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  1. Welcome Mark :)

    I have been collecting £2 coins as well, and only just recently in an active manner. As smoke mentioned one thing you can do, if you want a circulated Jane Austen £2 is go to the Bank and withdraw £X in £2 coins, then go through and see if you get one. This can be a long process though and of course the chances are slim you'll find one, but this is how I got 6 commemorative coins I needed in two trips. Hope this helps.

  2. 7 hours ago, jelida said:

    Looks to me like it's been in a corrosive environment. A lot of detector found cupro nickel looks like this, even quite recent losses.

    I was thinking the same in terms of corrosion.

  3. Hey Elaina,

    As it's magnetic it's unlikely to be Copper. I would say it's not of any particular interest and that something may have happened to the Nickel plating leaving the steel beneath to rust, but I wouldn't know for sure or how the plating would have come off.

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  4. I definitely need to get more informed before going back to eBay myself as I believe some coins I previously bought on there were probably overpriced on reflection!

    I didn't know that about Sundays, I will avoid them like the plague in future, I appreciate the heads up. 

    Luckily as I am only collecting £2 at the moment I don't have so much of an issue with having to be specific, but I can see that hitting me in the near future. 

  5. Just throwing it out there, probably unlikely. But do you reckon there's a chance the obverse/reverse die is on the underneath instead of above the blank for a few machines whereas it's normally the other way?

  6. That all makes sense, I have already found myself getting a little carried away with the coins, but have slowed down now. @IanB Waiting on a couple of books to arrive then I can get down to some reading and hopefully maintain my interest whilst leaving my bank account relatively unscathed. @declan03 Sorry to hear about the 20p, that must've been a big disappointment, did you get your money back?


    I think I will leave eBay for now and just casually flick through without committing to anything when I have the time. Save up my money for the November London Coin Fair :)

    Thanks for the advice all! Much appreciated!


  7. Hey all

    This is a bit of a broad question but I was just wondering what people thought about eBay as a place to buy coins. Of course the majority of pictures (that I have seen) are blurry and lacking any detail, providing little chance to really get a good look, but some with 14-day return policies and good pictures seem less risky and sometimes a bargain (red herrings maybe <_<). I know that there are coin dealers and coin fairs etc but I was just curious to how often people use eBay as a source for coins and what they think about it.

    Look forward to hearing the responses, thanks in advance :)

  8. Just now, PWA 1967 said:

    Pity you didnt post a day earlier its London coin fair today :)

    I saw earlier this week, but thought I would be a little overwhelmed as it's just the end of my first week actively collecting haha

  9. 2 minutes ago, PWA 1967 said:

    Whatever it is Duncan can only be recent.

    just put a tiny bit of vaseline on a cotton bud and should come off.

    To get rid of the verdigris? Thanks for the tip!! I will try it :)

  10. Ah nice, do you have many of the 50ps then? I was thinking of attending the London Coin Fair in November, I was worried it would be all coins over £150 or so, is it a fair mix of coin price ranges then? Either way I wouldn't mind going just to have a look :) I haven't really lurked, feel like I should have haha

  11. Thanks for all the welcoming everyone :D


    2 hours ago, Stuntman said:

    In my opinion there are lots of really interesting predecimal coins, with some beautiful designs and lots of historical fascination regarding the monarchs and the metals used.  Perhaps start by just collecting a little bit of what you fancy to start with, which might be influenced by the size of the coin (if you like £2 coins you might like the bigger predecimal denominatlons?) or the metal (coins are usually either copper, bronze or silver) or maybe all the different head designs for a particular monarch, such as Victoria?

    Doing a little here and there Stuntman, I got a 1901 Penny the other day so little by little for me. Will probably be a little more decisive once I read more. With regards to the commonwealth coins I only have one myself too, luckily the Ireland one (I think), but if you look on the left it is the coin I mentioned with verdigris <_<



  12. Hi all!

    My name is Duncan and I have recently started getting a bit more serious about coin collecting. The last few years I have been passively picking up commemorative £2 coins in change and holding on to them (although I have some that aren't £2), after slowly growing I looked at them recently and have started getting a little more serious. I have just finished getting the 6 pre-1997 £2 coins and now I look to expand out the rest of the set. Eventually I will probably work my way down into pre-decimal coins, but I imagine way off in the future. 


    Hoping to learn a lot here about, getting myself a few books on coins suggested by this site so I can build some base knowledge and start to climb the learning curve.

    Thanks for reading, hope to get to know you all soon.


    All the best,





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