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  1. TomGoodheart


    Here's another mystery ticket well, four actually. It's the larger ones that are most of interest to me. The numbers at the bottom state the sizes of medals using the Mionnet scale. A now obscure system first publicised in 1804 and apparently out of use by the 1920s. Which hopefully dates the tickets themselves to early 20th century. The smaller tickets are more recent, but I'm thinking 1950s 60s perhaps? The writing looks familiar, but I've just not managed to pin it down. Two pairs of tickets, describing different medals, but from the same sale and collection. Comments welcome!
  2. TomGoodheart


    Version 1.0.0


  3. TomGoodheart

    Auction House Fees

    That's why I decide how much I think something is worth to me in advance, decide my maximum bid and once placed in advance, I leave it be. The only exception to this is the last auction I took part in, where I'd set my budget but wanted several items. I had some 'left over' from my first successful bid so used the live online bidding to go for a subsequent lot. Despite being tempted to go rather over my budget I was the underbidder. A salutary lesson for me! I do feel there's scope for auction houses to do a 'roll over' scheme, where if you don't spend all of your first bid, the remainder is bid against another item. But my getting carried away last time is I guess precisely why they don't!
  4. TomGoodheart

    Auction House Fees

    Yeah, I just set a maximum I want to go to and adjust for fees. Last purchase at Noonans, with the 5% supplement (because the seller was in the US), the additions came to just over 1/3 of my bid. I paid within my budget, but it meant less for the seller. As a collector, I just look at the overall price I have to pay. But I imagine it makes it difficult for dealers who will need to add their cut, unless they have the resources to hold onto stuff for a few years, to compete.
  5. Yes, and a great resource they are too. But sadly some of the scans of the images are rather poor and it was the images I particularly wanted from this to help my provenance records. I'd really like my own copy of the monograph, but in the meantime ..
  6. Pages 251, 254, 256 and 265 is all I need thanks, Rob. Very kind of you, as always.
  7. As it says above, the BNS' digital scans are great to have, but the images in many are very poor. I'd like clearer pics of a few pieces shown in the BNJ Vol II 1905, the whole page ideally, scan or photograph would do. No urgency. Oh, and if anyone has an inexpensive copy they can spare? Though I'm only after one article, so don't want to spend much. Or there were a few monographs reprinted from it, which is what I'd really like. Farquhar's 'Portraiture of the Stuarts on the Royalist Badges' specifically. I've checked all the usual sources but, so far, no luck. Thanks!
  8. Thanks! They certainly are an interesting sideline to compliment the shillings. The porcelain one is a bit of a mystery at present. It's probably not Wedgwood, though in the 'jasper ware' style and was part of a set of English monarchs based on the design of the large bronze one (top right). I've found a few in museum collections but none say who made them and the dating is imprecise, ranging from 'late 18th century' to 'circa 1835'. Fun piece though! And yes, putting them together as a 'theme' does show them off a bit better I think.
  9. It's been a while since I started this thread and most unfortunately I have found that collecting such things can be somewhat addictive! Even more sadly, I have taken a liking to the real thing rather than modern replicas, which has rather diverted me from the coin collecting side of things! Anyway, for anyone that might be interested here's what I've picked up so far. I'm finding the historical medals (the round ones) pleasing, but not as interesting to me as the Royalist badges (oval) which were sold to supporters of Charles I during the late 1640s onwards. The fact that they were made so that people could show allegiance to the King, with later issues shrinking in size to enable them to be better concealed as it became riskier to admit to being a Royalist, gives them a personal dimension I don't sense with the commemorative issues. We know many continued to support Charles post mortem as the fashion for openly wearing such items resurfaced in the restoration years and continued for some time thereafter. Although they were all photographed separately I've tried to keep the relative sizes as accurate as I can with the largest (top right and fourth row, left) at 42mm diameter and smallest (bottom row, centre) 22mm x 15mm (not including the suspension ring).
  10. TomGoodheart

    M & B

    Version 1.0.0


    Historical medals and Royalist badges of Charles I
  11. TomGoodheart


    No, I just save any images of coin tickets I think might be useful later and this was one I spotted. The other ticket is a Baldwins one in Michael Sharp's hand. Hopefully both are still with the coin.
  12. TomGoodheart


    Cool. Thanks! I'll update my records.
  13. TomGoodheart


    So this (larger one) is Chris Comer, Stu?