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  1. Unwilling Numismatist

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

  2. Unwilling Numismatist

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Oddly it's the right way up on my computer but the forum wanted it sideways. I gave in and let technology win this once.
  3. Unwilling Numismatist

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    This room...?
  4. @Paulus that set is just coinPorn.
  5. Unwilling Numismatist

    Coin aquisition of the week.......

    @Nonmortuus That 1897 is a beauty!
  6. Unwilling Numismatist

    50p, the actual numbers so far....

    Indeed, and even more weird is the 2019 Kew from Westminster, blue carded and cheapish .. selling fore 20-25 quid to eejits on ebay. Why don't they got to westminster and buy their own lol.
  7. As a student you can benefit from the global time difference. I've had some very good buys from ebay auctions ending in the wee hours of the morning when most people are asleep, so when you check aucttion site pay attention to the end times, if they in teh tiny hours UK time you might find you can afford/get lucky a lot more than you expect!
  8. Unwilling Numismatist

    Denarius ?

    More like a Emporor Dubious, 4th century probably.
  9. Unwilling Numismatist

    50p, the actual numbers so far....

    I'd be happy with any atlantic or pacific rock large enough to support a couple of banana trees and some large grasses while I research Darwins experiments...
  10. I guess it really depends just how good the provenance is. Largely I'd say about 5% for "good" provenance, but if it was e.g. ex-Freddie Mercury and documented, possibly up to 30% (as long as there was also enough meat left for a margin )
  11. I'm now pine-ing for someome to make me an admin so I can finally lay this thread to rest!
  12. Unwilling Numismatist

    50p, the actual numbers so far....

    I'd imagine that's where they go as the RM don't seem to do the final numbers when you take the sets into account.
  13. Unwilling Numismatist

    Great investment

    Thats what their grandparents have been doing for decades... and the longer they're held hostage the more go out of circulation, soon all these coins will be nearly unique. Slab a couple while they're good lol
  14. Unwilling Numismatist

    Great investment

    You lot are quackers.
  15. Amongst my numerous boxes of crap recent purcases I found the following. One is a commemorative of building the wall, apparently given to those who built it. The other is a total mystery. Oh and I'm open to offers as this stuff isn't my thing.