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  1. For anyone interested in this, Google came up trumps for me again... https://finds.org.uk/database/artefacts/record/id/651228 Thanks again to Jerry for pointing me in the right direction. Croggy
  2. Thanks for the swift reply Jerry. That helps a lot. It appears I was barking up the wrong tree! Thanks again. Croggy
  3. Hello All Please could anyone identify this coin, which I found whilst metal detecting? I've spent many hours searching the internet and my Spink "Coins of England", but haven't been able to find anything like it. The coin doesn't appear to have a monarch's head on either side, so it is difficult to know which the obverse. One side (A) appears include a shield containing 3 stars and the letters TDTV repeated multiple times around the edge, although because the lettering is continuous, I don't know which of the 4 letters is the first. The other side (B) shows a heraldry shield with what appears to be 3 stars in both the bottom left and top right quarters. I can't make out what is in the other two quarters, but the bottom right appears to have 3 irregular vertical lines. It is about 23mm in diameter and is very thin (less than 1mm). Any help in identifying this would be great appreciated. Best Wishes Croggy
  4. Croggy

    Holey coin / token?

    Hi Thaler It would appear that this is an "Eight Treasure" charm. You can find more information about it here... http://primaltrek.com/eighttreasures.html Regards Croggy
  5. Evening All I stumbled across this Chinese coin today whilst metal detecting in Nottingham of all places. I didn't really know anything about ancient Chinese coins, but having carried out a bit of research on the internet, I've come to the conclusion it is a Kangxi (1662-1722) (Boo Fu). It is 24mm in diameter. Please could anyone with any knowledge of Chinese coins please take a look and let me know your thoughts on whether it is genuine and how it might have ended up in a field in Nottingham? Many Thanks Croggy
  6. Croggy

    Unusual pound coin?

    Thanks for that information. I will definitely be interested in reading your article. As I said to craigy, the photograph doesn't really reflect how different the colour is, which is really obvious to anyone, as soon as they look at it.
  7. Croggy

    Unusual pound coin?

    No, I don't think it's fake, but the photograph doesn't actually do justice to how different the colour is to a "normal" pound
  8. Croggy

    Unusual pound coin?

    Thanks for your replies. Unwilling Numismatist - I have attached a photo of the reverse Zookeeper - I only put the right hand coin in the photo for comparison. As far as I know, there is nothing unusual about it. The photo might be a little misleading, as I notice it is a little distorted towards both sides. I have checked the hologram as you suggested and it appears to be fine (both the 1 and £ appear when looking at different angles). Thanks Croggy
  9. Croggy

    Unusual pound coin?

    Hello All I have just come across a new pound coin (2016) which appears to be quite unusual and having searched around on the internet, I don't seem to be able to find any other mention of other similar coins. The first thing I noticed was that the outer ring is a distinctly different colour to other pound coins. It is more of bronze/copper colour, rather than the usual gold. Also, the coin seems to be slightly misaligned, with the Queen's crown overlapping very slightly into the outer ring. I have attached a photo of it along with another pound coin for comparison. The coin in question is the one on the left. Please could you take a look and let me know if you have any thoughts or comments? Many thanks in advance.