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  1. Zo Arms

    Halfpenny ID check

    Nice one Gary. I knew you'd have one. 🙂Did it take long to find? I've been searching 6 years plus. 475's I've found 6. 473's. I've found 3. R3 and R5.
  2. Zo Arms

    Halfpenny ID check

    Thanks. Maybe he is about right then. I only ask as I've just found another one. Awaiting delivery. Graded EF. Was thinking that if I'm fortunate to have 2 then maybe they were not so rare after all. It's the 1956 4 + C that's eluding me. Not hide not hair anywhere.
  3. Zo Arms

    Halfpenny ID check

    Evening all. Mr Freeman gave the above coin, F272, 4 + F a rarity rating of R17. 51-100. Dracott gives it a 6 rating, which means extremely rare. 5 known to him at the time of his article. Given that Freeman admits that his scale is an educated guess. And that some years have passed since Dracott wrote his findings, does anyone have a rough idea of the quantity of F272's known please? London coins have only sold 2, that I can see..
  4. A similar problem was discussed back in 2011, in a thread titled " 1827 penny". Towards the end of the second page, a member called ' Mat ' explains contract law, in some depth. May be helpful.
  5. Zo Arms

    New ID required

    That's why I said ' of no consequence '. Just felt Oswald had been misunderstood, so, even after 5 yrs, I went and stood in his corner. I've read the majority of the forum now. Decimals was a bit heavy going. Really enjoyed the Ancients. Certainly opened my eyes to your breadth of knowledge Chris. I'm impressed. Thought about reading the Bible next but someone said that he dies in the end, so maybe not.
  6. Zo Arms

    New ID required

    Of no consequence but I think Oswald was asking if Mark still used the forum, rather than giving an ultimatum.
  7. Looks like there's another dot hiding between the V and the I, on the 61. Two for the price of 1. Bargain.
  8. I'd give it 10 yrs Chris.
  9. Zo Arms

    Halfpenny ID check

    Arrived this morning. Freeman 272. 4+F. R17.
  10. I've only 189 more to look at then.😳
  11. Zo Arms

    Halfpenny ID check

    Thanks for confirmation Bernie. I'll post the reverse when it arrives.
  12. Zo Arms

    Halfpenny ID check

    Just a quick one. Views on this one please. Obverse 4 or 6.? I'm thinking a 4. Don't think there's enough of the honi so O showing to be a 6 and REG is to close to the linear circle.
  13. Ah yes. Mrs Thomas at The Post Office did mention that some new people had moved in, cluttering up the car park with their rubbish.😁
  14. I have a huge suspended ceiling to replace over the weekend, so a van full of light iron to lose come Tuesday morning. Will be having a stern word with someone re the coin situation, whilst I'm there. Thanks for the tip on the ali.
  15. I know. I've weighed them in there for years. Heavy copper, the same as you. And they all know me. New ruling, so I'm told. Been in force for about 2 weeks now. Used one of the side street dealers for a £30 loss. Don't know why but they weren't as heavy on their scales. Strange.