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  1. Thanks guys - I've manged t pick up a couple by the suggested method of getting a stack from the bank - mostly Standing on the Shoulders of Giants version though! (based in London in answer to Oswald)
  2. Hi there - just joined the forums I've collected circulated 50p/£1/£2 coins on and off over the years as I get them in my change, putting together a collection of the different commemorative releases. I want to be a bit more active and ensure I get the new releases as they come out. I've just seen that the new £2 Jane Austen has been released and wondered what was the best way to get hold of one was. I saw that you can buy BU off the Royal mint, but can you get a standard coin direct from somewhere? Can you just go into a bank and ask for some, or do you simply have to hope they come in your change at some point (or resort to eBay!) ? Thanks for advice Mark
  3. MarkM

    The Last Round Pound United Kingdom £1 2016

    Hi - where would be the best place to buy one of these? Thanks Mark