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  1. Unwilling Numismatist

    Stephen Hawkings 50p

    These aren't in an annual sets, any cash-cow editions are always presented after the annual set has been released, ensuring further revenue for the mint.
  2. Unwilling Numismatist

    Latest 50p from the Royal Mint

    Really... no-one? April fools day. Suckers.
  3. Unwilling Numismatist

    So, Brexit....What's happening?

    I vote @Robfor PM.
  4. Unwilling Numismatist

    So, Brexit....What's happening?

    Oh, but the majority of voters do want it. It's the majority of remainers who don't want it, but they number less than those of us who voted to leave.
  5. Unwilling Numismatist

    Latest 50p from the Royal Mint

    I wonder what day it was yesterday...
  6. Unwilling Numismatist

    First this year

    Crikey, that looks as rough as a stucco bathtub already! Which one is it?
  7. Unwilling Numismatist


    I'd bet theres a few more features than just self-likeness among the many coin designs - with today's affordable microscopes I imagine more things will suface when people get to looking. I know in that job I'd certainly try to get the odd thing past quality control
  8. Unwilling Numismatist

    So, Brexit....What's happening?

    Me too? because it seems to me, it's either the remainer 'me and mine' or their brethren peers, and not the country who voted who are getting the say on this.
  9. Unwilling Numismatist

    So, Brexit....What's happening?

    But surely the govenrments duty of care is relevant to which way you voted? Someone from the "leave" side would say that the government has a duty of care to everyone to abide by the result, and remove the country from the EU for it's many well documented flaws* *please refer to the internet.
  10. Unwilling Numismatist

    50 Years of the 50p (Set)

    The RM still won't provide any clues - website still says mntage tbc, I'd love to know how many of each were minted, some were 4th portait no denomination, some 5th portait with denomination. This time around they should be teh 5th portrait with denomination but that remains to be seen
  11. Unwilling Numismatist

    50 Years of the 50p (Set)

    Keep an eye on the Battle of Britain 50p, I wonder if they'll bugger up the denomination again.
  12. Unwilling Numismatist

    50 Years of the 50p (Set)

    And that will prove really hard to get, given this new queing system that randomly assigns slots at a given time.
  13. Unwilling Numismatist

    not for circulation,

    I just don't understand why you'd mint the things and not drop 20-100k into circulation, I know they're trying to keep all of the profit from the market they've created, but seriously? 6 months after the release date, just send some out to circulation. And yes, I like the wedgewood too.
  14. Unwilling Numismatist

    not for circulation,

    Spink will need to do a completely new book on non-circulation issues at this rate! How many is that so far this year, 10 designs now?
  15. Unwilling Numismatist

    50 Years of the 50p (Set)

    Looking at how many are on ebay now, and that they're starting at 1p and there are about 500 listings, I think people have twigged what "unlimited" means..... so yep, I think many people will be crying soon lol. Some still say "rare" and a couple are flagging a "Kew Gardens" but that isn't the 2009 currency coin... The gullible will probably still hooover some up, but I think these will be dropping in price like lead balloons within a day or two