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  1. Polyphemus

    small medieval silver - ID help

    I guess this could be a forgery or perhaps an imitation. While looking for anything similar, I've stumbled upon a very interesting website: http://www.sterlingimitations.com/ - just... WOW! ;D
  2. Polyphemus

    small medieval silver - ID help

    It is similar, but still the most of the inscription does not match Henry's Calais issue. if that was the case, the inscription should read: HENRIC xx REX xx ANGL and VIL - "diamond"LA xx CAL - IS* instead here we have: ///SV/DEI xx GRA xx and VIL - LA D/DI xx // ( / stands for a missing letter or other symbol)
  3. Polyphemus

    small medieval silver - ID help

    I think I can decipher some of the letters
  4. Polyphemus

    small medieval silver - ID help

    Yey! Success! Thanks guys!
  5. Hi! Does anyone know what could this be? I bought it as a half penny but that's not the case... Perhaps it's somewhere form the Continent? Like the Low Countries? It weights 0,40 g and measures 15 mm in diameter (max) Some letters are visible but not all of them are readable... Thanks in advance for the help! Aaaand... I can't attach any files... and the notification makes no sens - it says the files are over 0,49MB while I'm trying to attach a 250KB file... Pls, help the beginner!