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  1. Agreed it is a mess now but i was never keen on Mrs Mays Brexit in name only deal. What's next and will it be in keeping with Democracy? Well that's anyone's guess now this thing's had more twists n turns than a rollercoaster and at times been dirtier than a baby's nappy. I do hope it's resolved democratically and in a civilised manner though going forward.
  2. Ahh thanks Rob. Apologies Josie. No malice intended i just saw the 4 posts and thought perhaps it was some kind of Bot.
  3. Are you some kind of Russian troll bot? I am struggling to make sense of any of your previous posts. I had seen people saying Bots have been posting on Brexit stuff on Youtube but i was sceptical but now i am not sure.
  4. He sadly passed away in October or November of 2017.
  5. Same method as Mick with no issues. Longterm storage also 10+ years. I check them every few months for any changes and replenish the silica packs. Absolutely no issues with them at all.
  6. It was given two applications. I pooled it on it for about 40 mins then took the toothpick to it to pick off / scrape at it. Once i was satisfied I'd got it all off I washed it in acetone then pooled it on again and left it for around 40 mins before dabbing it dry with a cloth and leaving it to air dry completely for 24 hrs. That coin above has had two previous unsuccessful treatments with distilled water and acetone. Each time it's broken out again within a few months. I am hoping the verdi cares stopped it it now. If not I'll just have to try again. It's been a week since treatment and all's okay so far. Fingers crossed.
  7. Verdi care....before & after. Sorry about the picture quality it was just to record the results.
  8. Some people say soak it for a period of time in distilled water then pick at it with a tooth pick and finally soak it in acetone. I've tried this method and had some success and some fails. I am currently trying Verdi care on some coins and have had good results so far but it's too early to say if it work's in the long term. The problems may return over time.
  9. Ukstu

    Gatwick drones

    Yes. Looking like Fake news. Surrey police have announced with no photographic evidence it's highly likely to have been either a hoax or mistaken identity of a bird or something. Labour appear to be demanding an inquiry into it , guess they haven't been told yet!
  10. Ukstu

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Looks geniune to me. Not something you often see in that condition so scarce. Moneyer reads Sigarus on London. Star in Lozenge fleury type spink 1274.
  11. Ukstu

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Reported him again. Instead of reporting it as a coin I've reported it as a fake / fraudulent item. Left some comments about his finds being fake made by casting or precious metal clay. Stu.
  12. Ukstu

    Old Coin for Son

    Think your correct paddy. I have one very similiar of Constantine I Details as follows for mine Roman Follis Constantine I as Augustus Reigned 307 - 337 AD struck c.Mid-310 AD Londinium mint ( London) Obverse IMP CONSTANTINVS P F AVG Laureate, cuirassed bust right Reverse SOLI INVIC_TO COMITI Sol, radiate, standing facing, head left, chlamys across left shoulder, right hand raised, globe in left T | F across fields PLN in exergue
  13. Ukstu

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    I use Gixen to snipe. Costs i think £5 to use for the year paid via PayPal. It drops two bids in for you from different servers in case one fails. Can have it strike at 6 or 3 seconds. I usually just put in what i am willing to pay , if i get it for less it's all good. It takes out the frustration of sitting and physically waiting for the auction to end then fumbling around last minute to drop the bid in , that's too stressful for me.
  14. Ukstu

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    So they are lol. 3 three pences 😂.
  15. Ukstu

    Ebay's Worst Offerings

    Oh dear. Why would anyone bid on that. The case doesn't match the set and the set may well be an odd assortment of different date coins 😣