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  1. I wonder if anyone on here can answer this question.. Have there been cheap digital cameras that have the ability to output video all the time, and have a wired remote input so, for example, with it on a telescope, or facing a bird table, I can check what it's seeing remotely, and take a picture remotely, and without any shake....? I don't want to get an expensive one and expose it to damage- I want to mess about with a cheap secondhand one....
  2. blakeyboy

    Digital camera question

    My phone runs on logs.
  3. blakeyboy

    Counterfeit Georgian Copper Coins R Coleman

    I didn't know Rob had a large library and sells books either.... ...that's useful info. Are the sales just on this forum, or does he have a website?
  4. blakeyboy

    Digital camera question

    ah...I'm trying not to use a laptop or smartphone as a remote, and I'm not bothered about the storage size- I just want the video to 'loop through' the camera into a remote monitor, so I can monitor continuously... Maybe I'll find that the first problem is stopping the camera going to sleep...
  5. If you really mean no, send them this:
  6. blakeyboy

    I love Venn diagrams!!

    About what, exactly?
  7. Rob, if their activities fall short of being lawful, why don't members who have a grievance set up a sting, rather than individually complaining? There must be a way of catching these people out with a planned set of bids.....
  8. Nicely made. For scale, the top of box 12cm square. Maybe a sighting cross staff? The base is just a tapering hole as if it just sits on a pole....
  9. Dr Heisenberg might have been a member of this forum.....
  10. blakeyboy

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    Remember when you used to look at a pile of ED v11 pennies and could pull out the 1909 ones just by the colour? Were they renowned as a weak strike?
  11. blakeyboy

    Ebay's BEST Offerings

    ...or maybe the annealing process was different, so the metal was harder before being struck, or work hardened differently in the fraction of a millisecond while being struck, thus flowing differently....
  12. This, I've realised, heavily influenced me. The music is where the Human League were when they started.....amazing for it's era....
  13. Alopecia Semiargentitis?
  14. he has a certain 'something'....right on the edge, and he goes right up to it, but not over.....a very very difficult thing to pull off. Telling Simon McCoy that he's done really well for himself even though he is a man with 'limited skills' made me spit my coffee out....
  15. I can post a link to a video, but I see people posting a video, and the post shows the video picture, rather than just a strip of text, and I cannot see how to do this.....
  16. Ahh...I tried to post it from twitter and it gave me a 403. I don't 'do' Twitter or Facebook, I'll hasten to point out.... this clip isn't on Youtube for some reason. I must experiment....
  17. I put a link to it on the 'laugh' thread...:-)
  18. https://www.facebook.com/bbcnews/videos/cbbcs-hacker-t-dog-on-bbc-news/347436952467709/
  19. I've tried this and it all worked thank you! Unfortunately, I get the forbidden 403 again...what is going on...
  20. blakeyboy

    More Pennies

    Jerry, you might be able to afford to use petrol for this, but some people will have to stick to using a good Macallan as usual.....
  21. Oh it's all mad- paranoia, speculation blah blah If I were running Russia, and needed to be the type of leader Russians like, I would do exactly what Putin is doing right now...... whether they attack or not is not important- he's generated panic by moving around what he owns, on land he owns. If he isn't planning anything, he must be falling about laughing, and if he is going to invade, he knows that not much will happen, like with Crimea. Win win for him. I had to explain to someone in Belgium how the French for 'Putin' is not actually accurate, since pronouncing it as the Francophones otherwise would would be 'Putain' which is not a complementary term...he didn't know, fell about laughing, so of course I pointed out that what the media tell him about the Russian build up may also not be true.....we are all in the dark, most of the time.
  22. .....isn't that the brew that is true?.....
  23. I have some wooden tools I've made for straightening aluminium panels on recording consoles. If you got a lump of hardwood with a depression in it, on a solid surface, and you put the coin on that, and you took a piece of round hardwood , like the end of a broom handle, and whacked it, you would get a near-perfect dished coin with no marks on the surfaces whatsoever....