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  1. Taikonaut

    Coin cabinet

    I notice all the wooden coin cabinets on the Royal Mint website are on backorder. Is this anything to do with the pandemic and people have found more time at home taking up the hobby? I heard Warhammer figure collecting has soured recently. As for coins I was hoping to get them cheaper with the mistaken belief people will generally tightening their belt because of fears of being laid off during these tough times but the opposite is true with prices actually going up.
  2. Taikonaut


    I have a terrible time trying to tone a shiny ancient silver tetradrachm. Tried ammonia dip, egg yoke, etc, all it does it it tones and then it comes off easily. Eventually I found some success using Goddards Silver Dip. Yes its use for cleaning silver. After dabbinig it on a artificially toned silver I left it outside for a few days and let it toned further. The tone is now more robust.
  3. Taikonaut

    Gold brexit 50p's - anybody get one?

    I placed an order for the silver proof version just after 9.00am on the day of the release and it was on backorder. RM refunded my money because they have no stock.
  4. Taikonaut


    Its call "seasoning". Oil and heat does that too.
  5. Taikonaut


    I heard that if you live near the sea your silver get tarnish faster. What I notice is coins left on the window sill patinate at a fast rate which makes me think frequent changes in temperature from one extreme to another may have caused this to happen.
  6. Taikonaut


    The edge of the coin was clean but both obverse and reverse look like they hav been treated with commercial patinating fluid that I'm already familiar with which gave it a light brown washed appearance. Its now a bit shiney after I cleaned way the fake patina. If I compare with how my polished brass house number took to patinate I would guess about 6 months to get a reasonable look. I find old brass that have been polished seem to get patinated quicker than new brass which is probably treated to resist it. We will see.
  7. Taikonaut


    I bought a beautiful Roman sestertius in nice condition but it clearly has a fake or artificial patina. I decide to get rid of the fake patina and strange enough in its clean state it actually look more "honest". I now decide to leave it out exposed in the air to get some natural patination. It may take some time but it wil be worth it.
  8. Taikonaut


    I hated the varnish. I use alcohol and got rid of it and the coins look better. I think the only argument in favour is protection from handling. Does museums use Ren Wax on ancient coins?
  9. Taikonaut


    I see this fairly frequently with ancient bronze coins althogh it happens in other periods too. Why does people varnish coins?
  10. Taikonaut


    Opinion on this coin. Real or fake?
  11. Taikonaut

    Coin cabinet

    I spoke with Richard Bishop from Spinks and he confirm they use Swann from 1970 until they cease trading in 2000. In my opinion these cabinets looks like they were very late towards the company cease trading because earlier cabinets looks pale and not as grainy. I think later cabinet the wood started to resemble Nichols maybe the choice starting to become limited? Also notice the smaller cabinet using more then one piece of wood to build up the size on the side. I never seen that in a Swann but could suggest large mahogany becomming scarcer when it was made.
  12. Taikonaut

    Peter Nichols cabinets

    I kept the brass fittings untouched to allow it to look its age. The trays with complete original green felts are in almost new condition I would even say no evidence it has housed any coins before. The mahogany used for the trays are of higher quality and better finish than Nichols with some having a beautiful grain pattern iridised effect. It has a "Spink & Son" ivorine plate on the base. I think they are very similar to "Turton" and would not be surprise if they made these cabinets sold by dealers in the same way Rob now makes cabinet sold by Royal Mint to the public.
  13. Taikonaut

    Peter Nichols cabinets

    Not have many coins but I have many cabinets. I have view them as furniture 🙂 Nichols cabinets the St Leonard era was a bit of a mix bag. Maybe its the quality of mahogany became inferior after 2004 when there was a worldwide ban on big leaf mahogany. Could also be because of Peter's health just before he sold the business? His best cabinets seems to be from the 90s but I also think the price Peter was selling them for plus the demands influence the quality. I have a medal cabinet from around 1990 and it must be the time when Peter paid attention to evolving his design and it was very well made and the wood was stunning. The Nottingham family version I have not owned one but it looks like QC has been tightened now. Recently I was deciding what sort of coins I should put in my antique cabinet. I suppose it was'nt too hard, it screams "Roman". This is an auction photo when I first had it, its now cleaned up nicely and I treat it with Renaissance Wax due to the glossy varnish of antique furniture. It is between the size of Nichol's Crozier and Mascle so it is intimate in size but big enough to house many coins. In reality it does not matter one bit but for me I think a cabinet should suite the coins it houses like fine wine should be drunk with the finest glass and not from a paper cup. Imagine an antique cabinet steep in mystery and when you open the tray it reveals rows of Peter Rabbit 50p😱 Victorian and Edwardian cabinets take on a character of its own and for me it should house coins that date either around or before its time. Obviousely I won't lose any sleep havng modern coins in my old cabinet, I still do, but this one is strictly ancient only.
  14. Taikonaut

    Peter Nichols cabinets

    That is a very nice cabinet. Is mahogany? How is built quality compare to Nichols?
  15. Taikonaut

    Coin cabinet

    Or they may go with Nichols. Museums are very heritage conscious plus they already make cabinets for the BM, Fitzwilliams and many other museums. I sort of recall when I spoke with Peter Nichol's wife back around 2001 she said they were one of only two coin cabinet makers working in the traditional manner in the country and the other maker practically wound down his operation already. It could be Swann she was referring to. Personally I think its good to have more cabinet makers, they need the competition and can only benefit collectors.