my case was about half our weekly shopping bill.

    1856 PT pennies are scarce but not rare

    In lower grades there are certainly plenty about.

    In my experience the OT is much rarer, I can only recall ever seeing a couple for sale.

  9. After a very rare F169 1909 penny was listed (reached £820 in about fine condition) a number of 'hopefuls' have jumped on the bandwaggon. I was able to convince one seller that his coin was not the rare one.

    I've sent a message to


    along the same lines

    This one is pretty incredible, he can't even get the date right


    ' a rare oppertunity' indeed

  10. I e-mailed eBay too and the legitimate seller.

    No reply from either.

    I can't believe the nerve of someone to try something so blatant. Their feedback is comical - all from today (within a few minutes of each other) and all from zero-feedback users.