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  1. blakeyboy

    More Pennies

    Wow Terry you got one- better than mine too!!! Nice one. A rarity- I've never found one on ebay, only in accumulations as a surprise.
  2. blakeyboy

    unable to post links?

    I can't link to ebay stuff- i just get the 403 and give up. What does 'disable the inline preview' mean?
  3. This is a new one on me - our teacher never tortoise....
  4. blakeyboy

    Coin cabinet

    It's driving him and his girl crazy. They've worked their arses off and have saved up 30K, unbelievably, and this was nearing enough to be what any lender required, and now it's not enough. This is in Milton Keynes, and I'm looking at places in Worcestershire to move into maybe, and the prices there are ridiculous. Mind you, my engineer and his girlfriend pay £1700 a month for a basement flat in Stoke Newington. That's £20k plus per year....for that sort of cash I would expect to be able to see Valetta Harbour out of the window....
  5. blakeyboy

    Coin cabinet

    I recall Savills forecasting in March a 21% increase in house prices by 2025. Their rationale seems to be that prices rise when there is growth, even when the growth occurs after a trough. Growth changes how people feel, and this feeling drives the market. I have a friend saving for a deposit for his first house, and he's so fed up since the market is accelerating away from him... Whether there is then a slump is crystal ball territory. I'm trying to buy something better at the moment, but at my age I ain't got time to hang around...!
  6. BoomBoom and BoomBoom!!! I had my second jab this morning, and I asked if I could play sax in my mate's band this evening, and they said I'd be fine. I told them that I couldn't play the saxophone when I woke up this morning, so this was a brilliant unexpected side effect.... Unbelievably, none of the health workers had heard this old chestnut before, and fell about.....
  7. All fine after the first jab, until one o'clock in the morning, when I basically caught the flu, and was in bed the next day. Also my arm was very sore for two weeks. Second jab tomorrow morning....:-)
  8. ...a system still used in Kidderminster to this day....
  9. Hmm I wondered this last week, looking at a pile of shillings and florins etc. No-one seemed interested, even when nickel was through the roof. it's still maybe double the copper price, so maybe it's the nickel content thats being checked?
  10. blakeyboy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    ...Iain Duncan Smith?...no, wait, where are my glasses....
  11. blakeyboy


    Agreed. It's like reading German. Capital Letters all over the Place does my Head in.
  12. blakeyboy

    More Pennies

    ...then why not just write the totals in a pocketbook? Why scratch a coin as a tally?
  13. blakeyboy

    More Pennies

    Were the numbered coins kept as an example piece to check quality and die wear?
  14. blakeyboy

    More Pennies

    There were other coins in circulation as well around the cut-off date of 1869 (?)- the 5 and 10 centime French coins, made in Marseilles on the Heaton presses, and there are still loads about, but nearly always very worn. Now, if we can assume that these worn coins haven't come into the UK after a long life in French pockets, how come they are so worn? is it possible that they existed in change for years after the deadline? Maybe they didn't stand out amongst the same sized new bronze, so the mint didn't spot them, and shopkeepers still accepted them? If I had gone into a shop in say, 1875, with a handful of copper, would that change have been refused?
  15. I've been on a Youtube trawl, looking at old HIGNFY stuff etc, and I suddenly realised what a hole is left from Charles Kennedy's passing nearly six years ago. Not my politics, but he was a proper funny sharp-witted bloke with the skills to do politics. I know, he had his flaws, but that's often the way. Even Alistair Campbell said he 'spoke fluent human'...... Not enough politicians around like him now, sadly, in any party.....
  16. blakeyboy

    Charles Kennedy

    Ah...linking Young Frankenstein and the last Remake of Beau Geste very neatly.....impressed....
  17. blakeyboy

    Charles Kennedy

    Some truths: People who want power will act like people who want power . People who don't realise this are always amazed when it happens. All governments keep certain sections of society under-educated and under paid. This stops them playing up, and makes them take jobs that over-paid and over-educated people wouldn't do. All amateur pundits have no power at all after the event. Every time someone moans to me about Brexit, I ask them what they did to stop it- holding meetings, writing letters, organising petitions etc., and none of them did. THEY ALL HOPED SOMEONE ELSE WOULD DO IT. We are all like a group of football fans in a pub saying that "We should never have sold that player'"etc.... WE? WE? Do they think their views have been considered? Do they think they are on the Board? Madness- 'their' football team just takes their season ticket money. That's all. Meanwhile, people like the Chinese sit back and laugh as they ignore all rules whilst claiming they follow them, and are so happy that we are fighting amongst themselves so therefore cannot be a credible opposition to anything they do. Like Labour is at the moment. "Divide and Rule', anyone? Every country gets the Government it deserves. The saddest thing is this acrimony after starting a thread about someone who rose above all this somewhat....:-(
  18. blakeyboy

    More Pennies

    Damn! I like enigmatic mysteries!!!!
  19. blakeyboy

    More Pennies

    There must be some mechanical/metallurgical reason as to why the dots stay circular, but I have no idea what that is....
  20. blakeyboy

    More Pennies

    My dentist collects pennies. I'll ask him. (He'll probably use Fuji 9.)
  21. blakeyboy

    Charles Kennedy

    ......is this the new Laura Ashley collection?
  22. blakeyboy

    Charles Kennedy

    ...and you tell that to kids today....and they don't believe you......
  23. blakeyboy

    Charles Kennedy

    Correct. It's only briefing room 'A', as it's acronym shows. A briefing room. No more than that. Anyone party to a decision can hold a briefing if asked. I doesn't require the person at the top to be there at all. Incidentally, Dave, are you available still? My relationship with BT over the past 30 years requires Disaster Management. What a bunch of useless half-baked inept lying twats. The lies I have been told by BT over the years would fill a book. I bet you were glad to get out!
  24. blakeyboy

    Charles Kennedy

    I enjoy the way she attempts a pop at the privileged members of the cabinet etc. If you do too, have a look at her Wikipedia entry and get your head round who her family are/were..... Aha!! In my sister's house, she is genuinely only ever referred to as " 'Ol bendyface'"....
  25. Just a question that's been in the back of my mind for many many years..... If dusters weren't yellow with red edges, would they work? I mean, if you use a pice of cloth that's a different colour, is it a duster? And why?