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  1. Do you grade coins from before 1952 as EF if they have lustre?
  2. Master Jmd

    Oxford Collection

    Cirtainly a fine collection. I had placed a bid of £90 on both the 1953 2+A and 2+A Proof, but I've sadly been outbid. I detest the Black Finish Farthings, but the Edward VII ones here took my fancy, so I've bid on some of them instead. I agree with Chris that BU is being used quite a lot. It may just be the picture quality, however.
  3. Master Jmd

    Question for Chris

    Sorry to invade the topic, but if I remember rightly Colin Cooke was planning on producing a Farthing referance, but since he passed away I haven't heard any more news about that. Anyone know if anyone is continuing that? An up-to-date referance that includes Farthings would be right up my street.
  4. Master Jmd

    Millenia Collection

    That's quite a collection After looking through most of the pages, lot 909 shown in the 'highlights of the sale' is probably my favourite of what's being sold. Can't quite afford the estimated value of $70-80,000 though. Just a couple of pounds short. Will be interesting to see how much the entire collection goes for.
  5. Master Jmd


    Nah, I'll always be Master Jmd.. Mr. Jmd just makes me sound really old
  6. Just thought I'd come back, say hi, see if you guys are all alright. Coins aren't a thing I'm involved with anymore. I think maybe when I'm a bit older and have a bit more money, I'll definantly get back into them. Farthings, of course. Oh, and Chris, I've just noticed I'm still in the Numismatic Research Group. That doesn't apply to me any more.
  7. Awesome to know that the book production is running smoothely! I'm sorry I haven't been helpful the last few years. I must remember to leave a note for Santa asking for the new Collectors' Coins Great Britain 2008 for Christmas, I could be sitting on a fortune! N.. not that I sit on my coins or anything
  8. Master Jmd


    Oo, the tragedy! I'd assume that the hole would be made either for a necklace of some sort, or maybe just for the metal. But I may be completely on the wrong lines with that. Anyhow, welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay
  9. If you want to make a forum I'd advise you to start with www.invisionfree.com, or www.forumer.com. -- Urm, isn't the quote function working, or have I done something wrong?
  10. These "spammers" as you put it aren't exactly "spammers", but "bots", sent out (like spam emails etc..) but with the purpose of signing up to forums and posting their adverts. I googled and found this: thing about how to stop bots. It doesn't seem too promising but from what I've read IPB's next update should have a very useful bot stopper. One way of stopping them (haven't tried this) would be to create a user group for total beginers, meaning that they can't start topics (only reply) until they have a cirtain amount of posts. But I guess if someone signed up just to start a new topic involving a coin question this wouldn't help that much. (Just checking in).
  11. The link for predecimal.com in the same row as "Gallery, Help.." doesn't link properly and instead goes to a "http://localhost/", which is just a page that can't be displayed. *thumbs up* Oh, and I like the look of the forum, although I think the old one was chirpier and brighter.
  12. Master Jmd

    Happy Birthday Master jmd

    Heh thanks, I would've thought you lot had forgotten about me. Haven't been here for a while. The day was pretty dull really, everyone I know is on holiday, including most of my family. Broke a tradition though, its the (I think) first birthday I've had where it hasn't rained Usually I would keep my bday/xmas money to put towards a coin, but this year I've decided to get a better guitar, I'm just a few hundered quid short of the one I want ~~ My mum gave me a box of 6 2001/2/3/4 silver proof 20 crowns, that she had been collecting herself during the time I thought a crown was only something the Monarch wore. It was quite a pleasant supprise as I'd heard nothing about these coins before (I don't even think my dad knows (and for my mum's sake I better keep that quiet)). ~~ Thanks again, I thought I'd come here to see if anyone remembered me, and well.. you did GCSE results soon, something I'm not particularly looking forward too. Oh, and PS: I think I can also legally drive a tractor now too I'm still not allowed to withdraw money from the bank though >.<
  13. Thats sad to hear, I would've hoped the collection would've been kept by Colin's family... I hope the collection doesn't get split up too much, but in saying that I wouldn't mind a piece from his collection.
  14. Small Question: Why, on the dropdown browser menu, does http://www.predecimal.com/forum have a '£' sign next to it?
  15. Master Jmd

    Saw a real wild snake.

    Ooo... I like snakes, but I also have yet to see one in the wild. I also like dogs (providing they aren't biting me at the time)... Spiders are what get me
  16. I recently purchased an 1825 Farthing from eBay, and after examining it I can say that it is obverse 1 with a lower 5 in the date. I cannot see myself if it is an overstrike, so I have attached a close up, and would like to hear from anyone who can tell me what it most likely is (Ie: 5/5, 5/3 5/? or just simply a lower 5). Thanks.
  17. Ah, thats a bit more clear... It looks like a load of numbers to me - "64 - 45 15A" maybe?
  18. To me it looks like "Blank 15F" but it is very hard to tell... Is this your own coin? I'd love to own something with a little "touch" to it like that. Edit: The letters I can make out from "Blank 15F" are "Bl" at the begining, a gap (where an "a" could have been?) then "nk" maybe with what looks like an "o" or "d" after that... the "15" is quite clear, and the "F" could be "A, F, H" maybe even "I"...
  19. Master Jmd

    1852 Farthing

    It could be, but I think its more likely to just have the E readjusted a bit.
  20. Edit: This is about a different coin but of the same era, my mistake. Well if you got the image from the Basil Nicholson Collection featured on colincookecoins then you would have been able to read: This is more than likely the same coin, just different images. Where did the images come from? Oh, information found: here Edit: Ah wait! Its a different coin silly me... Ignore this then i guess... I'm sure I've seen this online before somewhere...
  21. I've just been browsing the farthings on ebay and came across this. It is a farthing of 1853 with only one dot after "DEF", whereas most(?) have a colon. I checked to see if any of Colin Cooke's site listed any, and there are two, one with WW Raised and the other with Incuse. But there is also one with the colon type for WW Incuse pictured. No books that I have, Spink or CCGB list this colon/dot difference, and I was wondering if it is actually noted anywhere?
  22. Master Jmd

    member title

    Its in Edit My Profile under "Custom member title" You may need to have a cirtain ammount of posts before you are allowed to change it.
  23. Master Jmd

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Some people are just too desperate me thinks: http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/NEW-UK-Fifty-pence-5...1QQcmdZViewItem http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/NEW-UK-Fifty-pence-5...1QQcmdZViewItem
  24. Master Jmd

    London Coin Fair Reimages

    More fancy than mine. I don't have a tripod, so what I do is place the camera on top of a big oxford dictionary and it comes out just fine Although, come to think of it, I'm sure I used to have a tripod... Ah well. Those are very nice pics oli, well done.
  25. It cirtainly looks nice, I haven't heard of a broad other than of Cromwell. Looks like a Charles II Unite maybe? Although the portrait would be wrong for Charles II, interesting coin!