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  1. It's not that surprising why Mary and Joseph couldn't find room at an inn.. hotels get really busy around Christmas time. Are there a lot of first-person singular objective pronouns in English or it is just me? Why is October 4th a trucker's favorite day? Because it's a big 10-4 good buddy! Dr. Dre may not be a real doctor, but he's performed hundreds of hip hop orations. People are shocked when they find out what a bad electrician I am. Charles Dickens orders a martini. The bartender smiles a big, smug, 'aren't-I-clever smile' and asks, "Olive or twist?" I can't believe they haven't come up with a cure for world hunger yet. I thought it'd be a piece of cake.
  2. Nice one Sword. To add realism it should be worn for a few years to get some nice tatty frayed holes in it.
  3. Armchair Dylanologists will be sorting away to Murder Most Foul.
  4. Diaconis


    Washing day https://coinsweekly.com/coin-care-in-simple-terms-part-2-washing-day/
  5. Diaconis

    1945 3d Discovered

    That's £62k then. Excellent news.
  6. Luckily for the David Lynch they weren’t around back then. For me, a Rice Krispie box doesn’t quite possess the same pathos as a jute sack, don’t you think?
  7. Indeed, it makes one wonder doesn’t it 🤔
  8. Diaconis

    1945 3d Discovered

    Maybe the economic uncertainty will push it higher as people look for other opportunities to invest stagnant savings???. I wouldn't be surprised if it exceeded the top end. 24% though 🤬
  9. Shame a lot of tickets are lost🙁 Here are the Grant Francis catalogue cover and Lot page. Mentioned as EXCEEDINGLY rare (at the time), enjoy.
  10. Lovely Provenance Paulus👍 Did you receive some nice tickets with it?
  11. The Welsh ladies are OK though. I used to go out with a Welsh girl who had 36DDs. It was a ridiculously long name.
  12. Where's Doctor Potter when you need him? He'd know how to handle such types...
  13. I did indeed, good shout. I also spotted little Peter Glaze playing the dog in the Bowmans. I did a bit of googling and was surprised to read that he passed away aged just 58, he always looked older than his years. Used to love him in Crackerjack.
  14. Diaconis


    Don't worry Terry, I'm sure Azda didn't mean any offense. I mean to say anyone would be a bit anxious with the prospect of all those pensioners turning up at 9 am in the morning.
  15. It's an improvement on the postcards they used to send out Just kidding (hope it doesn't give them ideas)
  16. I agree there Blakey, superb... Just watched The Ladies Man...I'd forgotten what a cracker Liz Fraser was😛
  17. Here's a topical one
  18. Diaconis

    Books Section

    Trittly-how in the early mordy. A few interesting books being read by other members I see. I’ve had Platt’s English Civil Wars on my shelf gathering dust for quite a while now, biding it’s time waiting patiently to be read. It has now been dusted off and is outside with me enjoying the sunshine. I have the odd Medal but this has rekindled that interest. I do like how the text is interspersed with contemporary quotations and the thoughts of earlier collectors and scholars. Deep joy
  19. During this period of self-imposed confinement, and between bouts of gargling with Bragg's vinegar, I'm revisiting some of my favourite box sets. I'm currently watching that loveable pompous ass Tony Hancock (again). Hancock and James, and a supporting cast too numerous to mention, the pure quality of which I never tire. Many questions raised, for example, is 'Circa' pronounced, Surka or Kurka 😂😂😂. From now on, it's Kurka for me, if only for the raised eyelids. Time for another gargle.
  20. A man goes into a pub and he walks up to cigarette machine to buy fags. The cigarette machine says ‘Sod off’. He’s a bit upset. So he goes to the bar. There’s a bowl of nuts. They say ‘Ooooh, you look lovely!’ The man’s really puzzled. He looks over at the landlord who says ‘I’m sorry mate. I should have warned you - the cigarette machine’s out of order and the peanuts are complimentary.’ By the way, on a numismatic note, I do hate the new '007' 50pence pieces, but then again, I hate all change.
  21. Diaconis

    Books Section

    Great time to read a little. I just finished this one by A.J Nathanson and thoroughly enjoyed it. Only 50 odd pages (many with photographs) so a quick read. A fair bit of repetition from Graig's "The Mint" but some interesting additional background information on Simon. Interestingly, I noticed that the photographs were taken by Frank Purvey who wrote one of the best little intro books for the fledgling collector. I still have mine which I read as a boy and recommend it to anyone starting off.
  22. Diaconis

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Not in Peck😳, how did he miss it? This is a real 'beating error' https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Halfpenny-1719-spray-of-leaves-higher-than-usual-not-in-Peck-1-2d-George-I/352998814988?hash=item52305e750c:g:eWQAAOSwTrVbZdiz And unless I'm mistaken, nose slightly longer than usual?