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  1. Gaz T


    Its definitely not a scarborough not at all modern. Found this today having a search on the net for something completely different. City of Hamburg. 1725-1768. 1 Schilling. Silver. 17mm diameter.
  2. Gaz T

    Catti Stater

    Some nice finds then Jerry. I would love to detect wales just for the breath taking landscapes. I'm mainly in the midlands and a few rally's dotted around the country. One of my old sites has been ok over the years and worked out!! as i thought. Not the case as a club got permission on a few of the fields, some lovely finds came off including a lovely Stater. So I will never write off a field. I'm sure if you keep going at it your gold Stater will show its face.
  3. Gaz T

    Catti Stater

    Hi all. Thought I would share this little Gem with you. This coin was the start of 30 odd years of Treasure Hunting. Only found one more Celtic coin in all that time. Beautiful coin.
  4. Thanks Sword and Paddy for the comments. I have had a trawl through the net for any info on the medal. I believe that the stamp on the side of the medal has the Cornucopia (horn of plenty) before the word BRONZE. This was used by the French mint, So I believe it is an official French restrike of the original. I'm not quite sure about the F stamp but maybe that's just for France. The Cornucopia was used from Jan 1st 1880 - 1898, 1901. And in the 1960s the Cornucopia was used with the year stamped. So looking at the clasp attached and the amount of crud under it I'm going to stick my neck out and put it as late Victorian - Edwardian. Thanks again chaps.
  5. Yep someone got it wrong! I would say its more like gilt bronze.
  6. Hi all. Picked this in an antique shop for £45 but not so sure its a genuine medal or reproduction. The description label that came with it says Medal in vermeil, i believe this is silver-gilt. The medal is stamped Bronze with a little f above on the side of the medal, I cant imagine this being period. Its also had a loop fitted at some point which is gold, maybe the best thing going for it. The weight and size of the medal are correct to the description that came with it. Sold by house Platt, i have no idea what this could be. any ideas much appreciated. Genuine or not for the money i can live with it.
  7. 🙄I'm sure a few on here would resent it !! it is a beauty. Ha yes its a recent buy.
  8. Another resent coin. Henry VI. Calais Groat. Pinecone-mascle issue.
  9. Thanks again. The coin is 41mm across and 26.94g.
  10. Thanks Rob. Had a good look around the coin. I think the donor coin was the Bolivia-Spanish Colonial 8 reales. Under the legend on the reverse of the dollar I can make out... HISP- - - IND REX ... and the top part of the Potosi mint mark is clear. And for the obverse.. - - - TIA - - - C- - -O - - S 1111 Reverse legend should read ... HISPAN. ET IND.REX Obverse.. CAROLUS.1111.DEI. GRATIA Is it unusual to get the five shillings over the Bolivia coin?
  11. Help appreciated with possible i.d of the underlying mint mark, i believe its possibly under the A in ENGLAND.
  12. Sorry about picture size difference, my rubbish resizing.
  13. Half Crown Edward VI Lovely clear legends. The King and horse not so good. But what a cracking hammered coin to hold in your hand.
  14. They were re-struck from Spanish - American 8-Reales.