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  1. For those interested, heavy copper price at EMR was £4.51 per kilo this last week. Best price I've had for a long time. There will be a new weekly price from Monday but likely to be similar, maybe. Welcome touch just before Xmas.
  2. Was in amongst a small eBay bulk lot. The scrap silver covered the bid. This was an unexpected bonus. The result of a lockdown clear out by the seller, by the look of his other items.
  3. Not of the same calibre as everyone else's gains but a reasonable find. Freeman 662. 2 + A
  4. Exactly the same at the Portsmouth EMR. Another guy weighs in the bronze there. Saw them at the bottom of the bin. Health and safety prevented a rummage. I recall Mike's thread some months ago wondering how much had survived post melt and I commented then that I thought the percentage was dwindling rapidly for this very reason. We may get to a position whereby when a new variety is discovered, a Gouby X say, there is very little left to sort through.
  5. Zo Arms

    1897 dot penny. Advice needed.

    You say that you have many dot/comma pennies. If it's no trouble, would you mind looking to see what percentage have a die crack present, please? And if everyone else could do the same please. Perfectly round holes near a die crack. As a collective of the top coin experts, with a combined collection of the best coins to be seen, it should be possible to establish whether the dot is deliberate. And not just pennies. The theory should apply to all denominations. Apologies if I've become boring.
  6. Scrap copper prices are on the up. Weighed in last Monday and got £4.20 kilo. Previous Friday, ie 3 days before was at £4.09. Bronze coins weigh in as heavy copper. Just a tad below bright wire which is the best grade. I weigh in at EMR. European Metal Recycling. It's the people that the side street scrappies go to, so cuts out the middle man. They set their prices for the week, on a Monday.
  7. I think someone has found one recently. Probably Pete. I do remember that it was a beauty. You'd not need another!
  8. Not as scarce as first thought. R17. Now R7 I believe as more turn up. I've boosted the population to the tune of 4. All lower grade though.
  9. eBay is full of surprises if you look.😎
  10. I'm pleased that I prompted you. And a bargain too. You'll be searching for a Gouby X next then?😎
  11. I don't usually have anything of interest to show but I was quite pleased to discover this, amongst some eBay tat, at the weekend.
  12. I think I'd be slightly suspicious. Sellers feedback would be hugely off-putting for me. 10 negs, 42 neutral. Doesn't instill confidence. May be wrong tho.😄
  13. Zo Arms

    1897 dot penny. Advice needed.

    I agree that they appear to be in different locations but I think that that is due to camera angle. Using the same logic, from the photos, it could be argued that the angle of the E to a radial line, on both coins is different. And yet we know that they are the same.
  14. Zo Arms

    1897 dot penny. Advice needed.

    It is this treatment exactly that I believe is the origin of many of the dot varieties. The visible evidence of die crack remedy. Plausible?