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  1. I sat on my lathe this morning and gave myself a nasty turn....
  2. blakeyboy


    I still say it's a Garden Wolf, from that single picture. - even if a picture doesn't show the markings, the front legs are a guide.
  3. blakeyboy


    That looks like a Garden Wolf to me....equally horrid.....
  4. Stares into camera: "Mine, I tell you, mine!!!!!!" FADEOUT. So ends the tale of the half-crazed completionist that lurks inside _all_ members of this website......:)
  5. I'm having real trouble coping with that penny. My coin envy meter needle is pegging the top of the scale.
  6. blakeyboy

    More Pennies

    You learn fast, Grasshopper.....
  7. blakeyboy

    More Pennies

    I was the second bidder on the F41- always the bridesmaid.....
  8. Ah.. thanks for that. If that clause didn't exist then the proceedings would be farcical!
  9. Ah right- I was 850, but an absentee. Does this mean that If I had bid, say 851, then I have got second on the grid?
  10. I was second bid on 1994 - the Freeman 76. I'm glad I didn't attend, if reports (above) of how the auction is handled are true....
  11. blakeyboy

    penny 1874h F76

    If anyone has a spare one, I'd love one. I've virtually given up finding one by the usual routes. Anything considered- still needing the last of the main 1874 types after all these years is driving me mad. I have some spare 1874H F69's if some one wants one..
  12. blakeyboy

    York Archiepiscopal Mint

    Archie Piscopal ran a pub in Dulwich in the 1980's if I remember correctly...
  13. blakeyboy

    penny 1874h F76

    Thanks Richard - I was the 'room bidder'...nearly there and in the ball park. Any more plus premium and i would have had to sleep in the shed....... Again.
  14. blakeyboy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Does an Ebay agreement have a Sanity Clause?
  15. blakeyboy

    Any ideas what this coin could be please?

    Or, email the picture to yourself, selecting the image size so your received email from you has a picture below .5Mb!
  16. blakeyboy

    More Pennies

    is that yours Pete?
  17. blakeyboy

    penny 1874h F76

    Oh thank you Richard. If I win, it'll be the best sixteen quid I've ever spent. What??
  18. blakeyboy

    More Pennies

    I tried to keep up standards by also including a plural compound noun....:) As a certain N. Molesworth said: A tool shed is where you keep tools A bike shed is where you keep bikes. A watershed is where you keep water.
  19. blakeyboy

    More Pennies

    EXACTLY!!!! Pete, that's my punchline taken away, and I don't care...!
  20. blakeyboy

    penny 1874h F76

    Thanks for all the advice chaps. Bid Number received, bid placed.
  21. blakeyboy

    More Pennies

    Incidentally, do you know why divers fall backwards out of a boat?
  22. blakeyboy

    More Pennies

    As usual, I sea the Punmeisters General have started their outboards and are going overboard plumbing the depths. It was only a matter of time for the jokes to hit rock bottom. I'm not going to join in. I don't give in to pier pressure. I'm not that gullible.
  23. Sir Ben Stokes?
  24. Ooh me head. Barbecue at a friend's place. As the tension rose, the measures of Malt got bigger....
  25. or indeed "this one's seen"....:)