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  1. F8met

    Hello all

    Hello, My name is David and I am new here. Used to forums but my first coin one. I am a metal detectorist which by default means I have an interest in coins. I have a fair collection of hammered from the last 4 years of detecting but a lot less milled. The area I search must have gone from a fairly rich area to a fairly poor one where people couldn't afford to lose their money! Hope to pick up lots of information from the forum. Cheers,
  2. F8met

    3 Mary Groats

    I don't have any concerns and indeed I imagine they are lovely in top condition. Unfortunately when I get them they are less so. I do have another one which unfortunately is in slightly worse condition. They were part of a small purse loss now going through the treasure process. Lost after 1560/1 as the 2 Elizabeth are both Martlett so 2nd issue. I get a lot of Elizabeth, the odd Mary and some Edward VI / Herny VIII post.
  3. F8met

    3 Mary Groats

    I got these 3 Mary groats, one last year and 2 over the last month. There does seem to be variations between them? Sorry for the quality of the pictures but I don't have these to hand at the moment and these were the pictures I took before they were handed in.
  4. F8met

    3 Mary Groats

    Sorry, will try to use Flickr or something similar.
  5. F8met

    Edgar Penny Fragment

    Here is an Edgar penny fragment I go last year. Shame that it is broken. It is thought to be Bruninc Norwich.
  6. F8met

    New to forum

    As a detectorist of 4 years with fairly productive land I like the thrill of digging up a nice coin or even any coin. As someone who also has a collector mentality (collected various thing over years, toys, cameras..etc) I can also understand the mint condition, provenanced and completisum school of thought. Really is horses for courses but where both worlds touch. After all collectors want coins, detectorists dig them up. I would make one point though made earlier in the post, we have far more hammered coinage available now due to coin losses and hoards found by detectorists than by coin collectors collecting coins. The casual losses and hoarding would have saved far more coins from the many recoinages over the years.
  7. F8met

    Decimal Penny Trial Blank

    Hello all, still new here so please be gentle! My Uncle has recently retired from a company which made the machines used to produce the first decimal pennies and two pence coins. He said that during testing they had security guard at the factory with the coin test blanks to make sure none of them went astray. However they forgot to take away a couple of containers of the struck blanks so they all helped themselves to a few. He had a few in his tool box all that time and he re-found them when he was cleaning it out hence the toolbox dirt! He has said he has some 2p blanks as well but I haven't seen them. Are these common? Size and weight of the real coin.