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  1. Unwilling Numismatist

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I find the phone app is a nightmare for this, and often reports to me that I didn't win, when in fact I did, before it sends me notifications to pay. Most confusing, but fortunately I haven't missed much. Actually forgetting to keep an eye on things I really want is more of a problem
  2. Unwilling Numismatist

    Tiberius denarius authentic?

    Hi Luca, Looking at those images I'd be pretty happy that it's genuine. There are no obvious casting marks, the wear appears even and natural and the cracking is common on coins of the period. Tiberius ruled from Ad14-37, so any point in this period is fair game for minting coins. You can see a similar example Here.
  3. Unwilling Numismatist

    Windows Photo Gallery no longer supported

    I wish Windows Photos had a "resize" function, that would complete it for me as a "simple" app. For anything more I use lightroom.
  4. Unwilling Numismatist

    Coin aquisition of the week.......

    They don't get much better than that!
  5. Unwilling Numismatist

    Coin aquisition of the week.......

    Crikey @Paulus you'll be on hammered before the month is out
  6. Unwilling Numismatist

    sorry state

    I can't abide those coins with colours on. The whole point of it being a silver proof is that it has a fabulous finish and is clearly silver. I think too many people with "modern" ideas are being let loose in places where they really shouldn't be.
  7. Unwilling Numismatist

    10p a-z

    It's getting much harder - especially when the RM keep minting coins which they then say "won't enter circulation" and "may not enter circulation" .... The mintage figures for 2018 coins won't be available for a year or so, but I would imagine the coin-hunt is such a good money spinner for them that it will definitely continue for some time to come. Individual 10p coins can be found here.
  8. Unwilling Numismatist

    Mintage figures

    Seriously? you forgot seriously!
  9. Unwilling Numismatist

    10p a-z

    Hi @Pavel the RM site is a bit unfriendly with it's navigation, here is the link you require.
  10. Unwilling Numismatist

    So, Brexit....What's happening?

    I'm prepared to bet that many remain voters didn't realise just how costly this "free trade association of European Economic Countries" has actually become. Churchill must surely be spiralling in his grave as this shambles continues. We shall defend our island, whatever the cost may be, unless we decide to just hand it over and apologise for being awkward.
  11. Unwilling Numismatist

    Who was the designer of the Public Libraries Act 50p?

    I suspect it is what Mary uses as a monogram for her work, it is also present on the Suffragette 50p, whereas her older work had the initials MMD.
  12. Unwilling Numismatist

    What's Your Job in Real Life?

    I wanted to be a porn star. Every time I show up people say "what a cock"....
  13. Unwilling Numismatist

    Coin aquisition of the week.......

    I totally need to get that kind of consistency on my photos. Not entirely sure about the 1887 but even theough they aren't my faves, the 1934 really is good!
  14. Unwilling Numismatist

    Acetone & Verdi-care

    As long as common sense is observed.... what am I saying, thats so last millenium!