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  1. Zo Arms

    Halfpenny ID check

    Ok. Thanks Bernie. I'll have another go.
  2. Zo Arms

    Halfpenny ID check

    Having trouble with photo. All done.
  3. Zo Arms

    Halfpenny ID check

    I'm thinking obverse 16 on this one but must admit, I'm struggling. Sellers photo. A little help please.
  4. Where south of Brum, Chris? Spent my first 25yrs in Redditch. Couple of yrs in Leamington, then these last 30 down South. Pleased to say that I've nearly lost the accent. I'm a Pompey boy now mush.😁
  5. Groom makes no reference to the total number of teeth per each reverse. Other than to say: Reverse A: Beads smaller than rev B. Gap between beads. Reverse A*: Beads larger than rev A. Almost no gap between beads. I'm guessing that the reverse B mentioned here, is that used for 1925 onwards. Interestingly, he says that for 1912, reverse A and A* exist also. Centre of 2 over bead, centre of 2 over gap, respectively. Didn't know that. Something else to look for...... 1925 pairings as per Freeman. 1+A, 2+B. NOT intermixed. Or are they? Maybe Gary knows different? Now theres a challenge to find.
  6. I'll have a look when I get in from work.
  7. A personal view is that if I can't count the teeth on a date spacing, the coin is to worn to bother with. The D pointing seems to work for me but not always reliable on eBay photos unfortunately. As I say. Gouby AaBb confuses me whereas Freeman's Capital and a numeral is clear cut. Maybe with these pairings we should use an existing Freeman obverse and reverse and then B and 2 for the extras? A logical progression using the accepted Freeman system?
  8. Now this is where all my confusion comes from. Capital A and lower case a. My pointers are: D to tooth. D to gap. 9 half teeth date. 10 quarter teeth date. The above is the last combination that I needed to complete the 4 pairings. If I'm seeing them correctly, Gary S and Gary D both show D to tooth, 9 half teeth date width. Top of thread. Hopefully, this is what mine shows and I've used their consonant pairing. Whereas Bob C shows D to tooth, 10 quarter date. A confirmation that mine matches the 2 Gary's coins would be welcome please. Bob
  9. I've been caught out a couple of times before, but I'm hopeful that this one is the real deal. 1911. Ab.
  10. Screenshot of image.
  11. Zo Arms

    Halfpenny ID check

    I'm happy to email him on behalf of the collective, should no-one else step forward. Views please.