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  1. Christie

    Silver coins

    Thank you for your reply I did not know that. How will I go about selling these do I need to get the silver weighed before I sell them. Thanks again
  2. Christie

    Silver coins

    I have 37 coins pre 1947 and a few after this date and saw that someone was looking for some, I have very little knowledge of coins and if they are of value to someone else I would rather they had them than keep them. I've got a few pictures of them but the camera I have is not that good.
  3. Christie

    1912 Penny

    Thank you for your reply I'll have a look there are quite a few some are really poor and some look brand new and I also have a variety of silver coins that I need to have a look at. Thanks again
  4. Christie

    1912 Penny

    Found this 1912 penny in an old box of coins. I am wondering whether it is worth anything and how to seek valuations on the other coins. Here is a picture of the coin.