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Half Penny Jon

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  1. Half Penny Jon

    1817 shilling 1910 shilling both UNC

    Hello everyone! Sorry I haven't been as active lately! Im revising flat out every hour god sends for the summer exams, A2 politics is rather challenging! Anyway...these two coins are really nice, especially the 1817 shilling in my opinion. The 1910 shilling has very minor surface marks either due to very light cabinet contact or just mint bag contact. I'm not going to demand a certain amount for each coin...just PM me if your'e interested ar have any questions! Many thanks, HPJ.
  2. Half Penny Jon

    The New Check Your Change 2007

    Just had a look at it. Looks really good! Well done! HPJ.
  3. Half Penny Jon

    Not impressed

    The main thing to do is to make sure that you lobby them into changing the varitey description, and for them to inform all previous bidders. Make sure you keep on contacting them! HPJ.
  4. Half Penny Jon

    Happy Birthday to Jon...

    Thanks Oli... Yes tis true that I have not been "active" on the forum...however I have made a point to look every day for new posts! I spent my day doing my AS level french oral exam aswell as no less than two pointless General Studies exams (just an exam of common sense!) Anyway, no coins for me as of yet but I am saving up for the november LCF. I'm still not sure what I want to collect so any suggestions would be welcomed! Hammered looks good these days...
  5. Hello all! I found this in my change about a week ago. Utterly bizzarre, any new theories as to how it became like this?? My Ebay auction.
  6. I was in waterstones in Romford today when I saw Coin Yearbook 2006 on the shelf, after flicking casually through it I saw Mark Rasmussen's advertisment and a section detailing forthcoming coins for sale in his 'Winter list' He will be offering a 1933, and Edward VIII 1937, and a 1952! Now thats a rare trio if ever I saw one!
  7. Half Penny Jon

    London Coin Fair

    No problem Chris, ill see you in december then!
  8. Half Penny Jon

    London Coin Fair

    I did plan to attend but work prevented it..
  9. Half Penny Jon

    Language change

    Some may call the new 'chav' language evolution
  10. Half Penny Jon

    four pence coin

    Wow! I didn't expect that!
  11. Half Penny Jon

    Caring for coins

    There is the theft issue but I dont think that it should influenece your descision too much, if your coins are stolen by the common struck dumb teenager, they may appear on ebay or even at a dealers door. If they are stolen notify all nearby dealers and keep a sharp eye on Ebay. You shouldn't let criminals stop you from presenting your collection in the best possible way...
  12. Half Penny Jon

    Caring for coins

    I keep my bronze halfpennies in capsules in a cabinet, they look rather nice . I haven't encountered any problems at all with this method, no verdi gris or new carbon spots have appeared. Also, it prevents other coins from being 'infected' by verdi gris or cabon spots. I would reccomend this method to anyone, just make sure that you ask peter to make the insersts deeper to accomidats the capsules, he was fine with it when I asked him to do it for me
  13. Half Penny Jon

    four pence coin

    Maybe we can reform him/her/it!
  14. Half Penny Jon

    Mark Rasmussen...

    The advert didn't say which 1933 it is, we'll just have to wait and see...
  15. Half Penny Jon

    Mark Rasmussen...

    Sorry! Yes, pennies.
  16. Half Penny Jon

    four pence coin

    I presume that he is refering to the chav borrowing culture...you always see chavs on ocean finance adverts! Maybe if they sold all of their Argos jewellery they would not be so poor!
  17. Half Penny Jon

    four pence coin

    May I direct you to an interesting site... Chavs Its quite amusing
  18. Half Penny Jon

    four pence coin

    In my book, chavs are misguded losers and you, sir, are no exception!
  19. Half Penny Jon

    Spink 2006

    The £5 pattern looks brilliant! If it is the one I'm thinking of I can't wait to see the cover!
  20. Half Penny Jon

    Spink 2006

    So are there any ridiculous prices this year? What is the general trend in terms of prices, are they higher than last year?
  21. Half Penny Jon

    Spink 2006

    Has anyone got the new Spink yet?
  22. Half Penny Jon


    I hope to attend the London Coin Fair too....see you all there! I can't wait to see what the new CC2006 will look like.
  23. Hello everyone, I really need a peck preferably the second edition. Has anyone got one that I could perhaps purchase? Jon.
  24. Half Penny Jon

    GCSE Results

    Sorry I haven't been talking lately...I've been to Greece and my Internets been very, very ill. I got one A*, 4 A's, and 9 B's. Very pleased. Well done Oli, outstanding!
  25. Half Penny Jon

    I have 1000 x CCGB2005!

    I saw a Stanley Gibbons attempt in my local branch (Brentwood), but nothing else.