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  1. New Forum 23/12/2015

    Turing it on, did you say?  That'll be an engine with a difference! 
  2. New Forum 23/12/2015

    LOL. Yeah that did it!  Thanks Matt
  3. New Forum 23/12/2015

    If I tap the menu (hamburger) icon all that happens is the screen grays out...
  4. New Forum 23/12/2015

    Silly question but... How do I view messages when I'm on my mobile? I can't see a button to press or a menu option...  
  5. Excellent!  Glad you managed to track one down!
  6. New Forum 23/12/2015

    I still get the odd gap where the "Bid now" bit is so it still doesn't fill the whole screen as there's a blank bit to the right ... I just feel it should auto-size itself.   
  7. New Forum 23/12/2015

    I had the 'earlier quote' problem the other day on my (Windows) laptop.  Couldn't get rid of it without coming out of the thread completely and starting again. And on my phone I still get a lot of wasted space and have to scroll down a long way before I reach the actual topics .. feels like it ought to be designed to fit the screen better.    
  8. Sorting my stuff, and an introduction

    Ah, well I shan't post a pic of my hammered shillings then.  They are all sorts of odd shapes and sizes making it impossible to choose a tray that is ideal for all of them. And just when I thought I'd got the best compromise, a friend gave me one on such a large flan I had to enlarge the recess to get it in at all! However, with milled coinage, you could choose capsules that just fit the tray recesses and then buy spacing rings to hold the smaller coins centrally to the capsule ...
  9. Sorting my stuff, and an introduction

    Yes.  And the detailing on the doors makes it unique.  Well done him!
  10. Sorting my stuff, and an introduction

    This you mean?  (From Clive's post a while back)   Sorry!   
  11. Sorting my stuff, and an introduction

    Gosh!  Very talented Rob.  Is it a profession for him or just a hobby?  Either way it looks very nice. (Had you thought of adding a cabinet making service to the dealing?)   
  12. I appear to have bought this.  S.2799, Sharp G1/2.  The (P) privy mark dates it to between 29 May 1643-15 Jul 1644.  There appears to be a hint of the obverse mark being over the previous (triangle in circle) suggesting it was struck early on in that period.     Yeah, not much if you compare it to milled coins, but it's only a little off-centre.  There also seems to be a weak area due to the flan being thinner in a strip from 4 o'clock to 10 o'clock, but even so, it's still a better example than most for the mark with almost all the obverse legends and full weight at 5.92g.  I've not bought from the seller before so will have to wait until I see it in the hand to compare it with the pics, but I'm hoping it will be quite pleasing. 
  13. Peter Nichols cabinets

    I appear to have paid £93.50 back in 2004, so yes, they have gone up a bit. Shame the value of my coins hasn't risen as much really!
  14. Sorting my stuff, and an introduction

    Not sure where it is as I'm on my phone but I remember Clive, who collects hammered pennies, showing a tray where his coins are in capsules and it looked very nice indeed. Of course it depends how much you worry about small coins moving around on the felt pads... or are bothered by the aesthetics of little coins in larger recesses...
  15. Peter Nichols cabinets

    They are all hand made so won't be cheap. And I got the impression Peter used a range of varnishes that weren't good for your health. The current owners of the business use more environmentally friendly processes. I had a tray made for my smaller cabinet recently and thought they did a good job at a reasonable price. Of course second hand cabinets from auction might be a easy of getting one a bit cheaper...