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  1. 8 minutes ago, celtic_coin said:

    My previous post is related with the topic: the Numistacker is so depended on slabbing that he does have a very limited knowledge regarding grading coins. Any experienced coin collectors would grade this as NEF, while he thought he has bought a UNC proof.

    numistacker = uk miscreant 😬

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  2. 37 minutes ago, 1949threepence said:

    One was Bruce Forsyth at a London restaurant in 2002 when we somehow got in each other's way in a narrow corridor leading to the Gents - you know when you both intend to avoid each other but move in the same direction, and he looked really nasty and said "Get out of the effing way you dickhead" - charming, thought I. Not a bit like his TV persona. I just wish now I'd given him a mouthful back instead of saying sorry.  


    A bursting bladder can turn Jekyll in to Hyde

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  3. 2 hours ago, secret santa said:

    It seems to me that, in general, auction houses are taking less care and interest in the cataloguing of lots at a time when they could and should benefitting from the lack of coin fairs, dealers' premises etc. It looks like pure apathy and laziness to me.

    I quite agree Santa.  It does look like apathy doesn't it but, in their defence, I can also imagine that it's not easy trying to catalogue a collection when you're bladdered on Moet Chandon every night.

    by the way, did you ever get your bathroom done?