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  1. custard1966

    What's hot and what's not?

    Copper & Bronze Pennies: Judging by dealers prices lists I'd say there's been a steady increase - particularly in the top grade stuff. I think E-bay shows smaller increases, if any - there's plenty of lower-grade stuff about and more buyers than sellers. I found this one interesting http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/THE-VICTORIAN-1849-P...1QQcmdZViewItem Although it IS a rare date, I was surprised at both the bids and the reserve. I paid £65 for one (less than fine and not as good as this one admittedly) about 4 years ago. It'll be interesting to see what Spink come up. I often wonder to what extent they set the trends rather than reflecting them.
  2. custard1966

    Peck Second Edition

    one for sale on E-bay, right now http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/PECK-ENGLISH-COPPER-...1QQcmdZViewItem
  3. custard1966

    Some really ridiculous eBay listings

    Thought id have a look and see if he had bad feedback from the winner of the bid....Guess What?? Coin delivered WAS NOT coin pictured. BEWARE!! Buyer neutron56 ( 157) 04-Aug-05 08:35 8319375842 Reply by maxbax0: beware he bids then complains about the items 04-Aug-05 14:03 Lokks like it wasn't his day!! Jim And he paid £80 for it A painful lesson.
  4. custard1966

    Some really ridiculous eBay listings

    What's going on here http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/POLISHED-1P-COIN-COL...1QQcmdZViewItem ? (Nice to see they'll accept a 'personnel' cheque)
  5. custard1966

    1834 Penny Missing Serifs

    Hi Gary, well spotted - I hadn't noticed that before. My 1834 (which is the one featured in collectors coins 2005) has exactly the same flaws. Peck makes no mention of any variants so maybe they're all like this. I don't have an 1837 but I've checked my 4 1831s and they all have the same flaw which is that the rightmost lower serifs on the Ns are missing. I would expect if anyone had spotted any variants it would be Micheal Gouby (http://www.michael-coins.co.uk/GBcopper1d1.htm) but he doesn't mention any.
  6. I'm going to correct myself: comparing with my own coin, I'm now happy that that's the 1/2 penny numerals. It's harder to see on the first set of pics posted, but the second set is conclusive. The real clue (apart from the size) is the tilt to the 2.
  7. I'd have to agree with Chris. I can't find a picture online and am not at home to check with my coin, but that looks like a set of worn standard numerals
  8. Hi Keven, Price will depend, as always, on condition. As a guide I paid £470 for one in Fine condition last year A very similar one went for £620 a few weeks before that (so I think I got a bargain). There are probably only around 15-20 of these in existence and they're a 'well-known' variety and much sought after. Bear in mind that if you sell to a dealer you'll only get around 2/3 of what he thinks he can sell it for and if you sell at auction or on E-bay you'll have to lose a percentage to them. Still, it'll be worth a few bob Hope this helps.
  9. custard1966

    Some really ridiculous eBay listings

    This is monumentally suspicious http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie...8319375842&rd=1 There are three pictures none of which seem to be for the same coin And he shows a picture of one of the rarest pennies, 1863 with die numbers.
  10. custard1966

    Some really ridiculous eBay listings

    I always opt for Special Delivery then there are no excuses.
  11. custard1966

    Some really ridiculous eBay listings

    This seller really annoys me. He sells fairly rotten stuff all of which is described as either magnificent or extremely rare - which of course it isn't. And don't get me started on his abysmal punctuation. Up to now he's only been charging pennies so it hasn't seemed so bad, but now he's gone right over the top :- http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vie..._PcY_BIN_Stores
  12. There are some pictures here which might help http://www.michael-coins.co.uk/cp_1858.htm
  13. The precise value will depend on whether the the final date numeral is over another number (3, 6, 7, 9 have all been noted) and whether the date numerals are large or small. But you're probably talking about £80 - £100 in UNC, assuming it's not a rarer type. Hope this helps.
  14. custard1966

    Peck Second Edition

    I just received Galata's latest catalogue. They have 4 Pecks for sale - all second edition - ranging between £100 and £115 pounds
  15. custard1966

    Coin Insurance

    I use this company who provide specialist insurance http://www.hwint.com/hi/uk/ hope this helps
  16. custard1966

    That time again - CCGB2006

    I've been continuing to collect penny prices and have some very interesting ones from a private sale (1863 with die numbers etc).
  17. custard1966

    Peck Second Edition

    thanks very much custard! Will have to think about it though, £150 is a lot of money to a teenager...and I've got to think about the opportunity cost. Happy to help It's worth giving these people a call http://www.galata.co.uk/ I got my Peck & Freeman from them. They don't have any listed at present, but they would be a good bet to find one eventually. The list I found above was a book finding service - I just searched for Peck at the first site I found - there are plenty out there so it might be worth searching through a few more.
  18. custard1966

    Peck Second Edition

    Found a list here http://www.bookfinder.com/search/?ac=sl&st...053498_2:53:111 hope this helps.
  19. Hi Douglas, I've come across these as well. the issue is discussed here http://www.24carat.co.uk/silverpennies.html hope this helps,
  20. custard1966

    British Coins Part 2

    Chris has prepared a list of the well-known rareties (along with much other useful info) here http://www.predecimal.com/key_dates.htm
  21. custard1966

    British Coins

    Hi Alastair, The 1960s pennies are extremely abundant even in absolutely mint state so those aren't of any great value. Amongst the others I didn't spot any rareties and they aren't in good enough condition to have any significant value I'm afraid.
  22. custard1966

    Coin Manage Update Announced

    Received today, apparently Liberty Street are still going... Liberty Street Software Announces the Release of CoinManage 2005 Mississauga, ON - May 29, 2005 - The 2005 edition of CoinManage is now available. This year's release of CoinManage is fairly ambitious. Existing user's will notice a big improvement in the reporting capabilities of the program. We have also spent alot of time revising the coin values and making other changes requested by customers. Enhancements include: * The biggest change in CoinManage 2005 is an overhaul of the reporting features. The program now has a powerful new integrated report designer. Reports can be now exported to many different formats, including PDF, HTML, Excel and more. Several pre-defined reports are included with the program. You can also use the Report Designer to create labels and "index cards" for your coins. * Values have been updated for 2005. Thousands of valuations have been revised, we have also added values for additional grades for modern series such as Washington Quarters. * Any data you entered into a previous version of CoinManage will be imported when you upgrade. Note: If you would like to verify this, please email you current COINDESC.MDB file as an attachment to <mailto:Paul@libertystreet.com> Paul@libertystreet.com. ZIP the file before sending to reduce it's size. * Numerous other minor fixes and usablity enhancements. You will see these as you become familar with the program. Visit the link below to upgrade to CoinManage 2005 for as little as $19.95 http://www.libertystreet.com/coinmanage_upgrades1.htm Sincerely, Nikki Barbieri Liberty Street Software http://www.libertystreet.com To unsubscribe, please send a blank email to <blocked::mailto:leave-the-list@libertystreet.com> mailto:leave-the-list@libertystreet.com
  23. custard1966

    Evil Gypsies

    The fact that you are free to make such criticism - and wouldn't be in China - suggests that your comparison is somewhat unfair.
  24. custard1966

    Evil Gypsies

    I always admired Athenian Democracy, and John Stuart Mill. So by rights i am quite a Liberal, or Libertarian if you prefer. Unfortunately, the Athenians didn't include slaves or women in their electorate.
  25. custard1966

    1877 Victoria Penny

    Hi Jon, The rare 1877 has narrow-spaced date numerals The one pictured is the common, wide-spaced date.