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  1. Diaconis

    More Pennies

    Or an Edward VII, matt proof halfpenny, 1902 for £3k+
  2. Diaconis

    More Pennies

    i believe it’s called a hamburger
  3. Diaconis


    We had an extracurricular stamp club at school, organised by the Geography master. His albums were extraordinary, he painstakingly annotated them in a beautiful gothic script. I developed a passion for penny reds, tuppeny blues and first day covers for years after that. All now relegated to the loft and gathering dust.
  4. Diaconis

    1850 Sov

    Just suppose for a moment that it's fake and the error did not occur at the mint. Someone may have doctored the '8' to look like a '5', that is how it looks to me. If I would want to create another 'full' number out of an existing number I would take the one with the most meat, I think the '8' would be the ideal candidate and a '5' would fit perfectly over the top in a hollow punch. Spink mentions this as 8/5 as being Extremely rare, and conventionally, the first digit predominates over the second. This is a 5/8. Just found the slab photograph at Heritage which looks even more suspect don't you think? It would need RM (not PCGS, sorry PCGS) authentication before I coughed up over $4,000 for it.
  5. Diaconis

    1850 Sov

    Is there another one to compare with? I can imagine if this variety is "Extremely rare" it would be very lucrative to copy, and this one leaves me suspicious to say the least.
  6. Diaconis

    1850 Sov

    looks to me like someone has punched the 8 using a concave tool with a recessed 5. The 5’s are also slightly different. There is also an indentation surrounding the number which looks like the striking tool edge. This wouldn’t be present on an over strike. Be interesting to see what the mint thinks of it.
  7. VickySilver, interesting and worthy of a chapter in itself. Is there an old thread about this anywhere in the annals? Overlapping groups of classification is interesting, is there any form of classification in print, a sort of taxonomy for Patterns?
  8. Point taken Rob and you have considerably more knowledge on the subject of demand and publishing costs than I ever will. Even Eimer must be sitting on a fair few copies of his book judging by the copy number I purchased from him some time ago. Having said that, I’d love to see a modern collective work on patterns and off- metal strikes..
  9. Personally, I think that such a tome would be a very welcome addition to numismatic literature both for collectors and those who have an interest but hesitate to collect due to difficulty in finding information on availability or pricing. The small realm of collecting Commemorative medals is covered by Eimer quite comprehensively, such a guide covering patterns and off-metal strikes would find a market I'm sure. Surely such a book would also generate interest?
  10. Diaconis

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I contacted the chap to let him know it was a copy. This is his reply. "No problem and thank you for letting me know at the moment coin is investigated by some specialist from Royal Mint Museum I ask them for help and I wait for respond if they confirm that coin is genuine the price rise up. Thank you one more time and have nice weekend.
  11. Diaconis

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    There’s enough plastic in the world without shysters like NGC, PCGS, WTFN etc trying to encapsulate every coin that’s ever been made.
  12. Diaconis

    Revenge of Peter Rabbit

    or Numistacking
  13. Diaconis

    Modern Coins

    It sure is Peck, I could imagine that’s how a coin would feel when imprisoned inside an NGC slab.💀
  14. Diaconis

    Modern Coins

    Trapped, in a coin https://www.coinsweekly.com/en/News/-Trapped/4?&id=5958
  15. Diaconis

    Toning while slabbed

    Hi Peter, I think I can help here. I too used to conclude my viewing by dabbing off with a cotton glove. Now I make doubly sure the coins are well out of the way before I start. Hope this helps.