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  1. Zo Arms

    Indian temple token?

    Thanks Paddy. That's definitely the coin I have. I'd not considered tin as an option, but it feels like it. Interesting to know now what it is. Not my bag really so if you or anyone else would like it, I'll post it on FOC. Bob.
  2. Hi all. This came amongst a box of foreign coins. The best that I could find via Google suggested a temple token. And a couple of Indian friends thought it very old and very valuable. Not that I think it is. It's around 20mm diameter and non magnetic. Don't think it's silver either. Just an interesting little coin. Does anyone have any clues please? Bob.
  3. Hi Jerry. Thank you for taking the time and the trouble to take a look. It's the advice and knowledge that yourself and the rest of the gang impart freely, that makes this hobby such a pleasure. I'll amend the listing accordingly. Cheers. Bob
  4. Hi Rob. 

    I don't seem able to join the thread but I have 2 1938 farthings that you are welcome to. Both have remaining lustre. Not many, I know but every little helps. 


    1. Rob


      Hi Bob.

      How much? I will need them by Tuesday, so first class post. That might make them too expensive given the small number. She is ok with a cost to her of £1 each at a push, but it obviously costs something to get them to me. Thanks.



    2. Zo Arms

      Zo Arms

      Hi Rob. 

      I may surprise you here. 

      Send me your address. I'll pop them in the post tomorrow. (we have a Post office in our local Asda that works Sunday). First class, so you'll receive Tuesday. 

      Job done. 

      Poor show if I can't donate 2 farthings and a stamp, hey. 


    3. Zo Arms

      Zo Arms

      Hi Rob. 

      Don't forget to send me your address. 07398 494741.


  5. Thanks Jerry. To cut a very long story short, I've uploaded a photo to the gaming tokens I have listed. ( I uploaded a different 1860 penny to the beaded listing and I can't delete it). I hope that helps. And apologies for the runaround. Bob
  6. Hi all. Could I ask your opinion on die pairings please? I've listed an 1860, beaded borders penny on ebay. Item number 263667265447. The only current beaded listed. Apologies for not having a link. After a lot of head scratching I came up with 1** + B. Joined RE in REG and the colon indent on FD. Would that be correct or am missing something? All advice and criticism welcome. Thanks Bob.
  7. Zo Arms

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Very reassuring. Thank you for taking the time and interest to look. You all know far more than I ever will. Bob.
  8. Zo Arms

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    That's the one. I kept the dot penny and popped the rest in the heavy copper box. Would you say it's genuine or have I caught a bullet
  9. Zo Arms

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Sorry. My mistake. 10th Dec. It's the job lot of copper and bronze. Opening photo is an 1897 dot penny. I can't provide a link because I'm computer illiterate. Seems like I can't do a smiley face either.
  10. Zo Arms

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Could someone check out his past sales please? I see he's sold a few 1903 coins in the last few months but I'm more concerned about the sale of the job lot of copper and bronze on the 12th Dec. Comments on the dot penny appreciated. Fingers crossed.
  11. Zo Arms

    1897 dot penny. Advice needed.

    Well, I've given it a good scratch and it's still there, so definitely part of the coin. It was due to end on ebay this evening at 8 but I withdrew it late last night. As Jerry pointed out, the dot is lower than that of the recognised position and to attribute names and numbers to it would have been inaccurate. As Santa says, at the moment it is just a spurious spot. It's not going to set the coin world on fire. I will hang on to it though. Maybe I've been sifting through Rob's scrap box.?
  12. Zo Arms

    1897 dot penny. Advice needed.

    After what I've read on the forum so far, I think that debate will rage on for years. For me, with a limited knowledge of coins at the time, it was something that I could recognise easily whilst sifting thru a big box of scrap coins. That and the 1946 dot. Having read a fair bit of the forum, I dread to think what goodies I may have weighed in as scrap copper. A little knowledge is a dangerous thing, as the adage goes.
  13. Zo Arms

    1897 dot penny. Advice needed.

    Thanks Jerry. I see exactly what you mean. Coincidentally I won one on ebay Dec 10th, item 173013222929. listed as a job lot of old copper and bronze coins. It was the opening photo. Far better condition. I've just compared the two and the one I've listed has a lower dot, like you say. So not a true dot penny then? Bob.
  14. Hi Friends. I say friends because you've all become great friends since I discovered the forum some months ago. This is my first posting and I need some advice please. I have a BP1897B penny listed on ebay at the moment. It ends on 1st Jan 2018 at 20.17. as an auction. It's only had 46 views and currently has only 1 watcher. ( Apologies for not being able to post links or photos). It's not the best grade and I've started it at £40. I thought a 99p start unwise. My question is: Am I unrealistic with the starting price. If not and it only attracts 1 bid, would I have been better off putting it into an auction house? If so, do I end it early? Help, help, help please. What would you do?