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  1. 🙄I'm sure a few on here would resent it !! it is a beauty. Ha yes its a recent buy.
  2. Another resent coin. Henry VI. Calais Groat. Pinecone-mascle issue.
  3. Thanks again. The coin is 41mm across and 26.94g.
  4. Thanks Rob. Had a good look around the coin. I think the donor coin was the Bolivia-Spanish Colonial 8 reales. Under the legend on the reverse of the dollar I can make out... HISP- - - IND REX ... and the top part of the Potosi mint mark is clear. And for the obverse.. - - - TIA - - - C- - -O - - S 1111 Reverse legend should read ... HISPAN. ET IND.REX Obverse.. CAROLUS.1111.DEI. GRATIA Is it unusual to get the five shillings over the Bolivia coin?
  5. Help appreciated with possible i.d of the underlying mint mark, i believe its possibly under the A in ENGLAND.
  6. Sorry about picture size difference, my rubbish resizing.
  7. Half Crown Edward VI Lovely clear legends. The King and horse not so good. But what a cracking hammered coin to hold in your hand.
  8. They were re-struck from Spanish - American 8-Reales.
  9. My new five shillings Bank Token. Nice getting two coins for the price of one.
  10. Gaz T

    more FAKES

    How does this guy get away with selling these on ebay, it says nothing about them being fakes! with 100% feed back..... zotdrago0
  11. I placed the coin in British Coin Related Discussions & Enquiries, The heading was Henry V coin. Obviously Hammered, You didn't have to look if they hurt your eyes so much 🙄 I find it hard to believe that someone who enjoys coins doesn't like hammered. They are absolutely amazing pieces of our past craftsmanship.
  12. Thank you again Rob. I will keep searching for anything else I can find. Yep my mistake, I did mean trefoil. It helps so much when you guys with the knowledge help us beginners. Just ordered myself the JJ North, English Hammered Coinage. Hopefully this will help me a little with research.
  13. Hi, It was a year ago with no response! Thought I would try the none hammered guys. Next I'm going for the Confirmed unlisted varieties, I'm sure someone will put me right then!!😉