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  1. I will be travelling to Europe next week and will spend some time in London. I was wondering if you can recommend some second-hand book shop/s where I can find old coin catalogues or books? By "old" I mean anything older than, say, 20 years.
  2. I will "swing by" the LCA auction, as the English expression has it so I can probably at least get you a coffee for the trouble 🙂
  3. I am trying to add my location (Australia) to my profile - and nothing else - but the profile edit form comes back with: 403 ERROR Sorry but the page you have requested has encountered the following error: Forbidden Please feel free to browse the rest of my website You may also use the "Search" feature to find the product you are looking for I apologise for the inconvenience.
  4. Well, yes... If I could pick them up from somewhere in London between June 1st and 3rd, I can buy a reasonable (small) number of books off you and carry them in my checked luggage on my way back to Australia?
  5. I was told that the Charing Cross collector's market is a good place to visit on my trip to London. Can you give me any advice/feedback on it? I'll have two small children in tow, is there anything else there to keep them occupied while I am looking at coins? Also (to avoid starting a new topic), can I find something interesting at the Portobello Rd market or is that going to be a waste of time? My time in London will be, sadly, very limited.
  6. Pavel

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    This guy always has these rare Australian crowns... https://www.ebay.com/itm/Rare-Australian-1938-KGVI-Caseys-Cartwheel-Crown/303148406811 I bought one (gave him the benefit of the doubt, and the photo was blurry so not immediately obvious as fake). Wasn't even silver. He refunded immediately and sent me a note that he was "horrified" to learn it was fake; he bought a bucketload of them apparently "from a garage sale" (Aliexpress, rather?), and is still selling them. ps has other accounts too, with the same coin descriptions, but always with new photos.
  7. Personally, I would advise the owner of the site to get https. It's a pain in the backside to get it running; it took me half a day to configure it on my site, and I am (sort of) competent as server admin. But, on the other hand, he will just get someone more competent than myself to do it for him. The reason I recommend it is not security only, but also that recently Google started "punishing" sites that don't have https - they are considered unsafe, and get lower search ranking. In other words, you lose visibility and visitors.
  8. Exactly what I am trying to achieve 🙂 But I also want to have "present value" of that money, so I apply inflation correction based on OECD data. Long term, I want to be able to track "return on investment" over a period. And yes, I know coin collecting is a hobby and not a sound investment strategy as such but I want solid figures to a) back this statement, and b) hopefully find some exceptions to the case.
  9. Would you be willing to donate some, or maybe just allow me to borrow them for a short period? I only need to copy the data, long-term I don't need the actual books, my wife is already complaining about the two bookshelves I have taken over for the purpose. I suppose I could just take photos of the pages or something.
  10. It's not even a post... I am trying to edit my profile, and just adding one word - "Australia" to the location field?
  11. I can tell you why I want them, and maybe you can give me a hint of what I need? Specifically... for my site, I need old pricing data so I need books like Remick (I have the third edition only) with extensive listings, and coin prices in a usable form (e.g. not "between 1 and 10 pounds depending on grade", as some books tend to have). I put these into a CSV, then import it into the site, mangle the data with some basic arithmetic (e.g. apply inflation data, then make a linear regression), then generate price graphs and trends. You can see an example here: https://onlinecoin.club/Coins/Country/New_Zealand/Half_Crown_1940/ for the NZ Centennial Crown - note the tables and the graphs, and see FAQs for background. Currently, I only have these for New Zealand (thanks to the publishers of the John Bertrand catalogues allowing me to use their data) and a handful of others, but I want to expand to all other countries. The site is under construction, but eventually I hope it will cover basically everything (or a reasonable part thereof).
  12. Not sure about this... I've had trouble selling a slabbed coin in Australia, the feedback was the opposite - dealers and serious collectors would not touch it. I ended up selling it in a Facebook group for amateurs.
  13. Pavel

    Royal Mint Circulation figures

    Thanks for the link. The earlier version they had (in table form) was more convenient, but at least the mintages for the larger denominations are back (for a long while, they only had 1/2 through 20p, and the page for the rest was giving "not found" error).
  14. Pavel

    10p a-z

    Thanks @Unwilling Numismatist The site doesn't list mintages and there are no individual descriptions of the coins, so I'll have to write my own 😞 "very first A to Z coin hunt" it says - so we can expect more of this type of thing in the coming years... Trying to get a full date run of UK circulating coins becomes sort of problematic now, I guess.
  15. Pavel

    10p a-z

    Thanks Paddy. I'll keep checking the Mint's site, but as you said - it's not updated too often and with too many details 😞
  16. Pavel

    10p a-z

    Sorry for resurrecting an old topic, but can someone explain these coins to a foreigner? Namely: are they regular circulating coins? And, is their issue a one-off or can more of the same be expected every year? The Royal Mint's site only lists regular circulating 10p and has nothing on these (that I could find).
  17. Bit of a stupid question but... Looking at a pre-decimal coin of Queen Elizabeth II with a legend in Latin, it says: a) ELIZABETH · II · DEI · GRATIA · REGINA · F : D : + or b) + ELIZABETH · II · DEI · GRATIA · REGINA · F : D : Example: https://onlinecoin.club/Coins/Country/United_Kingdom/Halfpenny_1955/ In other words, is the cross the first or the last symbol? Does anyone know if it has any special meaning? It was suggested in another forum that it's basically a remnant from the olden times, when legends were not too legible and it was used as a sort of hint as to where to start reading; in other words, it should be the first symbol (case b above).
  18. Good day all. I am now editing the UK / decimal part of my coin reference site and have reached the 2000 Public Libraries 50p; it's listed as having been designed by Mary Milner Dickens (that's what the Royal Mint site says). But, there seems to be a signature between the two right-most columns which is nothing like her signature on the EU 50p? Would any of you have some insight on this?
  19. This has been showing a 404 (Not Found) error for some time now 😞 I emailed their customer support and they replied they are working on an update and have taken the page down in the meantime? Which was a month ago. Still waiting for it to re-appear...
  20. Pavel

    Useful links (members posts)

    Can I nominate my own site (still under development but plenty of information in it already)? https://onlinecoin.club - Online Coin Club (home page) https://onlinecoin.club/Info/Effigies/ - list of effigies found on coins https://onlinecoin.club/Info/Legends/ - list of legends https://onlinecoin.club/Info/Mints/ - list of mints https://onlinecoin.club/Info/Reigns/ - monarch reigns
  21. Would token issuers use the King's effigy? I thought that, and the legend, amounts to a claim it's official money and they avoided such claims? The portrait looks like (but is not) that by Pistrucci: http://onlinecoin.club/Info/Effigies/King_George_IV_by_Benedetto_Pistrucci/ And again is similar to, but not exactly the one on Irish pennies: http://www.irishcoinage.com/J00059.HTM Very confusing...
  22. Can somebody please tell me what I have acquired here? It was in a heap of 17th to 19th century copper English and Irish coins and tokens I bought recently. It weighs about 20 grams. The legend and date on the obverse have a slight doubling. And, of course, the penny coins of this year looked nothing like this...
  23. It doesn't advertise anything, so play money is the best guess so far. But why so massive? Also, can you judge by the quality of the effigy? I mean, does it look like Royal Mint output, or a private company issue? Or would there be no difference in quality at that time?