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  1. 2 hours ago, blakeyboy said:

    My problem goes like this:  I realised many many years ago, medals can be lifted, but if you twist them, this will probably damage the pin or the cloth.

    So you mount a medal so that if you want to read the back, you lift it up, like an old-fashioned nurse's watch, not try to rip it off the wearer's jacket.

    Good question Blake, I had never thought about it.

    Perhaps due to the solemn nature of the award, the reverse may be intended to be viewed by the owner and not by a curious bystander.

    When he lifts the medal when being worn, the orientation will be good for him and the ribbon provides slack to do so. He turns it inwards instead of outwards.

    I also think that using a pivoting mount would result in an occasionally reversed medal on the parade ground.

    It would be interesting to know the generally accepted reason.

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  2. 18 hours ago, blakeyboy said:

    Did that last week- put the metalwork in the car park.
    Hopefully gone now!!

    Not going through the pain of putting another one up, since we uncovered a lovely roof

    and a lovely proscenium arch that's WW1 vintage:







    Ah, the Villy Hall, imagifole, chittery-chattery and sip tilty-elbow from fine chiney tea-cuppers.

    deep joy

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  3. 2 hours ago, Rob said:

    Yes, I know. The wife is trying to use it as I write. Ideally what is required is a program that you speak into and translates. 

    Got a week or two until the govt. gets its backside in gear. We are taking in a 41 year old mother, while her 21 yo daughter is not far away with a family where there is someone of a similar age. They don't speak English or German though, so there might be quite a lot of hovercrafts full of eels

    btw Rob, the laugh emoji was for the hovercrafts not for your commendable act. Ill add my ‘like’ here 👍🏽 for that .Well done.

  4. The Cromwell Crown piece sold at Heritage on Jan 12, 2004 for: $13,800.00 (£11,000 in real money at the time).

    When taking the obverse dings into account it may seem steep, for some, at today's prices.


    After taking another look, I think that the reverse saves it, beautiful!

  5. 1 hour ago, secret santa said:

    Grab yourself a bit of the Edward VIII penny.


    🤔why not model it in 3D, divide it up and number each piece and allocate a specific numbered piece of the coin to each buyer?. Then the concept of fractional ownership might have some meaning to a collector, i dont know.

    I also wonder about the second hand market. It might be worth a punt in the short term. Shares will be on ebay for double the price or more before you know it. 

    Not really my cuppa tho’