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  1. If it's any help the pages numbers in my book are: half penny pages 143-146 farthings page 199. This is the 1990 reprint
  2. There is a couple of pages listed in Dalton & Hamer of just the Pidcocks but it's an expensive purchased for just those
  3. They do seem to get some real quality pieces over in the US although it's very rare I purchase from that far afield I would of carried on posting in the coin thread but as Mr B has found the token thread I feel compelled to use it!
  4. Thank you Mr B I shall post my tokens there now! I have the same token as you have there, listed as D&H1069 scarce
  5. My pidcock is the lion and beaver 1801 in a similar grade to yours and yes I think a token thread would be an excellent idea. I'm never sure about posting tokens in the coin thread!
  6. Indeed it is, I can't start yet for about six months due to financial commitments so it's research time and choose the theme. I do have one Pidcock farthing so that might be the route I go down
  7. I fully agree, I'm going to branch out from my unofficial farthings and start collecting either the Pidcock tokens or choose a county to concentrate on with the K & S pieces. That's the plan anyway!
  8. I do love the Kempson and Skidmore pieces, the designs are stunning on some of them
  9. It is, the token predates the picture by almost 50 years too so that makes the building around 200 years old. I might print the picture out and go see if I can spot any of the original features
  10. And where it was advertising...…..http://www.cfow.org.uk/picture.php?/2734 this is why I love these tokens! It takes you straight back there and this was found just with a quick search
  11. My latest advertising token bought yesterday, a departure from my usual area but bought as it's a local piece
  12. will1976

    heritage auction catalogues

    I don't usually plug my Ebay sales on here but I have a number of coin catalogues for sale which might be of interest to some members. If you are interested in any please pm on here, £10 each postage included https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/323367409964?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  13. Can I ask @Paulus what the edge inscription is? It lists five different types in Dalton & Hamer and I'm curious!
  14. I too am after one of these but have been concentrating on my unoffical farthings
  15. We use a similar 3D visual for our dementia training, while I'm sure it is nothing like what a person with dementia suffers it gives us a look, all be it very briefly, into how their world is. You have to remember though that everyone is unique and the dementia (or autism) affects the person in an equally unique way with no two suffers experiencing the same thing