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  1. blakeyboy

    1917 Sixpences Grading

    Yes, and through the plastic of the slab the weak strike is less visible, and they charge people for this 'service'.....
  2. The value of vintage pro-audio doesn't do the ups and downs of gold etc., but dealers will put up a piece of gear that is normally £5k on their site for £10k, everybody spots this and hopes to sell their example, then the unit sells, so they put up 'sold'. Everyone thinks it's sold for £10k, so by extension theirs is worth £10k, but in fact someone walked in with 5 or 6 grand in cash and did the deal. Meanwhile all the idiots start touting their units all over ebay etc at stupid prices and it's like the Wild West....
  3. This is getting like the prices for old Fords. My dad's old Capri is now in £40k+ territory. Madness. Trouble is, money isn't worth anything at the moment, but things are..... Will it all crash down again?
  4. Am i the only one, I wonder, who has not been happy this week after hearing of her sad demise?
  5. blakeyboy

    Sabine Schmitz

    She was on my (very short) list of people i wanted a long boozy dinner with. Damn.
  6. I'm just finishing my biggest project, and it's for Marshall the guitar amp people. We have a new recording studio being built at the factory in Bletchley, and, when the Covid business has passed, I have the green light to see if any forum members who are into rock music etc would like me to arrange a meet in the new studio to see the gear, and have a tour of the factory etc.... Anyone interested? Would be nice to put faces to names!
  7. I've had ten days to mull it over, but now think that talking about Mike and Bernie Winters and saying "There's no business like Schnorbitzness" is an astonishingly wonderful contrived pun. Peckris should get an award....
  8. blakeyboy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I still love that. It SO summed up how it actually was at the time. I worked in a high-end audio place in the early 90's, and we all would do those lines with customers who had a sense of humour!
  9. blakeyboy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Yep! Try the world of hifi and Pro Audio......sometimes these 'experts' are nothing more than snake oil salesmen....
  10. Ah-there is that 'raised rim' thing I've mentioned before, where the milling raises up over the flat rim. I have very limited knowledge/ experience of milled edges- I stopped my sixpence and shilling collection years ago. You see, I see that sharp strip, and straightway get the feeling of this not having had any wear at all, since surely such a thin strip would be the first to wear, and yet- the faces of the lions ( leopards on a shilling?) ....?? Could the 'worn' faces actually be a poor strike/worn die?
  11. I feel maybe the reverse is a little better, but the design may be tricking me. There is some wear on the obverse, so 'AUNC' makes no sense to me, and never does. If there is wear, surely it hasn't been circulated, and if there isn't, it hasn't??? Surely it's just binary?
  12. blakeyboy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Hmm.....I don't think you are wrong...I don't like any of the coins he sold...strange how has only unusual rare stuff to sell.... that 'gold crown' looks cast, not hammered....
  13. Exactly. I don't understand slabbing, just as I don't understand 'AUNC' as a grade... What someone else thinks of your coin only really comes into play when you intend to sell it. If you want it to keep, who cares what others think? Unless the coin is that good that you can't resist posting it here for us to ogle......:)
  14. blakeyboy

    New to collecting - my story so far

    I have a maybe ill-informed question, brought about by that lovely 1893 shilling.... I noticed for the first time Ireland, Scotland, and England represented with both heraldic symbols and plant symbol. Why no Wales?
  15. blakeyboy

    New to collecting - my story so far

    Welcome to our world! One point I would make, if it hasn't been made above, is that occasionally you will have a coin that is way more 'pleasing' than it's actual grade would suggest. Keep it, even if you get a very high grade as a replacement. Make sure you get pleasure from this...not just a kick out of finishing date runs etc. After all, some coins are genuinely miniature works of art.
  16. blakeyboy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I did ask some Americans what the hell happened on the 9th of november. 'en route' is my favourite- It somehow manages, when said by an American, two foul up in two different languages as once....
  17. Very interesting...thanks for that. I slabbed my wife a few years back to keep her in the same condition. The Police have now informed me that that was a mistake, and are taking action. Should I show them the video?
  18. blakeyboy

    Possible Fake 1905 Halfcrown

    More importantly - who did he buy it from? Prevention rather than cure....?
  19. We put grease on my mother's back. She went downhill quickly after that.
  20. blakeyboy

    Calling all rock fans!

    Just two takers then?
  21. I. Schnorbitzness is in Norway. 2. Suzy Quatro could always do what the hell she liked with me.
  22. I was doing a session in a studio once, and they'd hired some extra stuff. They had hired vibraphone, and the hire company said it was coming to us straight off the Bruce `Forsyth tour, and there was no time to check it over. When it arrived, I slid it out of the flight case, and some springs and nuts and bolts fell out. The damping mechanism at the bottom of the tubes had fallen apart, and I had to get that all working. I rang the guy at the hire company, and I told him that all was now ok, but i also told him that I was only really ringing him up to tell him to stop sending us these bad vibes. I just could not resist.
  23. Wow..... Yes, I agree- you have to have a good strike before anything else. I've seen Kings Norton pennies in Unc that have not attracted me _at all_ because of the soft appearance, and if I could go back I time I would go back about eight years and buy that bloody 1866 penny I saw and chickened out on- very very dark, almost black, but the strike on the obverse.....oh man.....I still regret not having just prodded the button on that one...so so pleasing..... you could have stared at it for hours........