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  1. Think you're right. Looks like GILDEPINE ON C I guess if spacing was an issue they would lose the A after the C. Stu.
  2. Ukstu

    Replica Cut Halfpenny?

    The one Clive posted is struck further down the line than the one i posted so you've got wear on the die but its essentially the same coin. What are the chances of an original and a copy having these same features. That's all i compared it on quickly.
  3. Ukstu

    Replica Cut Halfpenny?

    I never looked at the obverse. The reverse was clear enough to see it's the same coin. They are becoming more common on eBay now. There was a John Irish half penny a few months ago as well. Same coins from Ireland. Looked like someone had put it through a rock tumbler to knock it about and add wear. I reported it but it went on to sell as usual.
  4. Ukstu

    Replica Cut Halfpenny?

    Did you click on the link i posted? Its the same coin just been cut in half.
  5. Ukstu

    Replica Cut Halfpenny?

    Yes. It looks like one of those silver coin copies you get from Ireland off eBay. Reported ! https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/255695189215
  6. You can rule out 5a1. The letter X is incorrect and the crown ends for class 5a1.5b2 is more likely. This guide is a bit better. It may help. Longcross Coin Guidebook
  7. Cheers Rob. That settles it then. Thank you. Stu.
  8. Thanks Rob That is indeed the same coin. Someone has marked Ex ER Duncan Elias on one of the tickets and bought from Patrick Finn 18/2000 No 507 Illustrated. I have the Elias book in my library. The type is listed as Elias 288. https://ibb.co/BPWwCQC
  9. I've picked up a coin with 3 tickets. 2 are basic with limited details but one has Patrick Finns name on it and a list number. List 18 which i think is the last list before he passed away. Its coin 507 from list 18/2000. Does anyone have a copy of the list or the PF memorial volumes who could confirm if the coin was sold by Patrick? It also mentions ER Duncan Elias as having ownership of the coin at one stage. Tia. Stu.
  10. Ukstu

    John, Henry or someone else.

    Your Welcome 👍
  11. Ukstu

    John, Henry or someone else.

    Its a coin of John. Class 5a2 PERES .ON.DVRE. (Pieres durham) Has the reversed S on the reverse. Hes the only moneyer i can match to that reversed S at the end of his name. He also has the stop after HENRI in 5a2 coins.
  12. Ukstu

    Ed I penny Bristol

    Yes I'd agree class 2b. Nice example. Stu.
  13. You should of left them in your bathroom on top of the shower unit if you have one. The humidity would do the same job over time.
  14. Ukstu

    Changes to Treasure laws in UK

    Thanks Jerry. I'd of never figured that out as don't follow the Archers show. Stu.
  15. Ukstu

    Changes to Treasure laws in UK

    Please do explain?