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  1. Diaconis

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    It is similar in size to a 1p which weighs 3.36grammes yet it only weighs in at 2.36 grammes🤔 It should weigh over 9grammes
  2. numistacker = uk miscreant 😬
  3. Interesting chat about slabbing
  4. His ebay, paypal experience sounds familiar. Terrible customer service.
  5. Ben Doon and Phil McKavitee always works a treat
  6. Diaconis

    Possible Fake 1905 Halfcrown

  7. Diaconis

    Possible Fake 1905 Halfcrown

    The ear is a giveaway
  8. Mike, A bursting bladder can turn Jekyll in to Hyde
  9. Diaconis

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Item description re toning; ..."I'm assuming this is the result of the coin living inside a chair cushion for the last 150 years or similar?.”😂
  10. I quite agree Santa. It does look like apathy doesn't it but, in their defence, I can also imagine that it's not easy trying to catalogue a collection when you're bladdered on Moet Chandon every night. by the way, did you ever get your bathroom done?
  11. Diaconis

    1953 VIP Proof set

    Did anyone else spot the great rarity amongst that little lot? Yes, a 1953 farthing with major error on reverse, a ‘wobin’ instead of a wren. Awful watching.
  12. Does the trend continue? Anyone outraged at being well and truly Spinked today? Are your Numismatic 'Circular's' still twitching? I only followed a small part and I missed out on a couple of pieces which sold at about the right price. I was thinking of picking them up as duplicates so bid accordingly, a self fulfilling prophesy, won nothing, so it could have been a complete waste of time, hadn't I enjoyed it so much.
  13. Was wondering why are there so many female archaeologists? Could it be because of their obsession with digging up the past?
  14. Hey Azda, Good to see you’re still kicking 👍🏽 (Numischtacker?)
  15. Diaconis

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I think I can see it. BIN of only a grand too🧐
  16. Diaconis

    Mr. Grumpy.

    At least the commemorative stamp is a stamp and is current and fit for purpose, i.e, sticking on a letter. Now if ever they had the idea to make them out of Vicuna wool or Mulberry silk then we could see a similar trend in Phil Latterly.