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  1. Something a little different, these are my latest coins to add to my collection form the Japanese 47 prefecture series of 500 yen coins. They was minted to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the forming of the prefectures (a bit like our counties) with a design for each. here is a total of 47 coins and I'm now about half way through the series
  2. will1976

    1978 2pence coin

    You'd of thought they'd of put it in aligned to the two pence after going to the trouble!
  3. I really like the design on this one and its a nice example, near unc on the reverse the obverse about ef
  4. My latest group of unofficial farthings collected over the past 6 weeks
  5. The only one I can recall at present is 'Isle of Man paper money' co written with someone but not sure who
  6. Yes it's Alan Kelly and the shop is Mannin Collections Ltd A quick google search shows it's closed now
  7. will1976

    1870 Sixpece

    A rare die number perhaps? I can't quite make out what it is though
  8. will1976

    Green Pennies, half pennies Victoria

    Are these any of any use to you Larry? if so pm me
  9. A little more info for you from 'The building Medalets of Kempson and Skidmore' by R. C. Bell page 36/7 ''D&H War.297'' (then gives a description of the token followed by) ''The building was originally a hospital founded at the beginning of the reign of Henry II. At the dissolution of the monasteries John Hales purchased the chapel and converted it into a free school.'' Unfortunately it gives no information on edge varieties
  10. The two listed in the 1990 edition are 297 with edge reading Coventry and 297a which is plain. There is no mention of any 'Coventry token' edge for 297 in the corrigenda section of the book
  11. I'm just checking my 1990 edition...…..
  12. If it's any help the pages numbers in my book are: half penny pages 143-146 farthings page 199. This is the 1990 reprint
  13. There is a couple of pages listed in Dalton & Hamer of just the Pidcocks but it's an expensive purchased for just those
  14. They do seem to get some real quality pieces over in the US although it's very rare I purchase from that far afield I would of carried on posting in the coin thread but as Mr B has found the token thread I feel compelled to use it!