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  1. I have sent a picture of this one and one other to them but in their reply they said there was no plans at present to issue a revised catalogue
  2. An example of W5062 Thomson hatters. I have two or three others where withers don't have a picture
  3. I do have a couple, will find them out and add some pics later
  4. Top W2680, this is one of my favourites. Simple design but tells you all you need to know. Bottom W2190. Only listed as R but this is the only example I've ever seen
  5. Assuming again I'd of thought they'd all of been gilded and you bought and had stamped however many you wanted
  6. A couple of my unofficial farthings, having an issue with sizing as only got my phone for pics at the moment. The rather worn example is W4640, listed as RRR with no picture while the other is a more pristine example of W4959b
  7. This is one of the ones I have, as you say probably a gaming counter. I'm assuming, possibly wrongly, that you bought the blank piece and had stamped on your initials or own design
  8. Yes I've been collecting them for the past 4 or so years now, I have around 250. It started off with a random one which i bought for a fiver, it turned out to be quite scarce. I started looking for them then and I've been lucky in picking up some of the rare ones. I'll post a few pics on my next day off if your interested
  9. A nice pick up, some of the unofficial farthings are very scarce. Even some of the ones listed in withers as relatively common can be hard to find in a decent grade. Is it an area you collect much of or just ones of interest?
  10. Well done, I think we're slowly getting there! I'm awaiting delivery of 'Jerusalem temple' should arrive in the morning
  11. From R.C. Bell's 'The Building Medlets of Kempson and Skidmore' 'St. Mary's Hall was originally built as a meeting and banqueting place for three of the city guilds, St. John's, Trinity, and St. Katharine's. Building began about 1340-2 while the Great Hall itself was started in 1394 and finished in 1414. Later it became used for Corporation festivities, and sometimes as a theatre. The building was extensively repaired in 1580 and in 1753 the old brick floors were removed and replaced with oak planking' It also states that 'A few of these pieces were struck in silver' but doesn't list which ones
  12. Yes they are, although the Bath series seems to be scarcer. I've only seen a couple of those. I believe it's just the picture, there is a 6 in the exergue though
  13. A new series started, Kempson Coventry half penny