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  1. The trouble for me at the moment is that with living at work I have none of my books to hand to look things up. I could very well be wrong but have no way of checking!
  2. I'm assuming the buildings on the left and right are nothing to do with the work house as the token is from the late 1790's and they're not depicted on the 1812 tokens I've seen. If they where part of the enlargement surely they would of been included on the later tokens?
  3. Latest purchase......this leaves just one in the Birmingham series to find. This piece is ex Jan collection
  4. A little light reading for the lockdown.......
  5. Both two's are blundered but I don't think it's an over punch. Looking at it closely (×40 magnification) I'm starting to think it might be an upside down 7 punch along with another to make up a 2. Possibly an altered 9 punch? I'm currently looking for the articles from TCSB to read up on
  6. It's been very quiet on the token front for me lately so decided to splash out on the following.......Ottley's Kempson restrike in copper of the 'New Jerusalem Temple' Had my eye on it for awhile and just thought what the heck, why not!
  7. That's a lovely example 👍🏻 Uncirculated?
  8. Spot on with the grades. The book was published in 2013
  9. They're a bit of both really and fall into the unofficial farthing series of tokens. There is a wide variety of different trades covered from bakers, grocers and tobacconists through to tea dealers, wine and spirits merchants and photographers
  10. A very nice example. The Sparrow balloon tokens were some of the first I collected in this series, just need the RRR piece for the set of six
  11. Suffolk D&H15....excellent condition bought simply for the design, just love the hat.