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  1. craigy

    Bu 2021 sovereign

    a snip at £520 😉 ok it has a matt finish and a special privi mark 2021 sovereign
  2. craigy

    Bu 2021 sovereign

    any excuse for a mint mark now
  3. craigy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    am i missing something here ? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/1966-Half-Penny-Coin-Gold-British-60s-Retro-Old-Vintage-Uncirculated-High-Grade/313244915522?hash=item48eeda1742:g:7JAAAOSwCu5etwIS eDIT, just realised its gold plated
  4. craigy

    thoughts on ebay sale

    this has been posted in other places, went for nearly £400 om the bay, looks odd to me,
  5. craigy

    Toned hammered,

    i am starting to see a lot of toned hammered for sale here and there, anyone else noticed, i think in 15 yeras of detecting and coin collecting i have only ever seen one hammered with a slight tinge untill now
  6. craigy


    i remember buying 3 of these for around £10 each not too long ago , what they are selling for is unreal, blue peter 2009 olympic 50p
  7. craigy

    hoard uncovered

    hoard being removed from the soil
  8. ok I know its ebay but why on earth would you pay around £120 for a kew gardens 50p ??? sold listings ebay funny cause I still think they are listed about 4 quid in spinks you could almost buy a 1981-4 proof half sovereign with that
  9. craigy

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    what does G stand for ?GOAT ?
  10. craigy

    2016 definitive 50p

    surprised to see what they are going for now, ebay sold listings
  11. craigy


    i am shocked at the price, am going to unload mine sharpish lol, like the 2016 peter rabbit silver proof went up to a grand then settled around £500 !!!!!
  12. craigy

    rare as hens teeth, Gold mancus

    no not mine, has caused some controversy in the metal detecting world, confirmed as genuine though so it has been said,
  13. Had some kind of Royal Mint reply regarding the 1953 VIP proof set and i'm guessing it could count for all the cameo/VIP proofs, one of my questions was in regards to the 1953 cameo set i have and the cameo crown which i have seen described as VIP proof when they are frosted, , these are the coins in question the Royal Mint Museums reply is as follows Dear Mr Cook Thank you for your patience in awaiting a response regarding the subject of the 1953 proof sets. The frosting on these so-called on these VIP sets is difficult to comment upon, however we do know that the finish varies from set to set. With this in mind, we cannot be sure that the set we have in the Museum’s collection corresponds to the VIP version identified by coin dealers and any photographs we could supply you with would be misleading. I would, however, recommend that you show your set to one of the large London coin dealers to see if they may be able to enlighten you on the finish of your set. The Members page on the British Numismatic Trade Association website has a list of reputable vendors, including those in London, and I would encourage you to contact them with your enquiry. Kind regards Fiona so even the Royal Mint cannot answer this question, so i guess without sound provenience there is no way of separating these, although some people say you can tell by the sharpness etc, i'm sure the mint museum would have commented on this if that was the fact and the comment about varying from set to set says it all really, the enigma continues
  14. they do love a dark picture, maybe thats to hide the dirty great gouges by the ear and back of neck "Good morning. A happy weekend to you all. We have a 1926 Modified Effigy for you today. We get more questions about this variety than any other. The key to spotting the difference is to focus on the initials BM on the kings neckline. On the ME version the BM is smaller, more to the right of the line, and has no stops, between the B and the M. Now if you can't see the BM clearly enough, to work this out, then in our opinion, the coin is not of sufficent grade to make the distinction. We reckong Good fine is about the lowest meaningful grade needed to discriminate. There are other differences, but we think these are the easiest to make the distinction. Our coin has been graded NEF and the price is £1250. For a full list of our Pennies."
  15. stepping up ? was 3 years ago they had me over, they are still having people over today as we have learned, they have obviously been having people over for years and will continue too, making a big deal about liaising with a photographer, honestly, have you seen the shots people get with a basic iphone, more hot air form the ingrams, and if so many people on here have had issues with them imagine what they have done to people in the wider community of coin collecting, google was full of bad reviews that seemed to have been removed, the same old complaints, coins as not described, overpriced, and i am sure anyone on this forum and anyone who joins in future will steer clear of these 2 who are not even members of the BTNA so you have no comebacks, micheal and rendal are ruthless businessmen who act naive when the know exactly what they are doing
  16. and learned not to buy anything from these dodgy dealers,
  17. please anyone just steer clear of these shysters, they are opportunistic slippery slimy operators, and will cause you nothing but grief as you can see from everyone elses complaints, they try their luck then blame it on other people, michael and rendal ingram what did you do with my £190 quid conned from me ?, how many times did i prove the coin you sold me was not as described ? and how many times did i show that they were for sale for a tiny tiny fraction of the price you mugged me off and you ignored it, pair of wankers, i aint forgot that £190 quid you stole form me, and as soon as i said i would pay a visit for my money you called the police like a pair of pussies INGRAMS ARE NOT EVEN A MEMBER OF THE BNTA AND THEY LOOK DOWN ON THE BTNA LIKE THEY ARE ABOVE EVERYTHING, # ENJOY MY £190 , SO SAD IF YOUR THAT DESPERATE TO RIP PEOPLE OFF, SELLING PROOF COINS AS FDC WHEN THEY HAVE SPOTS ETC AND KNOWING THAT WITH YOUR RETURNS POLICY SOMEONE AINT GONNA BOTHER SENDING IT BACK FOR THE SAKE OF A £20 COIN, DO YOU PAIR KNOW HOW MUCH UPSET GRIEF AND STRESS YOU CAUSED ME, that coin i bought was supposed to be the pinnacle of my collection, and you took that from me and turned it into a shitty experience, AND I'M SURE YOU DID VERY WELL OUT OF THE OLYMPIC 50P'S I SENT YOU AND YOU WAS VERY AGGRESSIVE ABOUT ME SENDING THEM, GAVE ME ONE PRICE THEN CHANGED WITH THE COINS IN HAND, SHARP PRACTICE OR WHAT , YOU KEPT PESTERING ME FOR THE COINS THEN WHEN YOU GOT THEM YOU TOOK YOUR TIME, ALL I CAN SAY IS I AM GLAD YOU STOPPED SENDING ME YOUR BOOK CAUSE I GOT FED UP WITH TEARING IT IN HALF AND SEALING BACK IN YOUR ENVELOPE AND SENDING IT BACK TO YOU WHEN I ASKED SEVERAL TIMES TO STOP SENDING THEM YET YOU CONTINUED
  18. your a pair of thieving wankers who done me out of £190 quid , remember, cause i aint forgotten, i hope you enjoyed spending it, tossers
  19. i am happy, they know they are wankers and they know that we know they are wankers but they aint worried about a coin worth a few pounds or a couple of hundred pounds with the coins they have listed, just a pair of pure greedy tossers, who aint even a member of the BNTA , i kept getting postal catalogs form them, when i asked them not to send them. so i rip the catalog in half remove my address from the envelope and it and put it back the post, obviously they would have to pick up the postage, i only got my most of my money back cause i threatened to drive to southampton and start knocking on their door, to which they called the police, i would then let the public know about their shady operations whenever they posted on the royal mints facebook page, has pissed me off thinking about them again,
  20. craigy


    the old explorer 2 doesn't miss a thing, any ideas on who is on this coin ? thanks in advance
  21. this 2018 sixpence was sold as bu, yet looks proof to me,