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  1. I've been collecting Pokémon cards for a long time now and know of all of the big name auction houses for those, but for coins I'm mostly in the dark at the moment. I'd love to find out what places I should be keeping my eye on - even if it's just to drool at listings which are way beyond my budget. I'm hoping a list already exists (I couldn't find one when searching), but if not for the sake of this post I may as well list what I'm already aware of. For auction houses, I'm aware of: Spink (https://www.spink.com) London Coins (https://www.londoncoins.co.uk) Heritage Auctions (https://coins.ha.com) Noble Numismatics (https://www.noble.com.au) Baldwin's Auctions (https://auctions.baldwin.co.uk) For reputable shops, I'm aware of: Predecimal (https://www.predecimal.com) Colin Cooke Coins (https://www.colincooke.com) R. Ingram Coins (https://www.ringramcoins.com) I'm sure there are a lot more I'm missing, and would love to find out about them!
  2. @myt that list is fantastic. I've just finished looking through everything. There are a lot of really great websites here that I've never seen before and I'll definitely be checking back frequently. Some on the other hand are very difficult to use - either they've not been updated in 20+ years; they list sold coins alongside available ones without any distinction until you click into them; or they make it as hard as they possibly can to search their inventory. 😅
  3. Master Jmd

    Lockdales auction 18-19/1/23

    Edit: Looks like the auction pages are working fine on the Easy Live Auctions website itself: https://www.easyliveauction.com/catalogue/894f5a1449590e6a02a2a453b39ca4d8/0af8d24542e81eb9357e7ef448a6646f/lockdales-coins-collectables-auction-229/ --- A lot of files from the provider they're using, Easy Live Auctions, is timing out. The page seems to be set up so that it has to wait until all of the requested files timeout before anything is able to display on the page, and after that the pagination doesn't work because the required JavaScript has not loaded properly. I imagine they've had too many visitors and have used up their quota with the provider or something. Trying again tomorrow would probably be the best bet.
  4. My new circulation 1953 2+A farthing arrived. It's been a very long time since I added a new farthing to my collection, that's for sure. Many thanks again to @PWA 1967 for pointing me in the direction of this one.
  5. Master Jmd

    Looking for a 1953 VIP proof farthing

    Despite thinking it was a long shot, thanks to @PWA 1967 I was able to source a high grade 2+A 1953 farthing a lot sooner than I was expecting - I'll share some images over in the coin acquisition of the week thread when it arrives. So here's an even greater long shot... Last March this CGS 85 ex J.B. de Loynes 1953 VIP proof farthing sold through Noonans for £280: This sale came before it was known that some VIP sets contain a previously undiscovered 1953 variant (discussed in this thread) where the 'F' in 'FARTHING' points to a gap and the 'I' points to a bead. From doing a small amount of research it seems like a 50:50 split whether a VIP set contained this variant or the more documented 1 + A variant. I'd like to offer £560 for this coin pictured (double the hammer price), something around that amount for a similar grade, or £250 for a lower grade example which is clearly this variant.
  6. Master Jmd

    1953 Farthing

    I'm not sure if they made a regular 1 + A proof outside of the VIP sets. Wow! You're lucky to have one of the matte versions. Seems like they're probably the hardest to track down. Maybe one day if you feel like selling I may be a potential buyer. 😉
  7. Master Jmd

    1953 Farthing

    Interesting. From my notes I now have the following variants for the 1953 farthings: 1 + A 1 + A VIP proof 1 + A matte proof 1 + B 2 + A 2 + A proof 2 + B 2 + B proof 2 + B matte proof 2 + ? VIP proof (the variant from this thread) The £6,500 listing you mention supposedly included a 2 + B VIP proof, but I'm not sure if there are any features of the coin which would make it differ in any way from the usual 2 + B proof, so I'm not including that on the list above. I don't know if matte proof variants exist for 1 + B and 2 + A. The 1 + A and 2 + B both sold through Heritage (https://www.ha.com/c/search-results.zx?N=790+231&Nty=1&Ntt=farthing+1953+matte+proof&ic10=ArchiveTab-071515). Looks like I'm going to have my work cut out if I want to acquire all of these variants. 😧
  8. Thanks for all the responses so far. I've not had much of a chance to look through all of them yet but I must say the back catalogue on Noonans is spectacular. I was hoping I'd be able to update the list in my first post but it seems I'm unable to do that.
  9. Master Jmd

    1953 Farthing

    This is a great discovery, thanks for sharing! In terms of the farthings, are there any differences between the regular 1953 proof sets and the VIP sets (without this particular example) aside from provenance? I'm trying to put together a list of post-1900 farthings I need to be on the look out for and I'm not sure if the regular VIP set example is something I should include.
  10. Hello everyone. It's fantastic to see this place is still going strong after all these years. I hope everyone is doing really well. 14 years ago I packed my collection into a box and hauled it up into a far corner of my parents' attic before moving out to go to university. Shamefully the box has remained in the same place ever since - that is until a couple of days ago when I finally decided to move it all over to my own house. Back in 2004 when Colin Cooke's collection went up for sale I had put away just enough pocket money to be able to buy just one coin, the BMC 525 1673 both obverse stops omitted farthing: I don't remember why I wanted this coin in particular, but it's my favourite piece in the small collection I have, and I have no intention of parting with it. What I am curious about is its value. After a very small amount of research I'm aware of 2 semi-recent London Coins BMC 525 farthing sales: In Auction A151 (December 2015; lot 2310) a "better than Fine, bold and clear, superior to the Cooke collection example" sold for £200; In Auction A167 (December 2019; lot 2415) a "this example certainly compares favourably with the Cooke collection example" with an unfortunate verdigris splodge sold for £220. The December 2015 London Coins example was sold on at some point on the Coins and Banknotes website for £495 (link) which has no dates present. Considering this website has only been live since May 2020 I can only assume this was a relatively recent sale. I don't know how important pedigrees are any more in the coin collecting world, but Colin Cooke's website notes that this particular example is from the CDC Collection (I'm not sure what that is), acquired November 1975. The envelope I received with the coin (pictured below) states that it's also ex. G. Kay (1988) and P. W. Lawrence (1996). Naturally it's also ex. Colin Cooke (2004). I'm going to take a wild guess and assume that it's probably somewhere in the region of £300, but it'd be great to get an expert opinion! I know collectibles have been on a bit of a rollercoaster recently with price rises and falls, and I'm sure coins are no exception.
  11. Well I tried to fight the urge to pick up some more farthings, but their siren song is hard to ignore. ☹️ I'm interested in acquiring a circulation (not the proof version) 1953 2+A farthing. Ideally I'd like as close to flawless as possible, but I appreciate that's probably a tough ask. I'd stick an offer amount here but I'm completely out of the loop when it comes to coin values. That said, I'm expecting to pay upwards of £75 for the condition I'm after.
  12. Master Jmd

    BMC 525 Farthing - looking for a very rough valuation

    Hoping my grandkids will one day appreciate them, so definitely not parting with them if I don't have to. 🙂 After a bit of digging I think I've found the coin I bought from Colin's collection, this BMC 70 James I Lennox Farthing (#991 on the collection website): Do please let me know if those aren't the same, but I'm fairly certain they are. Unfortunately despite having extensive documentation of all my 2004 and 2005 purchases, I appear to have nothing from 2006. I'd completely forgotten I had this coin altogether. I guess 1613 (James I - although I'm aware this post-1613) and 1673 are similar enough numbers and in my head at some point I started associating the 1673 farthing with Colin's collection instead of this one. I should probably try to source a tighter capsule for it so it doesn't shake around as much.
  13. Master Jmd

    BMC 525 Farthing - looking for a very rough valuation

    I've just done some digging and it turns out you're both correct! Colin's collection didn't go on sale until February 2006. All this time I've believed that my coin was the one from his collection, and even that I chose the coin specifically out of his collection, and yet I acquired the coin almost 2 years prior to his collection going up for sale. It's interesting then that the Colin Cooke collection page mentions one example of the coin being sold by Colin Cooke in 1999, but not this one from 2004. I guess perhaps those were from Colin's own notes and the entry for this coin hadn't been updated. Well this is embarrassing and confusing, but thank you for pointing this out! I definitely did buy something from his collection, but it obviously wasn't this! I assume < £200 is a more accurate valuation in this case?
  14. Master Jmd

    BMC 525 Farthing - looking for a very rough valuation

    Hey! I'm trying hard not to rekindle my passion for farthings as I don't think my wallet would appreciate it, though it is a bit difficult seeing all the different coins I have! I've been collecting Pokémon cards for many years now and often see coins pop up for sale on US auction houses like Heritage - I tend to get sucked into looking at all of the weird and wonderful examples they have and get very nostalgic. It's amazing that this forum still exists - I was very much expecting to see some generic This website is for sale! banner or a note about how the website shut down 10 years ago, so to see it both still up and active is incredible. What a wonderful resource - though I don't dare read through my old posts as I'm sure a lot of them will be very awkward and cringeworthy now. 😅
  15. Master Jmd

    BMC 525 Farthing - looking for a very rough valuation

    I still have the receipt from when I bought it (Mrs L. E. D being my mother), though I do agree it looks more worn now which is odd. I'm certain I would have placed it directly into the capsule it's now in as soon as it arrived and left it in there - though I was 13 when the purchase was made so I suppose there's always a change I mishandled it. 😮 Here are some slightly better pictures: It makes a lot of sense that more of them would be known now. I imagine the increased use of the internet made a drastic change to the perceived rarity of a lot of different coins. The examples you have are certainly in better condition - great to see so many of them in one post!
  16. Master Jmd

    BMC 525 Farthing - looking for a very rough valuation

    Hey! I had originally assumed that would be the case but I'm a bit confused that their website says it was acquired for his collection in 1975 but that it's also from a 1988 and 1996 sale - unless I'm misunderstanding what "ex. {name}" means on that envelope? I guess that's something I may need to reach out to Lee to ask about. It's amazing that his website is also still going strong.
  17. Do you grade coins from before 1952 as EF if they have lustre?
  18. Master Jmd

    Oxford Collection

    Cirtainly a fine collection. I had placed a bid of £90 on both the 1953 2+A and 2+A Proof, but I've sadly been outbid. I detest the Black Finish Farthings, but the Edward VII ones here took my fancy, so I've bid on some of them instead. I agree with Chris that BU is being used quite a lot. It may just be the picture quality, however.
  19. Master Jmd

    Question for Chris

    Sorry to invade the topic, but if I remember rightly Colin Cooke was planning on producing a Farthing referance, but since he passed away I haven't heard any more news about that. Anyone know if anyone is continuing that? An up-to-date referance that includes Farthings would be right up my street.
  20. Master Jmd

    Millenia Collection

    That's quite a collection After looking through most of the pages, lot 909 shown in the 'highlights of the sale' is probably my favourite of what's being sold. Can't quite afford the estimated value of $70-80,000 though. Just a couple of pounds short. Will be interesting to see how much the entire collection goes for.
  21. Master Jmd


    Nah, I'll always be Master Jmd.. Mr. Jmd just makes me sound really old
  22. Just thought I'd come back, say hi, see if you guys are all alright. Coins aren't a thing I'm involved with anymore. I think maybe when I'm a bit older and have a bit more money, I'll definantly get back into them. Farthings, of course. Oh, and Chris, I've just noticed I'm still in the Numismatic Research Group. That doesn't apply to me any more.
  23. Awesome to know that the book production is running smoothely! I'm sorry I haven't been helpful the last few years. I must remember to leave a note for Santa asking for the new Collectors' Coins Great Britain 2008 for Christmas, I could be sitting on a fortune! N.. not that I sit on my coins or anything
  24. Master Jmd


    Oo, the tragedy! I'd assume that the hole would be made either for a necklace of some sort, or maybe just for the metal. But I may be completely on the wrong lines with that. Anyhow, welcome to the forums, enjoy your stay
  25. If you want to make a forum I'd advise you to start with www.invisionfree.com, or www.forumer.com. -- Urm, isn't the quote function working, or have I done something wrong?