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  1. CGS v LCGS

    I know I'm coming into this late in the day. It's not something that really affects me. However I do find the whole thing very odd. Surely, from a marketing point, one of the selling points of a CGS (or NGC, PCGS etc..) entombment is that, should you decide to sell your coin, potential buyers can then find it on the grading service's database, confirm it's the same coin (and have the possibility of inspecting photographs of it) before committing their cash? Now that is surely impractical, unless you're a dealer. For a casual occasional buyer, paying £50 to validate a coin seems daft. To me, what LCGS seem to have done is made their service much less attractive an option. If you want a database of coins, you'd surely be better off photographing them yourself. Protection? The afore-mentioned Quadrum capsules sound ideal. Certification and grading? NGC or PCGS are better known and grade to an internationally understood scale. Even if their current customers are the loyalest of the loyal, I just don't get how CGS think this is going to be viable.
  2. What would you do ?.

    I quite understand Pete. As my fussiness has increased, the number of my purchases has decreased. One year I bought just two coins. Then Daughter was studying the French revolution and I got interested in the symbol of the Republic, Marianne. She's obviously used widely on French (and French colonial) coins. But also other 'revolutionary' states, such as Cuba, Civil War era Spain. Plus of course, the US. They come in copper, silver, nickel brass, aluminium, zinc ... It provided me with a new theme, the coins are generally cheap (you can add in advertising tokens, jetons and American Civil War Tokens if you like ..) Not suggesting you do the same. Just that you might like to look beyond one denomination or nation for something that takes your fancy?
  3. Can you post please.

    Ah, thanks Peter! Good idea!
  4. Can you post please.

    My exhaust fault light went on. My garage were busy so I took it to a place that do performance retuning. They checked it and say it's the actuator which, if it was a newer model would just need replacing, but as mine is an early version might entail the whole thing. They are checking to see if they can source a repair kit, so fingers crossed ..
  5. Can you post please.

    I like my Octavia. Cheaper than an Audi, decent build quality, VAG engines ... I've got a 1.4 TSI saloon. Good size boot (popular as taxis here). First car I've owned from new. Good luck with the car shopping! .
  6. Can you post please.

    I only post when something interests me. Which tends to only be in my rather narrow collecting area I'm afraid ... And to keep on topic, the turbo in my Skoda might need replacing. Not as pricy as a new car, I know. But ..
  7. Aetherlred Last Short Cross Penny

    The next questions might be where it was bought. If from a dealer that usually gives some reassurance. And provenance too. Though I didn't find this particular coin during a short web search..
  8. Aetherlred Last Short Cross Penny

    More Clive's or Rob's area Nick, but there's nothing about it that shrieks 'fake' to me ... looks nice.
  9. Not posted recently because I've not bought anything. And although I did pick this up, I've found it difficult to get a representative photo so I've had to use the seller's. Although it looks a uniform grey in the pic, it's actually a bright silver with mirror like fields. Ex Middleham hoard (1993) Spink 2789, Sharp D2/1 The second pic - which is the best I can do at present, but doesn't really represent it well - is in case anyone was curious. You'll just have to trust me, it's a nice coin in the hand ...
  10. EU referendum - in or out?

    In the 60's we went on holiday to Austria. While driving through Germany we parked up at a stop on the Autobahn, this large chap wandered over and inspected the GB plates on our car. He turned to my Dad and said "You were in war?" "I was in war" Reached over to pop the boot of the car next to ours to reveal a case of beer. "Now we friends" he went on. "We drink". And they did. That was the only time I remember the war being mentioned.
  11. EU referendum - in or out?

    Returning the thread a bit to the EU vote, my most serious misgiving is that this is indeed a divided nation. But not so much the Scots and Northern Irish and the rest. More our elected politicians and the rest of us. If any MP thinks that the public will have more respect or trust in them now they are fooling themselves. When it's clear that (probably whatever the outcome of the vote was) we need stable, reliable leadership all we have is pettiness and in-fighting. Both from the Tories with Michael "I woke up early and decided to run for PM" Gove imagining that polishing off his illustrious political career by stabbing his old friend BJ in the back would earn him Brownie points in the leadership race, and Labour with sulky MPs continuing to try to get rid of a leader who was elected with the largest (membership) mandate ever won by a party leader and whose presence appears to have more than doubled the membership of the party. Seriously. I didn't vote Leave, I don't like the result, but it is what it is. We now need to get to work sorting out the mess to the best advantage of our nation. And if our politicians can't or won't work towards that, perhaps we should look at deselecting and getting ones that will.
  12. Books/Websites

    Welcome Damowain. As Rob say, Spink is a good generalist publication. Though you have to remember that books take time to compile and print and so prices are already dated by the time they hit the shelves, so they are only a guide really. You also have to remember that what a coin is 'worth' will vary depending on demand. A coin can sell for silly money if two people really want it, but conversely a really rare one can go for peanuts if few people collect that type and those that do already have an example. There aren't really all that many websites that offer prices as it would take a lot of time to keep them up to date and many sites are run by just once person. The most accurate price guide is perhaps to follow auction sales (coupled with some knowledge) but that's probably only something to worry about when you are looking for something very specific. And of course, while grade is key, nice or nasty toning, 'eye appeal' and other factors all come into play. Really there's no substitute for personal knowledge. And until you have that there are places like this forum. Most members will happily offer an opinion as to grade or reasonable price if you post a photo of a coin for discussion, so don't be afraid to ask. We're all learning here. Just some have been learning for a bit longer than others!
  13. Valuation greatly appreciated

    And no eBay fees here!
  14. Valuation greatly appreciated

    Looks pretty enough. If it were me I'd probably pop it on ebay for .. £20? Maybe even £25 with free postage thrown in. And see what happens ... Whether that's a fair price I have no idea. But if someone wants one, at least the buyer won't need to pay shipping from the US, will they?