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  1. Yep- silly old buffer was a bit derailed- he didn't have a loco motive- he wanted us to believe him, but he lacked a suitable platform. I haven't expressed myself well - maybe I need a coach. Sorry for blowing off steam- hope you didn't lose track of what I was trying to say. Don't shunt me out of the way- I like to feel people are siding with me.... I can only apologise....
  2. Robbie Knievel a.k.a. Sidney james...
  3. I looked up the location for the wonderful 'Oh Mr.Porter' ( 1936 ) and the platform edge is still in the ground.... Incidentally, I was on the last British Rail train on the Severn Valley line in 1962....
  4. Fantastic, Mike. I love technology, but not all. Mind you, I would prefer to go to and from my workshop on the Titfield Thunderbolt...
  5. blakeyboy

    More Pennies

    I think that not studying die wear and faults on bronze strikings carried out by Heaton before 1860 is a mistake. The die variations and reasons behind them may well be more easily explained if earlier foreign bronze coinage was studied to the extent that bronze UK pennies and halfpennies 1860-63 have been.....
  6. blakeyboy

    More Pennies

    I wonder what a French 5 and 10 centime collector of the 1850's would make of this conversation? Did they show these problems, and if not, why not? Same metal, same size, same company.....
  7. ...ah...maybe she'd just had a makeover and manicure.......
  8. How odd...I've seen some weak reverse strikes before, but not one where the border has no teeth whatsoever....
  9. What's the difference between ignorance and apathy? I don't know and I don't care.
  10. All my interesting fakes came through buying mixed tins of crap when the silver price was low years ago, before it rocketed upwards. I would buy interesting piles of stuff- accumulations, rather than collections, and often there would be tokens and fakes mixed in.
  11. blakeyboy

    More Pennies

    Charlie Smithers.
  12. blakeyboy

    POST bandits

    My wife constantly complains how everything is monetised now, and how there are no staff running a business any more- we do their job for them, and put up with this sort of crap....
  13. blakeyboy

    Cowell Coins

    I had an email from the idiot, and he suggested that I only posted this because I have too much time on my hands. The uninformed twat doesn't realise that no-one on the forum has time to waste being ripped off....typical unprofessional seller- everyone's a bloody expert nowadays, when actually real experts are thin on the ground. And on this forum.
  14. blakeyboy

    Cowell Coins

    Couldn't- it timed out, annoyingly...