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  1. will1976

    More Pennies

    If anyone is interested it's £815 on his website
  2. will1976

    Glendining auction catalogue March 12/13th 1958

    Thank you all, I've sourced a copy now
  3. will1976

    Glendining auction catalogue March 12/13th 1958

    Thanks Rob
  4. I'm currently researching a token from this sale (lot 299) and was hoping someone could supply a scan of the catalouge entry and, if possible, the realised hammer price. Many thanks in advance
  5. will1976

    Adding pictures

    Thanks guys, I'll try again in the morning
  6. Is it just me having trouble uploading pictures? When I try to click on 'click to choose files' nothing happens so the issue isn't the file size. Any thoughts?
  7. For some reason I can't add pictures at the moment. 🤔
  8. Another new addition, possibly an unlisted unofficial farthing but unsure on this one. If it is it must be one of the last few issued date wise. 21½mm diameter and quite thick at 2mm, appears to be cupro-nickel. The Reverse is a similar version of the the Remington typewriter token
  9. It's 24mm diameter so one of the larger ones in the series. Milled edge. It does seem unlikely that it is related to Holland & Holland on further thought as Harris Holland sounded quite controlling according to the Wikipedia article. Also an article in the 'Vintage Gun Journal' https://www.vintageguns.co.uk/magazine/a-harris-holland-restored gives a start date for the apprenticeship as 1876. It also poses the question of why Henry Holland is on the token not Holland & Holland
  10. Apologies Paulus for some reason I either didn't get a notification or I missed it, only just read your post. The only one I needed back in May was the Soho Manufactory which I bought last week from Paul Green at Holgate Numismatics (very friendly) It was in a group of 6 he bought from Spink, I'm not sure which others he has but might be worth contacting him
  11. A new unlisted unofficial farthing variety which landed today. I believe it relates to the famous gun makers Holland & Holland but I'm yet to research properly. Thoughts and comments welcome
  12. will1976

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    That is a real shame, there was some nice tokens there 😪
  13. The trouble for me at the moment is that with living at work I have none of my books to hand to look things up. I could very well be wrong but have no way of checking!
  14. I'm assuming the buildings on the left and right are nothing to do with the work house as the token is from the late 1790's and they're not depicted on the 1812 tokens I've seen. If they where part of the enlargement surely they would of been included on the later tokens?