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  1. Ukstu

    thoughts on ebay sale

    It's resurfaced. Better pictures. Definitely not right. https://www.chilterncoins.co.uk/henry-ii-coins.html
  2. Ukstu

    thoughts on ebay sale

    Agree about the dix noonan description that's mess. Not sure who classified that or inputted that information. I have spoken with our mutual friend and he doesn't like it . So it's fair to say its definitely moody. I did notice some of the differences you've pointed out but not all of them. I definitely dodged a bullet with it and its opened my eyes for sure. Stu.
  3. Ukstu

    thoughts on ebay sale

    For comparison. Found this on dix noonan website. https://www.numisbids.com/n.php?p=lot&sid=3272&lot=445
  4. Ukstu

    Flatbed scanners

    Can anybody recommend a decent flatbed scanner for imaging coins. Are they worth the hassle or is it better to just stick with a camera. I've got a low end scanner but the results are poor as its only 300 dpi.
  5. Ukstu

    thoughts on ebay sale

    See what you mean. The mass coin is different and isn't a match. I actually bid on it but it went above my budget. If its a fake its a worrying development. Why pick an obscurely spelled moneyer and mint if you were going to fake a coin. You would also need a good example coin to make a copy and the Osbei in Mass is not clearer enough to do that and I've not seen any others like it elsewhere either. The seller was selling other coins also none of which gave me any red flags , his feed back seems okay also especially in regards to coins. Nothing really jumps out about him. Its rare to see a 1a5 in such a grade that much i agree. Thats all i felt uneasy about really when i saw it.
  6. Ukstu

    thoughts on ebay sale

    I figured it was okay as the pictures where not the best. My only concern at the time was its grade. It looks hardly worn. I'd have to see another example to condemn it though and compare it properly. I've not looked in Mass though yet.
  7. I had the same conversation with my son. I've not bought anything in weeks myself. He was asking what i figured the market would do. I said i thought it would be okay as coins usually do not suffer from fluctuations in gold or silver prices. He said what if the market is flooded with coins from the families of ppl who die. Morbid i guess but he is 16 yrs old. It was a valid point. One i couldn't answer myself as I've never known a situation like this.
  8. Seeing as the hammered sections floundering a bit i thought I'd post this one up. It's a class 1b2 coin of Henry II The moneyer is Ravl (Randulphus Frowik) at the London mint. It's slightly different than some coins as the obverse reads HENRIE instead of HENRIC. This error/spelling has been observed in coins of class 4 & 5 but not in a class 1 coin so is unique so far.
  9. It is an odd one. I can't say with any certainty which Edward it is out of III or IV. Perhaps Dave (Grunal) will know if he still uses the forum.
  10. Ukstu


    Same. 3rd of April with Tesco. I popped out today. It was ugly. Shops look as if they have been looted. Nothing of use in my local Aldi other than fruit and veg. Seriously thinking of dusting the air rifle off and going out lamping.
  11. True. It is slightly less clipped than most Irish issues. I'd be speculating if i said anything else. There's not much to go on but i think i can see RA which would tie in with EBORACI.
  12. There's also the possibility it could be an Irish issue of Edward IV. Try looking through some of the examples on the PAS website.
  13. I can't see how they sell much at all. They have some interesting descriptions of stock but with no pictures i won't touch any of it. If your too lazy to take and upload pictures your not getting my money.
  14. Ukstu

    Books Section

    If this self isolate bites hard i think we will all be doing a lot more reading. Thanks for the recent recommendations guys. Think i am going to order a few book's in and hit the library before its goes t!ts up full lockdown.