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  1. Beginner errors

    Hi and welcome Bob. You omitted to say what coins you're collecting! However .. assuming you are looking at pre-decimal coins, you could do worse than hunt out a copy of Derek's book Nons mentioned. Look in the banner for The Standard Guide to Grading British Coins: Modern Milled British Pre-Decimal Issues (1797 to 1970). Not sure about Cardiff but Lloyd Bennett is based in Monmouth an is a reputable dealer with some nice coins. However there may be little there for you until you feel more confident about spending larger sums I'm afraid. eBay? Can be hit or miss, again, if you know what you're doing then it's a huge showcase with everything from total cr*p to the most amazing coins. However there are many people who overgrade, post poor photographs and claim everything is rare (not me of course!) and so there are pitfalls too. However, you could always post links or pictures of coins that interest you here and people are always willing to give advice! There are people here with years of experience covering pretty much every type and denomination of British coinage (except pennies. Nobody here is interested in pennies) and you'd be hard pressed to find their combined expertise in an entire library of books .. So ask away! Other things to consider are .. buying from dealers via the internet opens up enormous possibilities. I've bought British coins from as far away as Australia and NZ as well as the US and within Europe. Use the internet as a reference .. when you decide you'd like a coin search for similar and see how condition and price of other sales compare with yours. Coin fairs. A way to see a range of coins, meet dealers (and often members from here).. And finally (for now) remember excessive rarity does not (sadly for me) equal excessive value. Almost all today's value is based on condition (/'eye appeal' for earlier coins where simple degree of wear is not always the final decider as to a coin's desirability). And there are fashions in coins, like anything else. What is today's hot may be tomorrow's not ...
  2. Charles I Tower shillings

    A few more Charles I Tower shillings listed on eBay. If anyone is interested, message me: 152102026706 S.2782 Sharp A2/1 Cross Calvary over Lis 152101973822 S.2799 Sharp G1/2 Star 152101926510 S.2799 Sharp G1/2 Triangle-in-Circle 152101884443 S.2791 Sharp E1/1 Bell SOLD 152098838778 S.2799 Sharp G1/2 Triangle
  3. EU referendum - in or out?

    And I think that's in essence the key here. Personal opinion. We are all being asked to decide on an issue when it is pretty much impossible to tell what the long term effects of staying or leaving will be. There will be waves in the short term either way. Eventually things will stabilise and Britain will survive depending on how we all do within the World economy, as happens at present. When it comes down to it I think it all boils down to how you feel about the power balance within Europe and whether you're more a nationalist (small n) or federalist I guess.
  4. EU referendum - in or out?

    Bit of a contrarian view it appears, but I'm for in. I have no real problems with a federal Europe, generally feel that the freedom to travel, simplicity of getting a job and convenience of a single currency are good things, particularly for my daughter's generation who I'm sure see the world in different terms than us oldies. Imagine the hassle if we had to obtain visas and be anally probed biometrically recorded for each European country we might wish to visit as is now required for the US. Imagine the inconvenience of different purchase taxes/ vat whenever we buy something from a dealer or auction house in Spain or Germany. The loss of the convenience of low cost phone roaming, drawing your pension or receiving free-at-point-of-treatment medical care ... Add to that working time directives, maternity policies/ parental leave .. all covered by EU legislation and things that as an employee I am pleased to see in place. People talk of 'faceless bureaucrats', but who here could identify many of our UK senior Civil Servants if shown a photo? Our democratic system is based on bureaucracy so to say the EU should be different is daft. Sure, it may not be a perfect set-up, but then what is? I personally think it's better to be in and able to influence things than out and subject to policy changes but without a voice. Can I guarantee that if we left major companies would move to where it's more convenient to do business? That prices of goods on the high street would go up? That Britain would lose a degree of international influence? No. But those are things I fear. It's not perfect, but it ain't broke to my eyes and leaving won't 'fix' it ...
  5. Cheap! (I paid a bit more than that )
  6. Brilliant Rob! Excellent detective work, thank you. Is it illustrated by any chance?
  7. Thanks Clive. Maybe it isn't Seaby. But neither is itlike JonCummings, Dolphin, Colin Cooke, M Trenerry or Dawson ... that's as far as I've got so far! As to price £30 could be early 1980s- late 1990s I guess .. bit of a wide range ..
  8. Oh, and if anyone can help with the provenance it would be much appreciated! The shilling came with the following small slip of paper (both sides) Appears to be cut from adealer catalogue. Could it be a Seaby catalogue? 1980ish from the price? If anyone can confirm the format matches Seaby I can try to pin down the details a bit further... Anyone?
  9. siege coin images

    Very nice kal. Worth the wait!
  10. I bought this a little while ago but have been away so haven't had the opportunity to photograph it until now. S.2799, Sharp G1/2 Privy mark triangle in circle dating it to between 15 Jul 1641-28 May 1643. Not the easiest mark to find both with a pleasing portrait and on a decent size flan, so I'm fairly happy with this one:
  11. Elizabeth I Shilling martlet?

    I haven't any reference books with me right now but yes, I see a martlet mark too.
  12. Literature recommendations

    How far back did you want to go Matt? There are roughly three periods, from hammered (hand struck) coinage (- 1662), through early milled;use of mechanisation (rollers and presses) in themid-1500sto the modern machine made milledcoinage we have today (1816-) Some people probably don't worry so much about the hammered as it produces very different looking coins from the current ones. There are different books covering the different periods.. In the meantime have you seen this: It's a short overview of the history of British coinage written by Ken Elks. You might find it of interest?
  13. Strategy & etiquette for purchasing coins

    They occasionally go for as little as £8 on eBay if you are prepared to wait a bit. Otherwise Lloyd has it listed at £18 (which I believe is new, if in stock):