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  1. davetmoneyer

    Badly bent Edward I penny

    hi nicely done, coin is class 3d London mint ( crescent stops, early S, Normally barred N ,drapery as 2 wedges)
  2. davetmoneyer

    Edward Pennies and half penny?

    Definitely with no doubt it is class 10
  3. davetmoneyer

    Edward Pennies and half penny?

    The Halfpenny is certainly not class 6 or 7 definitely class 10, having now looked at the reverse of the 3rd coin it certainly is BSE mint ( my mistake didn't look at the reverse pic
  4. davetmoneyer

    Edward Pennies and half penny?

    hi no 1 is EDward III post treaty period durham penny. no 2 is Edward I class 10 London halfpenny no 3 is Edward I class 10 c-e London penny
  5. davetmoneyer

    Edward (I?) Penny - Any ideas on the class/type?

    Hi Edward II class 11a Canterbury shame about the piercing the broken LH fleur characteristic of all class 11s is a little indistinct
  6. davetmoneyer

    Bank holiday Weekend

    Excellent weekend, thousands of public quite a number of detectorists popped round for a quick ID etc
  7. davetmoneyer

    Edward IV coinage (2nd reign)

    Hi, types 1 - XI Edward IV first reign heavy and light coinage, then HVI rest, then Edward IV second reign 1471-1483 types XII -XXII
  8. davetmoneyer

    Bank holiday Weekend

    Hi if anyones in the west Country this weekend pop over to the Brixham pirate festival I will be on the quayside striking special hammered coins come over and have a chat
  9. Hi all anyone in the west country I will be striking hammered coins at the Brixham Pirate Festival Sat - Mon should be found on the quay side, pop over if free and let you strike up a coin or two and buy me a glass o grog
  10. davetmoneyer

    3 Edward pennies for id

    hi first three are all late 10c-f London and Canterbury mint the fourth is class 3g London ( note crown with downturned sidefleurs and crescent contraction marks)
  11. davetmoneyer

    Recent Hammered Acquisitions

    Hi interesting IM, it is known that the 'square cross' IM of PTS C was used also in D but started to break up ( one corner missing ) It wold appear that the punch developed further damage and almost half of the punch breaking away. I would surmise that this is one of the last dies to be made with that punch before it was replaced with the cross found for PTS E. Very interesting coin
  12. davetmoneyer

    Help ID 4 Edward I pennies

    hi, no1 class 9b London mint no 2 class 10c-f London mint no 3 class 10c-f Canterbury mint no 4 class 3g or 4a London mint (cannot see the contraction marks in the legend to be certain if crescent then 3g if comma then 4a) all quite low grade unfortunately
  13. davetmoneyer

    Missing letter on Edward III Groat

    I know Gary Oddie has a copy and the Fitwilliam Museum coin dept certainly have a copy
  14. davetmoneyer

    Missing letter on Edward III Groat

    Ah right definitely Pre treaty series E so obverse legend falls into the group without A in EDWARD
  15. davetmoneyer

    Missing letter on Edward III Groat

    Hi firstly its not pre treaty C, wrong initial mark and letter R, The initial mark puts it as PTS E or G PTSE is known from several dies without letter A in EDWARD, L.A.Lawrence (Numismatic Chronicle 1929 p106 - 163, 1932 p 96- 174) lists 7 different dies but none correspond to the die used for your coin, More interestingly is the complete horllx of the legend from ANGL Z onwards it appears to read FRALIIB???? This legend is not given in LAL. It would be usefull to see the reverse of the coin to determine if PTS E or PTSG