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  1. Diaconis

    CNG 360 degree views

    CNG Auction 111 offers some very interesting 360 degree views, below is an example. The edge view looking at Alexander's face is spectacular, talk about high relief. https://cngcoins.com/photos/360_images/11100309/index.html
  2. Diaconis

    Sixbid hacked

    Also here at Coinweek 4/4/19 https://coinweek.com/auctions-news/numismatic-auction-site-sixbid-com-alerts-collectors-to-fake-invoice-scam/
  3. Rather ironic that the gentleman’s name is Richard Bird. One would have thought he’d be inclined to stay schtum.
  4. Diaconis

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/163677710506?ul_noapp=true £215, 3 hours to go and he even says it's a 'restrike' which it's not.
  5. Diaconis

    Had a field day on e bay......

    The mark on the arm looks to be the tab of a staple, perhaps not in direct contact with the coin, through paper maybe.
  6. thanks Rob, it’s a James I laurel, mm trefoil. Originally mentioned as trefoil on ticket but later struck through and noted incorrectly as lis.
  7. Rob, I guess my ex. Carlyon-Britton didn’t make it to the Seaby bulletins, no matches in codes with descriptions , some descriptions matched down to mm but pricing was often out or code bore no resemblance. Couldn’t find a combined match. It’s also not a particularly good specimen that would indicate a ready buyer. I’ll check C-B auction catalogues, father and son, could it have been handed down? P.W.P. C-B tickets are different and not sure if R.C cross-referenced inherited pieces on his tickets (as the Boyds), ‘No.XI 460’ perhaps? or more likely his own tray reference id.
  8. Surely coal fires and candles were instrumental in spotting many coins. Collectors of old poring over their collections by candle or lamplight in a room with a coal fire. All recipes for disaster. The soot particles from all those fossil fuels in in our collectors living room are a mix of metal oxides, minerals which may can be coated with weak sulphuric acid. Nutty slack and precious metals are not good bedfellows. Regarding the coin in question, contamination must’ve occurred during slabbing. I’m not even sure if it is verdigris but the contaminant definitely contains a reactive agent all the same. Would be interesting to have it analysed. I’d certainly crack it out of that slab and remove the offending object before it causes more damage. It’ll only get worse.🙈
  9. I understood carbon spots to be a misnomer as they are caused by sulphur deposits, car tyre dust, some old paper sources etc. Verdigris is produced by an acidic reaction, salts in wines, urine, sweat skin etc. Bearing in mind that Verdigris can turn black over time. Verdigris was made as a pigment in past times.
  10. Diaconis

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Marleybob should also give her scales a good clean too, looks like she’s using them to weigh flour or some other white and powdery commodity.
  11. Very well spotted Holmes🧐
  12. The obverse denotes the coin to be weighed, the Gold 1 Real of std. wt 5.32 g. Fonck made weights for English, Dutch, Portuguese, French coins, quite prolific.
  13. There are so many of these who’s makers are unknown but I believe this It’s a weight for a Dutch 1 Real / Keizers-real / Konings-reaal - (1521 - 1598) - goud - 5,3gr. If you check the weight it should be 5.3gr??
  14. There are so many of these who’s makers are unknown but I believe this is Hans Fonck 1577-1603.