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  1. Gaz T

    1886 Victoria one pence

    Nice one Josh, keep going and the good finds will start coming.
  2. Getting closer to my coin. Stops are slightly different and this coin says FRAN my coin FRANC, but another with the TABTVR. Stack's Bowers Galleries (& Ponterio) - Sale 176 -August 2013 ANA Auction Sess. E, Lot 20024 (13 Aug 2013) World Gold Coins Great Britain. Henry V,1413-1422. Quarter Noble,ND (1413-22). S-1757; North-1383; Fr-111. 26.3 grains. Quartered shield within treasure of arches; trefoil to left and mullet to right. Rv. Cross with lions in angles; lis in center. Class F. Cross pattee (pierced center?). Another superb Norweb collection purchase by Mr. Law, which realized £540 hammer in 1985. Well-made, though a bit ovoid. Lustrous and displaying ample legend for the type. A well-pedigreed example in top condition; among the finest. Choice Extremely Fine. Estimate: $1000
  3. A few more close up pictures. Thanks for any help.
  4. Hi, Some info required please on this Henry V quarter noble. I believe its the Spink 1755.. Ordinary letters; quartrefoil to left and mullet to right of shield. I have tried to take some close up pictures to show what could be a mullet to the bottom centre of the shield. Looked but can't find reference to a Henry V having this. Also the spelling EXCVLTABTUR:IN:GLORIA. In Schneider's English gold coins he notes the misspelling of EXALTABITUR, My coin also has the letter I missing Would this be quite rare to see such a bad spelling of a word on a gold coin? Any chance of a grade please for this coin, I would say NVF.
  5. Gaz T

    Edward III?

  6. Gaz T

    First hammered of 2019

    First of many👍 nice one.
  7. Gaz T

    Edward III?

    Thanks stu, I will put it as spink 1595 for now.
  8. Gaz T

    Edward III?

    Help needed with the i.d of this coin, I think its Edward III Durham mint, I'm not sure but maybe it has a double end Crozier, or it could be an annulet after TAS. I cant find any reference to this. Thanks for any help.
  9. I bet a few people over the years have lost their heads due to losses. Maybe not so bad with a sovereign loss. Well i hope not !!😨
  10. Hi, it was a detector find. Yeah much better to have it, but such a shame about the damage. I guess its not done too bad saying it was rolling around in a plough field for many years.
  11. Thanks Azda. The Scottish coin is lovely.
  12. I think this coin must have been almost uncirculated when dropped. Over the years of being in the ground it had taken its toll, maybe if found it the year before it would have been perfect. It still gave me a massive buzz finding it so it still gets a place with my best finds.
  13. I cant imagine finding one of these metal detecting so i bit the bullet and splashed out. I think its lovely. Scottish 60 shillings.
  14. Edward VI Shilling. I would grade it at possibly a little better than F. feel free to grade it for me, Thanks.