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  1. Its not Iohan. Its Adam. It will be a class 7 coin of Henry III.
  2. Iohan struck coins under King John at London mint in class 5b1. He ceased at that mint in roughly 1206 and no further coins after 5b1 where struck at London in his name.
  3. She speaks sense. Great point of view. 👏
  4. Ukstu

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    These westairs are getting better. Quite convincing other than the stamp. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Late-Anglo-Saxon-Aethelred-II-Silver-Long-Cross-Penny-AD-978-1016-Very-Fine/254179165678
  5. Yes and Italy have assured Nigel Farage they will not vote in favour of an extension so it's unlikely to be extended.
  6. Ukstu

    Richard I ???

    It's probably ABEL as the ON starts just before the six oclock position. SAMVEL would extend further round the coin.
  7. Ukstu

    Richard I ???

    Abel would also end in an L. The portrait has the vacant look in the eyes you see on class 5c coins of John.
  8. Ukstu

    Help with Roman bronze coin

    I rarely buy Romans myself but it's hard to resist if a good British mint coin like London or Colchester pops up cheap. Nice buy for £8 that well found.
  9. Ukstu

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    It would. It's not listed in spink as being rare. I'd bet if i dug my Brooker Collection book out it wouldn't be either. The anchor mintmarks not rare that i am aware of. Have you seen the price of his other sixpence? That's way over the mark as well. Stu.
  10. Ukstu

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Totally agree Frank. See it every day now with people claiming varieties that they are not. I'd stretch to £300 for it myself if it was suitable priced. People like that sell very little I'd guess at prices like that.
  11. Ukstu

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Well it's certainly not worth that much lol. In VF my old 2016 Spink book puts it at £500. It's america though , they seem to pay silly money over there for common coins. A fool and their money is easily parted i guess. Anyone in the know will give it a cursory glance and gag at the price and move on i suspect. Ebays full of dreamers like this seller unfortunately. Stu.
  12. It looks like an Indian gold fanam of some sort. Not something i am familiar with myself so can't provide a full ID. Stu.
  13. Ukstu

    Elizabeth I Milled Sixpence

    Coinery does make a good point here i must agree. I think though for clear peace of mind I'd go with the return and refund , the what if factor will niggle away at you if you keep it and it could come back on you in the future if you try to sell it. As Jerry says do invest in some jewellers scales for future purchases and most of all " Do not let this put you off collecting" Stu.
  14. Ukstu

    First hammered coins

    They are not something i am familiar with myself. I've only ever viewed them in books or online but I'd agree it does not sit well on closer inspection. Those letters should not be single dot punch marks.