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  1. will1976

    Asian coin weights?

    Again thank you @Sword I guess it helps knowing what you're looking for and being able to read the text!
  2. will1976

    Asian coin weights?

    @Sword Thank you very much, I didn't hold out much hope of finding anything out especially on the second one. Is there any indication of date for the Tael? I had seen the Hang Seng bank mentioned in a few of the pages I'd googled but nothing seemed to match the ingot. I shall add them both to the 'unusual' section of my collection
  3. I've spent the morning looking up these two coin weights (?) with a little success on the oblong one but I've found nothing on the round one. The oblong one weighs 31.5gm so a touch over a troy ounce (my scales might be slightly out here) measures 31x21x5mm. This one is definitely Chinese as the images match the 5 cent (fen) coin for 1936-39 (Krause y#348) with the diameter of the image on the weight matching the 18mm of the coin. The round weight I've had less luck with. I'm pretty certain it's Chinese again but not a 100% sure, it has a weight of 44gm with a diameter of 30mm. When placed with the characters face down it is domed in shape. Both are non magnetic Any information an what they are or where used for would be appreciated, even a pointer in the right direction.
  4. will1976

    Help with Roman bronze coin

    If It is still available I'll post pictures in march, watch this space...…...
  5. will1976

    Help with Roman bronze coin

    He did have another at £22 and I'm thinking I should of bought that one too! It wasn't in such good condition though but slightly bigger. If he still has it at the march fair I may go for it
  6. will1976

    Help with Roman bronze coin

    I'm not sure I shall start collecting them yet Paddy just felt that I should own at least one example. I was surprised by both the price and condition which made me suspect that it might not have been genuine but my doubts have been laid to rest!
  7. will1976

    Help with Roman bronze coin

    Many thanks to you both! I've always shied away from Roman coins for some reason but I'm pleased I've now got a decent example
  8. will1976

    Help with Roman bronze coin

    Apologies the second image didn't load......added below
  9. will1976

    Help with Roman bronze coin

    This is the first ever Roman coin I've bought in twenty five years of collecting coins and tokens and I know nothing about the subject but felt I should have at least one in my collection after this length of time. I've not pushed the boat out far spending only £8 and would like to know if it's 1) genuine 2) from what period it's from. The diameter is 22mm with a weight of 3.1gm. Many thanks guys
  10. will1976

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    The joys of predictive text, made me laugh so much! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/PADDINGTON-BEAR-AT-BUCKINGHAM-PALLACE-DIE-ERROR-UNCIRCUMCISED-50P-COIN-2018/123596187940?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649
  11. will1976

    1860 pattern penny by moore

    Yes above the second 'E' of queen, I hadn't noticed until I looked again. How rare are these?
  12. will1976

    1860 pattern penny by moore

    Beyond my price range at the moment but thought others might be interested in something a 'bit different' https://www.cooperscoins.com/collections/new-listings/products/victoria-1860-pattern-copper-penny-by-joseph-moore-bmc-2101-a-unc
  13. will1976

    Peter Nichols cabinets

    Make sure it's securly bolted to the floor or concreted in. As a teenager I can remember the place where my mum worked being burgled and the safe, about two foot high and almost as deep, was found out in the carpark some 150 meters away. While they didn't get in it the last thing you want is your collection rattling around inside if they do try to move it