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  1. Coinbuyer555


    Bought a $4000 coin in November from Simon Willis Coins LTD, found it to be a fake and hence returned it Dec 5th, he won't pick it up from the post office and hence it has been put on 'hold' while they keep it for a while and then return to me. Called bay on the phone and they said they will deal with this as I gave them a tracking number. Only spent this much as this is a coin dealer and trusted him, seems I was wrong. Totally different from the description of the coin: https://www.ebay.ca/itm/George-VI-Silver-Crown-1937-Coronation-Frosted-VIP-Proof-Crown-S4079-FDC-PR65Cam/172939907761?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649
  2. Coinbuyer555

    Wanted Ansell Sovereign

    Anyone have one and wants to sell through here rather than eBay or auction house? PayPal only payment to get coverage for buyer and seller. Let me know. Thanks
  3. I believe this one is hard to get and expensive and one has come up through a good dealer for $19,000AUD. I also looked at the mintage and its a lot higher than the 1923 proof. Can anyone advise why the 1924 should be at a premium? Thanks
  4. being 61 the thought of entering the twilight years has been on my mind and I wanted to ask the forum folks what investment strategy they consider appropriate for the next 10 years. I have been researching the gold coin market prices and have bought the latest Marsh. Prices seem to be up around 10% to 20% a year for proofs. I have been buying British Proof sovereigns and 1923 South Africa, have a couple 1902 long sets, value all told is around $80,000CDN, about 50,000PDS. Its part of a diversification strategy and I was intending to buy the 1887 sovereign and half sovereign proof next which will cost around $10,000. As for the Victorian sovereigns I have a dealer looking out for the 1859 Ansell and I was thinking of the 1820's in high quality slabbed condition. Does anyone have any thoughts to offer on this strategy?
  5. Coinbuyer555

    Coin dealers in the UK

    What is it with these 'experts' in the Uk who seem to think their word is all that matters. Over 30 years of collecting coins and i have had a few nasty surprises from the UK dealers, Mr Simon Willis being the latest one. I know they all deal between themselves and set up price fixing between themselves, shuffle customers like cattle, lie on eBay, don't really have as much knowledge as they wish they had, but do they HAVE to be so nasty??? A few dealers in the US say the same and put it down to arrogance where the UK dealers think they know everything....well folks YA DON'T...
  6. Gosh ain't you a fine example of the nasty arseholes I said populate this forum....negative nelly should be your name......you are certainly no expert in anything except bullshit.

  7. Coinbuyer555


    Sent the coin back Express and he left it in the PO for 2 weeks, then he signed for it then he ignored sending a reply or a refund!!!! Today eBay have covered the refund to my PayPal account. I left eBay negative feedback. Are most UK coin dealers as low as Mr Willis.?
  8. Coinbuyer555

    CGS grading

    if you folks can do any better then why no set up yourselves? It takes some guts to go into a new arena especially with all the whiners around.
  9. Coinbuyer555

    Best coin capsules?

    Check out eBay they do sell the inside rings which do go down a long ways. Also yes they are PVC free.
  10. Coinbuyer555

    1825 Halfcrown ef/unc

    Raw 1825 half crown with high quality fields and around unc, in my opinion. Make an offer.
  11. This is F 114 the other one is F 115. Make me an offer I can't refuse.
  12. Coinbuyer555

    1911 Penny MS-64 blazing lustre

    This is 1911 and graded by a company called 'accugrade" never heard of them but if it was regraded in my opinion it would be a MS-65 Make me an offer I can't refuse.
  13. Coinbuyer555

    High Quality Pennies for sale.

    I'll put them on eBay when I can.
  14. Coinbuyer555

    High Quality Pennies for sale.

    I'll put them on eBay when I can and delete this ad when I figure out how to.
  15. Coinbuyer555

    High Quality Pennies for sale.

    I have the following raw /slabbed Pennies for sale: I am trying to be conservative with grades so some of them you may think should be BU, message me for images. IF ANYONE WANTS TO BUY THE LOT THEN WE CAN COME TO A VERY GOOD PRICE AND I WILL THROW IN A FEW OTHERS FOR FREE ALL WITH LUSTRE. 1858 double 8 EF 1826 MS-63 BN (NGC) 1848 EF 1853 EF 1858 PT EF some lustre 1825 EF 1900 UNC with lustre 1903 UNC with lustre 1907 UNC with lustre 1907 BU 2nd coin 1910 UNC with lustre 1911 BU 1911 BU, 2nd coin 1912 UNC with lustre 1909 UNC with lustre 1915 BU 1916 UNC with lustre 1917 UNC with lustre 1917 BU 2nd coin 1918 UNC with lustre 1918 BU 2nd coin 1918 BU 2nd coin 1919 UNC with lustre 1921 UNC with lustre 1927 MS-64RB (NNC) 1927 BU 1928 UNC some lustre 1935 MS-65RB (NNC) 1935 UNC verging on BU 1936 MS-65red (NNC) 1936 BU blazing lustre 1937 MS-66 red (NNC) 1937 BU blazing lustre F217 1937 BU 1939 MS 65 RB (NGC) 1940 BU blazing lustre 1940 UNC with lustre 1947 MS-66 RB (NGC) 1948 UNC with lustre 1949 MS-65 RB (NGC) 1949 UNC with lustre 1949 UNC with lustre
  16. This is graded by PCGS at MS-68. Make an offer.
  17. Coinbuyer555

    1854 Penny MS-64BR

    Slabbed by NNC at MS-64BR Make me an offer.
  18. Coinbuyer555

    1917 Penny MS-64RB

    1917 Penny Slabbed by NNC at MS_64RB Make me an offer.
  19. Coinbuyer555

    1905 Penny MS-64RB

    1905 MS-64RB Penny graded by NNC Make me an offer I can't refuse.
  20. Coinbuyer555

    1902 Penny MS-66RB high horizon

    This is a 1902 Penny and has been graded MS-66RB by NNC Make me an offer I can't refuse.
  21. Coinbuyer555

    1882H slabbed at MS64RB by PCGS

    make me an offer I can't refuse.
  22. Coinbuyer555

    LCA auction

    The seller pays 10% commission. I sold mine in 2013 and he even came over the Atlantic to collect them, Brian that is.
  23. Coinbuyer555


    Nice design on the old 2d coins though.
  24. Coinbuyer555

    I know its fake but.....

    gold bullion value?
  25. Coinbuyer555

    Best coin capsules?

    coin caps come with removable rings inside now which means being able to cap different did coins in the same outer cap shell, they are for sale on eBay.