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  1. 1p varieties

    1972 - One set, Type A, no frosting 1974 - One Set, Type A no frosting 1975 - One set, Type A no frosting
  2. Shocking Experience from CGS - Coin Grading Services - Forum Advice Pl

    I'm not the only one who had a wry smile about the 666 then
  3. See a penny, pick it up...

    A pipe is a hollow bar, and a very short piece of bar is a flat disc, and a disc between some dies makes a coin.... Where do you want to go with this ?
  4. 1887 Florin

    Thanks Blakey, I bought Paulus's Florin. I'm in the market for other shiny things now though while I hunt down some of the variants and rarer examples from 1887. (and save up for the gold!)
  5. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    1935 Crowns now.. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1935-British-George-6-World-Crown-Knight-Commemorative-Silver-Coins-Nice/152906116841?hash=item2399ea2ee9:g:ZpcAAOSws6ZZ5sm4
  6. See a penny, pick it up...

    Wickes of course, where I get my best washers
  7. See a penny, pick it up...

    OK I can take a hint, I'll only buy my pennies from @PWA 1967 or if they actually have *some* detail on them
  8. Customs Duty

    Oh... macbook / apple. Eww. TextClipping also copies all sorts of formatting info I believe, so I'm still with the image/screenshot solution.
  9. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    For clairty, I mean the one on ebay. The pcgs one, well .. I dream of those one day. Maybe.
  10. The Gazette - New 10p Designs

    And a side bet on which one will have a very limited mintage.... I'll go for L, no-one can find that bugger
  11. Ebay's Worst Offerings

    They seem to have got it all wrong, the bottom half of the bust is wrong for the head. Looks like an 1885 Lower bust with an 1847 head combo.
  12. See a penny, pick it up...

    And in this weeks issue of WTF, you call THAT a Penny... we have this lovely example of an 1877. So quick, before they put me back in the nice white jacket that does up at the back.... Is it a reverse H (sea and thn lighthouse, thats my best shot).
  13. See a penny, pick it up...

    I'd hate to leave the question hanging
  14. 1p varieties

    I guess thats possible, but after my trip to the mint, where they said they get through something like a thousand dies in a year for certain coins, I'd be suprised if it's that rather than an error with setting up the machine for a new run.
  15. 1p varieties

    I didn't think Decimal would show so many differences given the manufacturing process advancements since like 1860! I'll check mine tomorrow, but I don't keep any more than 1 set of anything these days and don't have them all. (Every little helps though right?)