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  1. Suffolk D&H15....excellent condition bought simply for the design, just love the hat.
  2. That's the trouble, can't find anything on it! Will put it in the 'unusual' section of my collection
  3. Yes it could well of been, strange how there's no legends at all though. The nearest to the reverse I can find is Caverhill W7070, obviously different though It is yes, just seems odd with Victoria facing the wrong way!
  4. Yes that was my thought too, the curls at the back of Victoria's hair are slightly different too but I think that's because the pinches piece isn't fully struck up Thank you Paul 👍🏻
  5. A new farthing token arrived today, I would welcome thoughts/ideas on the portrait (right facing for Victoria) and if members agree with me that it's the same die used as the unofficial farthing of G.Browne. Also thoughts on the reverse, is it St Andrew? Thank you all
  6. Well done! I did have a bid on it but was nowhere near, wrong time of the month for me. It's one from the DNW sale 3rd of Oct, I'm keeping an eye out for some of the others in that group
  7. I don't have any (identified) Kettle pieces....what are the reverse designs?
  8. The token on the right is the Ingram piece, the main difference is the hair curls on the top of the head
  9. My other examples are by the die sinker T.W. Ingram, I'll put a picture up tomorrow of this one and an Ingram piece side by side for comparison
  10. It's 22mm diameter so as good as, like you say the spade Guinea types are very inaccurate but this one (like my others) is about the thickness of a shilling too. I've not seen this design before and need to do some research, the portrait of the king isn't an exact match to my others but is very, very close so possibly a different maker
  11. Also bought this George 4th gaming token, I have about a half dozen in this style now but haven't seen this design before