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  1. Gaz T

    Morgan Dollar.

    Thanks again. Old Weste were my thoughts as soon as I held the coins. 👍 I like them so they are staying with me.🤠
  2. This coin came along with the gold twenty dollars, 1881 Morgan Dollar, Not a rare coin but looks in lovely condition, the milling to the edge of the coin is sharp enough to shave with. Only problems I can see are a few bag marks. Views on a grade of my coin would be much appreciated. Looking at other dollars I would place it about MS 63 to 64ish.
  3. Gaz T

    Twenty dollar

    Thanks, Nice to know as it’s mine now 👍
  4. Gaz T

    Twenty dollar

    Thanks, much appreciated.
  5. Hi all Is this coin the real deal? A friend has this for sale for his Dad he said it was bought in the states in the early sixties It looks a very nice coin for its age. The weight and dimensions are perfect. Is there any chance of grade and a rough price guide. thanks for any help.
  6. Gaz T

    Quarter noble

    Thanks Matteo. I will have a search for the book.
  7. Gaz T

    Quarter noble

    Hi, Having a search through eBay and came across this quarter noble. Would this coin be a forgery? The legend is a new one on me, I know spelling mistakes were made in the legends. The obverse legend looks like ..EXALTABITVR . IN . GAHLOIA.
  8. Had a search in the loft as all my old detector finds were all boxed up. Found a few of the seals and a few older medieval lead tokens but I have many more up there somewhere.
  9. Was it a detector find? , I have found a few bag seals that look similar to this. Is there any sign of it being in two pieces or once having a hole in the edge that a piece of string once threaded through. The hole is always difficult to see as the seal would have been squashed over the thread.
  10. Hi, Most of the research I do is checking old maps to modern ordinance maps. I live in the Peak District so a lot of penny shooting on the hills, I suppose over the years people have used the hills as there holiday destination so lots of small change being dropped. Plus I have gained over the years some really nice historical farm land to search .. I’m always on the search for new land to detect, like Terry says there is a lot of new people taking the hobby up, I don’t think this is a bad thing as we are filling the museums up with wonderful artefacts and at the same time removing all the junk from the farmers fields especially now they are spreading green waste. As to going out and finding bugger all I’ve been there hundreds of times. Just keep plodding on.