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  1. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    To be honest, I kinda hope so. That sort of stupidity deserves a reward of some kind ....
  2. Spink auction catalogue 88, 1991

    Catalog Star have it Jon. £10.40 + post
  3. Total beginner coin collector

    Hi Barnzy. Welcome. While I agree, in the long run it's better from a resale (and more satisfying, I think, from an aesthetic) perspective in buying the best grades you can, there's also something to be said for handling a bit of history! So why not buy a cheap 'pocket' piece' you can carry about and show people and a few other better grade coins to start with? Coins were produced in huge numbers for the Jubilee (1887) and are generally inexpensive. Something like a half crown is fairly chunky to carry about and researching prices will give you a bit of a feel for coin grades. Jut remember, you can always post pictures or links here before buying and ask for people's opinions. It might save some mistakes, although it has to be said we all make them and it's part of the learning to collect process. The idea is to keep your mistakes cheap (or at least within budget!)
  4. Very Old 1912 Penny

    To be honest Joanne, most coins that were just 'accumulated' (ie picked out of change years ago) aren't worth much at all. So many were produced that there are still examples of common years that are just as the day they were made and that's the condition collectors really want. Of course, without looking it's impossible to say for certain. But many people seem to find or inherit coins from relatives and unless they were in particularly good condition or actually purchased by a collector most don't have much value. I have boxes and boxes of coins my Dad collected from change and they are all pretty much worthless I'm sorry to say.
  5. Henry III AU50

    AU50? Good grief. PCGS only gave this a VF30 grade. Which is largely why nowadays I go by eye appeal and tend to ignore other people's grading when buying.

    HULETT Dr J Collector. Collection sold posthumously through DNW Sept 2017 and subsequently. Roughly octagonal cut paper. Neat hand. Ticket to the right is a Baldwin's ticket in the hand of Michael Sharp.
  7. J Hulett

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    J Hulett

    MORRIS. A. Collector. Large collection of Charles I silver sold through the dealer Lloyd Bennett over several years. Characteristic white card with underlining in red ink. 31mm.
  9. Alan Morris

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    Alan Morris

    LYALL. R. Collector of WI cut/ countermarked coins, Lancashire/Cheshire tokens and Charles I silver, particularly shillings by variety. Chas I collection sold through DNW Nov 2015, Mar 2016, Dec 2016. White, 32mm.
  11. Bob Lyall

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    Bob Lyall

    Sharp. M. B. Collector of Charles I (primarily shillings) and subsequently worked at Baldwins (to whom he sold his collection) and then DNW. (I believe this is a Baldwins ticket in his hand. 807 was Michael's client number at Baldwins) Lined card. 34mm.
  13. Michael Sharp

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    Michael Sharp
  14. Sadly unless the original poster does it, I think it may be something only Chris can edit. My admin powers don't stretch to changing titles. It's possible I could move all posts to a new topic, but if it went wrong we could loose the entire thread. Something I'm not keen to risk I'm afraid.