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  1. blakeyboy

    The bronze in your pocket 2021 pocket change

    £2.80 of bronze is a kilo, which would maybe get you No.1 or Heavy copper price, so around £5.40 ish. How you would disguise the coins as just bronze /copper turnings etc. is another matter, as is the illegality....
  2. I am pleased to award you 'Blakeyboy's Line of the Month'. Not bad, seeing it's only just the 16th....
  3. blakeyboy


    ..a bit like the theory behind the halide cycle in halogen lamps. However......a new filament is shiny, but an old filament is very granular in appearance, since the re-deposition of tungsten isn't a nice new layer, more following the crystal structure i presume, so the re-deposition of silver will surely make the surface of the coin look different?
  4. Hooray! Thanks Mike! I'd given up hope of ever owning one....
  5. Such a looker when she was younger. Now she's just a scalpel freak. So sad when that happens.
  6. I never saw Genesis- they had moved on to the commercial crap by the time I felt like going. I saw Hackett many times and would again, so long as he has lost that TERRIBLE vocalist in the video. Who is it?
  7. blakeyboy

    More Pennies

    I just tried to find the 1882 on Baldwin's site, but no luck searching for 'penny', since 'penny' isn't used in the coin's description. '1882' as a search term went straight to it. Are there other pennies in the auction that are similarly 'hidden'?
  8. Bitcoin really can be the 'Mal' in 'Malarkey'......
  9. We lost a good David Robert Jones in 2016, now we've lost another... I didn't know the man, but I 'm going to miss his posts on this forum.
  10. ah...I just uploaded one fine, to the uploading pictures problem thread, but, reading this, made me realise that I just had an image, emailed it to myself, so I could control the image size, and dragged it into the post. I didn't use and folders/menus etc. No problems. And that first sentence had SEVEN commas!!! SEVEN!!!!! I used to go out on Friday nights. Now I stay in, drink heavily, and get excited online by English punctuation. Mother of God.... I want to have my hair cut. Dunno why...I haven't got any...but this was years ago.... she asked what I wanted, and I said "do something to make me look sexy", so she started drinking....
  11. Canna 'Shenandoah'. Tricky and delicate but wonderful. Pics upload seems fine.....
  12. 2000- 2005 Lotus Elise's have done the same, and 10 - 12 years old Aston V8 Vantages are up maybe 20%, and those that are available are the less desirable ones. The chip shortage screwed delivery volumes, and in the case of AM they only now build to order, so someone with money to burn can't get one today, so get what's there, and then the best examples, leaving the ones with undesirable colours, gearbox and lighting options etc. I'm not going to buy anything this year probably- it would be £10k thrown away....
  13. blakeyboy


    If the owner loves and appreciates it, what's the problem? Does it have to have high monetary value or be rare?
  14. Some fans are pressing for this book to be made, presumably for Cancer charities... https://vimeo.com/589116926
  15. blakeyboy


    I'm starting my own service, for people who just love certain coins. They send me a pile of coins wrapped in a tenner, I look at the coins, and send them back not wrapped in the tenner, with a note that says they are 'really nice', or 'wow- rare in this lovely condition' etc. etc..... Everyone wins!
  16. blakeyboy

    R.I.P. Don Everly

    Charlie Watts was an astonishing jazz drummer. I had a conversation about him in a studio three days ago and we all agreed how amazing he was. He never looked like he was doing anything, yet it sounded like two people were playing....
  17. No-one thinks long-term any more. The epitome of short-termism is greed.
  18. Funny that..... I remember Tony Crocker had a pile of similar 1905's a few years ago. Seems they were collected for Xmas or birthday gifts at the time and not used and just stashed. I had a pile of 1897's off ebay years ago the same - stored not as well, with some damp corrosion on the fields, all GEF and up, in a pile of rotten paper wrapping. One was a O•NE!!
  19. Like Johnson - a good strong President handed a poison chalice....
  20. Shall I try some pictures as well?
  21. Benny Green, the saxophonist and humourist, once told the story of when he was leaving Ronnie Scott's so late at night, that when he was on the bus home, the two ladies in the seat in front of him were two cleaners on their way to work. He over heard one lady say to the other: "Well, of course, Rex Harrison's not his real name", and the other replied: "Rex Harrison isn't who's real name? " This brought the programme to a halt. I've never forgotten it.